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All kinds of official activities are now being provided by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh through the official website of Bangladesh National Information. That is, the main goal of providing the work of each sector that is managed through the government through the Digital Bangladesh website so that the general public can collect every information at home.

Apart from providing all these information through notice board at home so that we don’t have to go to the upazila or any other place for any information, we are able to be aware of this when various types of emergency notifications are being communicated to us. Along with that what is their purpose and how their working methods are being followed to achieve that purpose are recorded on the website so we as a general public can stay updated with every information.

In other words, we don’t have to wait for days like we used to wait for days to collect information in the past. Due to the availability of internet and the availability of devices, we can easily visit any website to know about the instructions or orders and notifications of the government. So since you have visited this post, we are giving you the correct idea about Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Forces who are engaged in all these activities. They can update themselves. Also, by providing various information through the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government Notice Board, we can know whether any kind of update has come from Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Forces.

At present the number of police stations in Bangladesh has been increased and due to the increase in the number of police stations, many policemen have been appointed here and are able to control each police station well. But their activities started when police stations were far away and Ansar and Village Defense Force men worked to manage every task smoothly at the village level. Till now the people of village defense force of Bangladesh work as the people of the village can lead their lives by getting every justice fairly and adopting correctness in all cases.

Therefore, as the image of a village remains intact through Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Force, emergency measures are taken by informing the police station immediately if any kind of disorder occurs. Ansar and Village Defense Forces act as local guardians and when the police are needed on an emergency basis, they are present as soon as they are contacted and do their best to solve any problem. Moreover, polling can be conducted smoothly without any disturbance as the Ansar VDP people perform their respective duties in the polling station. As there are Ansar and village defense forces in every village of Bangladesh, the image of every place is properly managed and there is no chaos.

In the past, Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Forces had very low salaries and allowances, but their status has been changed in recent times. Many are finding their independence through this work. When the recruitment circular in Ansar and Village Defense Force is published through the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you can apply according to that recruitment circular and attach yourself to this job. When you want to get any notification related to this or want to get recruitment circular then it will be very easy for you to collect recruitment circular by visiting its official website.

Usually, when you visit the official website using the above title, the first thing you will see is their notice board. And by entering the notice board, you can find out the orders and notifications about the duties and leave of various officials. Moreover, it is possible to know here whether the work of all the persons entrusted by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to manage this office is being done properly. So every notice is provided to us officially so we can update ourselves in daily life and it is very convenient for those who are working or employed here to know every thing.

If we can heed the warnings to beware of false and baseless temptations, we will be able to conduct our lives properly in our daily life. If you visit the official website of Ansar VDP then you will find their Gaurav Ghazal history there and based on that history you can know how Ansar and VDP have come to present day. Ansar and Widibid are currently being given various privileges based on their contribution in different areas starting from events in different places and the sacrifice of various officials.

Moreover, you will get a chance to get promoted to the rank of APC from ordinary Ansar due to various facilities provided here at present. Apart from providing different types of recruitment guidelines for 3rd 4th class employees here also if one wants to apply for the post of Battalion Ansar then here is the opportunity to apply online. Usually those in Ansar ranks and village defense forces are assigned to specific villages, so there is no need for transfer. But in many cases they need official guidance of various kinds, so they know these and can keep themselves abreast of administrative work.

We can use these pages to know the development progress of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government at present or we can collect a lot of information from here. It will be very beneficial for us to understand that all the activities that have been conducted by the current government in Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Forces in the last 10 years have been mentioned here. That is, if you enter here, you will see that since 2014, many women have been appointed as permanent employees in the revenue sector, paving the way for Ansar, and they are still in charge.

Also they are taken up by dealing with all kinds of situations on the basis of properly monitoring the matters of permanentization in the employment of Battalion Ansar and providing them with facilities accordingly. Here are the changes in designation based on work and updates from different time periods. Also here at present family ration is being provided and many families are able to manage their lives properly as this ration is being provided to family.

In addition to increasing the allowances of family members, khaki clothing has been changed to other clothes at present. Moreover, they have improved their career path by introducing Seva Padak based on their performance and starting from financial grants to scholarships and other things added here. So you can take the help of the official website to know any information about Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Force.