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You can visit the above mentioned website to stay updated on whether the passport and visa related work has been completed based on your application from Bangladesh High Commission Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. There, the authority has opened a wide facility for us by mentioning the delivery slip number and the name of the applicant to search this information. To get all the facilities that we will receive from Bangladesh High Commission Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, we can complete the necessary tasks by visiting the official website using the link mentioned above.

The Minister of State for Information and Communication of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been providing various types of systems or services for us to receive various types of services at home by creating various types of websites. Since many expatriate brothers are going to work in Malaysia every year or from time to time, the authorities keep different types of facilities open for them. That is, by taking the opportunity here, we will be able to apply as well as know the update of each subject.

At present, with the benefit of information and communication technology, as we are able to take every facility at home, starting from application form filling, all other systems are being implemented here. Every year many people from our country go to work from Malaysia to other countries, so there is a need for high commission. Through the High Commission a person can be informed about different types of privileges or different types of security issues.

And in this case, for those who will go to Malaysia, the above mentioned link is very important and through it you can contact the High Commission as well as receive all other facilities. If you face any kind of problem after working abroad, you can return to the country by contacting this High Commission or you can get help from there if there is any kind of danger.

Therefore, we will take advantage of the matter of opening various accounts of the High Commission before every person goes there or the matters which are constantly being presented to us through the Expatriate Welfare Organization. Besides, by using this official website of the High Commission, we will try to do the necessary work according to the features that have enabled us. So you might want to know what kind of work is done on the above mentioned website by visiting this post here. And you understand that we have informed you as much as we know about this.

If you need any kind of official activities or any kind of police clearance from Bangladesh High Commission Kuala Lumpur Malaysia then you can do the work from there. So nowadays we need to be updated on every topic and if we don’t understand about the updated topics in advance then we may not be able to complete it during the work. So you do everything from here on your own responsibility and if you understand the things that we are explaining to you then hopefully many things will become easier for you.

Through the Bangladesh High Commission, you can get various facilities that you may get in government initiatives and in this case there is no cost to you. Therefore, they must also comply with the facilities that the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government has opened for expatriates and we consider them as resources for sending remittances. So in all cases to get updates of every world or to get help in any matter you can inform us from questions or comments on our website.