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For those of you who are currently employed, I will tell you about an official website where by visiting you will get all the job circulars published by the government and private sector. Moreover, according to the job notification, when you want to apply, clicking on the specific job post will take you to the specific link to apply and you can complete the application by providing correct information there.

This website provides you with search options besides mentioning detailed information of government jobs and private jobs and detailed post information. In other words, all the benefits that you can get from BD Jobs will be available from here, and based on the collection of this information through the website, you will be able to know about every information very easily while applying within the specified date.

Short Description about

  • is a website operated by the Bangladesh government’s Telecommunications Company Limited (Teletalk).
  • The website is dedicated to publishing job circulars for various government organizations in Bangladesh.
  • The job circulars include details such as job title, number of vacancies, educational qualifications, application deadline, and application process.
  • The website provides a user-friendly interface for job seekers to search and apply for jobs online.
  • Applicants can create an account on the website to apply for jobs, track their applications, and receive notifications about new job circulars.
  • The website also provides information about the application process, including application fees and payment methods.
  • The website has a help desk to assist applicants with any queries related to job circulars or the application process.
  • Job seekers can also subscribe to the website’s email alerts to receive notifications about new job circulars directly in their inbox.

Generally, in the case of any type of job, i.e. in the case of government jobs, payment systems are managed through teletalk, so teletalk is associated with the domain used by a specific ministry or a specific department. So when you want to know about this job or visit this official website say that the domain used by teletalk and the domain used by the department are used before the name. However, when you visit the official website of All Jobs, you will get the circulars published today as well as the circulars that will expire today.

Also through this official website you can know the last date to apply for any job tomorrow and if you scroll down a bit you will get a chance to observe the category from there. That is, according to your previous experience and the skills you have for work, you can work in any kind of sector and such circulars will be shown to you according to the job category and the total number of posts will be mentioned. Moreover, after finishing this list, when you go down, the detailed information of the government hot jobs can be known from there and the private hot jobs that are there can be known.

alljobs.teletalk Login

When you want to login by visiting the official website of All Jobs Teletalk, first of all you need to register an account to start the login process there. That is, by providing your personal address and personal information correctly, you will be given the opportunity to provide login according to the rules of the website when you can register an account by providing the order and other information that will be required. So following the correct rules, you have been told how to register an account by going to the official website of All Jobs Teletalk.

If a job seeker wants to log in and create an account here, then click on the welcome option for job seeker login and you will be asked to provide your email address and password. So by setting your correct email address and password you can easily login and if you are new to Teletalk then you can register. But we will tell you all the steps involved in registering account or registering job candidates later and here you If you can register an account with the job you are entering, then you can take advantage of it later.

Teletalk Premium Membership Login

Just as you can normally open a profile and apply for various jobs by providing your academic information and other information in BD Jobs, similarly, if you have taken a premium membership in applying to All Jobs, your information is automatically uploaded without inputting any information in various job applications. will go In this case you must login to a premium membership from the official website of All Jobs Teletalk or create a premier membership account. In applying for this job, if you provide the detailed information together without inputting the information separately in the official website of each ministry or in each sector, you will get the opportunity to input information only as premium membership in your application.

First of all when you take premium membership you have to register and even after this registration you will be given the opportunity to login. Apart from providing email id and password for login, you can also login by providing user id and password, so first of all know what you need to follow to get premium membership. Therefore, for your convenience, from banks to public and private institutions, the steps to be followed as a premium member or how to register have been explained in detail.

Alljobs Premium Member Registration

When you want to complete the registration to receive the premium membership, you must visit the official website, i.e. click on the Create Account or Sign in option by visiting the official website called All Jobs of Teletalk. Then you will be asked to go to next step by providing email address and password and confirm password. If you have taken the premium membership then you will get the notification of any job very soon and understand any circular published. In that case, you can access the specific circular, see it and apply accordingly.

Moreover, every information will be informed to you through SMS, you can apply for any application very quickly if you accept the premium membership by paying a certain amount of fee. That is, you can do the work that you used to spend at the computer store for free if you take the premium membership and input the information once. But here are the steps to get Premier Membership. So by providing the email address and password as per the rules shown above, you have to tick the blank box to comply with all the terms and conditions here and click on the Create Account option.

An SMS with an otp code will be sent to the email address you provided and from there the pin number should be fetched and placed in the specific cell of the website. Now you will be taken to the next page where you have to provide your personal information. However, before providing this information, I would like to say that you should provide the information in such a way that it is consistent with each of your documents and if you apply because it is consistent with the academic certificate, so that there is no problem in correcting the information later.

Alljobs Teletalk Registration

However, when you register in All Job Teleit, you will first provide your name as per the certificate instead of personal information. Then father’s name and mother’s name must be provided and every information must be provided in English. Then go down and enter your date of birth information in month, day and year format from the calendar. Then you have to select your gender and select your religion and provide the birth registration number. If you have a national identity card then you have to provide its number and in this case it is 10 digit smart ID card and 13 or 17 digit in case of other ID card.

Next you need to provide present address and provide permanent address. In this case, if the current address and the permanent address are the same, then after providing the current address, if you tick the blank box of the permanent address, every information will be automatically uploaded there. Now whoever is in charge of your family i.e. instead of guardian can provide father’s name or mother’s name in care of address. Then you will provide your Division Name, District Name, Police Station Name, Post Office Name. Also, after providing the postcode you have, provide the village name or street address correctly.

Alljobs Teletalk Account

In case of opening an account on All Job Teleit, you will be asked to provide the education related information below, after you provide the above information. In providing information related to education, if you have given Primary School Certificate Examination then you can apply by providing it or you can provide information of Junior School Certificate. That is, if you provide all the information you want to create an account in terms of educational qualification, the website will accept it from you and accordingly you will be informed about various job notifications through SMS.

Now you must fill in your educational qualification room and your higher secondary examination result. In this case, as per the rules, you will select the name of the exam and provide the roll number and registration number in addition to providing the education board from which you have participated in the exam. Select the type of result by providing the year exam attended and from which category you have passed. Here if you have given GPA 5 then enter the number of marks you have passed and go down and enter your graduation details. In this case also you will provide the name of the university starting from the name of your subject and the marks obtained and follow the same rules as in awarding Master’s degree.

Now the important part of the website is left and in this case after providing your information you will provide an image that has been captured with sound. You have to upload this 300×300 megapixel image and provide it in the format specified and be of specified kilobytes. In providing the image and signature, provide the information as per the information provided to you on the website and if the image is not resized then you can resize the image online using specific tools.

Also next step is to provide your career objective and provide career summary. That is, as many jobs require CVs, you will need to follow each step correctly to create your CV. In this case, upload your skills and linguistic skills in addition to providing references. If the CV has been created then you will have the option to upload it as a PDF file. Also, if you have done any special course or received various awards, then you have the opportunity to upload that information there, so you will present all your qualifications very well.

Alljobs Premium Member Renew

In this way, according to the rules mentioned above, one can become a premium member of All Jobs and this membership has to be renewed after spending a certain amount of application fee. Because your information will be stored by the website on the basis of spending a certain amount and if you do not keep your membership then you will not get this opportunity later and you will have to create a new account and provide each information separately while applying. We will complete the renewal following the correct rules according to the facilities provided by the official website for renewal. Admit Card Download

If you have taken the new membership through All Jobs and have gone through the application process step by step, you will be notified by SMS to facilitate taking the exam on the specified date. Moreover, as you will be given an SMS from the Ministry or from where you have applied, you can download your admit card using this domain of Teletalk by using the user ID and password based on the SMS. As every information is mentioned through the admit card, through this admit card you will know about your exam center and you will be able to participate in the exam as the admit card details will be mentioned in the admit card.

Alljobs Teletalk com bd NIPORT

If there is a Directorate of Population Affairs, if you want to apply, then you should look at the notice published by the authority and accordingly apply within the specified time and complete the application and participate in the examination. You have to keep an eye on the Department of Population Affairs and the type of employment circular that has been published regularly.

If the employment circular is published, you can complete the application through the account that you have created when applying through All Jobs Teletalk. After that when your result is published or when you are asked to appear in the exam, take the admit card and appear in the specified exam center on the specified day.

Alljobs ID Recover

If someone has visited the All Jobs account and received various benefits, then I would say that every information should be kept in their own collection. In this case, you can recover the ID by checking your email account and if the ID is lost, there is a system to recover it. However, the website has enabled the option to save your information by using your email and when this option comes, if you save it, your information will be automatically uploaded for later login.

Even then, if you want to recover the ID, it can be recovered by providing your mobile number or email address and password. If you have any questions in this regard, please let me know and I am ending this post here by wishing everyone good luck.