When the people are appointed as soldiers in the Bangladesh Army through the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you apply online for that appointment. Many people are not aware of the rules to be followed in online based application or what rules we have to follow to apply. Therefore, through this post, we are going to publish the recruitment circular for the recruitment of various positions from soldier to manpower in Bangladesh Army. You must see the circular in filling the application form.

After going through the circular you have to fill all the information required to apply. For the purpose of providing the overall security of the country and for the purpose of going outside the country on various missions, those of you who will be appointed as soldiers according to your physical and mental qualifications can engage yourself in the service of the country. Therefore, detailed information about the application for the soldier post or the activities of the official website related to the application are discussed in detail here.

When you apply for the soldier post in Bangladesh Army, you must first read the details mentioned about the application process to apply. In most cases we want to apply here considering the height so those who have height must apply. But weight is very important here along with height and whether there are other physical problems are very important. Since you will devote yourself to the service of the country and provide security to the country, in all cases the authorities will give you the final appointment by conducting the examination.

So when you participate in Bangladesh Army, you must first apply within the specified date according to the circular to participate. In 2023 i.e. recently we got a circular and there given opportunity to apply till 31st January.

So according to that circular if you want to apply as general candidate or technical train then you can do it. In this case, if someone wants to apply for BNCC or want to do it as a child of an army member, then it can be done. By applying online, you have to pay Tk 200 as an application fee through Teletalk SIM recharge.

In daily life there are many people who have all kinds of physical qualifications and accordingly want to participate in Bangladesh Army. If you want to participate in Bangladesh Army then you must pass SSC or equivalent exam in terms of educational qualification.

In this case if your result matters then you will be given opportunity to apply if you have passed with minimum 3.00 GPA. So in applying you must fill them correctly and if you want to apply in technical trade here then if your age is more or less then you will be given the opportunity to apply accordingly. Now I will mention what qualifications an applicant should have as a physical standard.

In terms of physical fitness, those with a height of 168 cm can apply. That is, even though there is a mention of passport 6 inches, sometimes this height needs to be a little higher and the criteria that they have, your passport 6 inches is taken up to 5 ft 7/8 inches in many cases. Also if the weight matters then the maximum weight should be 49.90 kg for male candidates. And if you want to know about the weight of female candidates then the minimum weight should be 47 kg. Moreover, if the chest expansion size is correct then you can apply and if there is no expansion size then there is no need to apply.

If you want to know about the health examination in Bangladesh Army, then there will definitely be a health examination and if there is any problem in that aspect then you will be excluded. Therefore, Bangladesh Army never recruits any person who has physical problems or problems that are long-term. Also you have to confirm the marital status in terms of other eligibility and if someone is dangerous or is a divorced person then they will not be considered eligible to apply.

So in terms of married eligibility the candidate must be unmarried. Then you must know swimming and if you don’t know swimming then don’t apply. Must be qualified to swim minimum 50 meters and apply if qualified. Candidates who apply must follow all the rules and regulations and if any information is given at the time of admission they must follow them as they are communicated to you through certain points.

You must participate in the exam on the day of the exam as arranged for you through SMS. So when you as an ordinary citizen participate in the election process, you must undergo a health test as well as a physical test. If you pass the health test and physical test then you will have to appear in the written test and answer the questions correctly.

So when you join the Bangladesh Army you must give a test on Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Intelligence. When you take the exam, if you pass with good marks, you can go to the next heat and from there all the steps will be taken regarding your final placement. Moreover, in addition to becoming a permanent citizen of Bangladesh from Jute, if the candidate is dismissed in the case of government employment, then that candidate cannot apply.

There are also many other things that you need to follow along with showing the documents to get the job. Especially if one is a convicted accused in a criminal case then every matter must be looked into properly and if all those are stories then you can’t get any result by applying here. After that, if you pass all these steps, you will have to undergo basic military training for 36 weeks according to the decision taken by the army headquarters.

So to apply, you will enter the official website using the above title and apply there with all your personal information. If you fill all the details in accordance with your birth registration certificate and certificate then there will be no mistake in the application and there will be no problem in verification later. So a conscious citizen

As and for the purpose of dedicating yourself to the service of the country, when you apply to Bangladesh Army, you must apply by visiting the mentioned official website. After applying, make the payment and download the application form. Later, when taking your exam, you will go to the specific exam center and take the exam.