BADC Teletalk www 2023 বাংলাদেশ কৃষি উন্নয়ন কর্পোরেশন (বিএডিসি)

Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation is working for Bangladesh to become an agricultural country so that every person can progress properly in the field of agriculture and increase their progress in all fields starting from innovation of productive nation in every field. Therefore, this Agricultural Development Corporation of the agricultural major country is always providing us with various official information as well as taking various steps, so we can stay updated with the agricultural information accordingly.

What is BADC

  • BADC stands for Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation.
  • It is a government organization under the Ministry of Agriculture of Bangladesh.
  • BADC was established in 1952 to promote agricultural development in the country.
  • The organization has a wide range of functions, including research and development, seed production and distribution, fertilizer distribution, irrigation management, and training.
  • BADC has a network of offices and facilities throughout Bangladesh.
  • The organization has faced criticism in the past for inefficiency and corruption.
  • BADC has implemented several projects aimed at improving the agricultural sector in Bangladesh, including the Crop Diversification Project and the Agricultural Extension and Training Project.
  • BADC’s website ( provides information about its services and activities, as well as online forms for various applications.

So if you want to apply in the recruitment circular which is published for recruitment of manpower at different times of the Agriculture Development Corporation who is helping us by providing information about agriculture, then you have to apply by following the rules below.

Bangladesh Agricultural Development provides insight into the methods currently being adopted to improve the agricultural system of the country and to increase the production in a given amount of productive land or to change the economic conditions of the people by cultivating things according to the climate. Corporation. So we must be updated about this in the country as far as agriculture is concerned and in this case those of you who visit the official website of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation will know various types of information from there as well as know that this corporation recruits manpower at different times.

So when you want to apply through online according to the recruitment circular provided by Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, then the website that you have to visit and apply for applying is provided first in the title of our website. Many people want to apply based on that information when the authority mentions the specific number of posts for manpower recruitment in various meetings across the country along with educational qualification and other factors. Many people try hard to get the government job and many people want to apply accordingly when they get the circular by taking the preparation. So you can go to the official website using the above title and apply there and know the details from admit card withdrawal to applicant copy and other details.

BADC Job Circular 2023 PDF

When different types of information are provided to us from Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, based on that information you can know the matters related to the recruitment circular. Therefore, I will present the recruitment circular that Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation has published recently and based on this information you can find this information from here to apply for various posts. If we want to give an example then we will say that these recruitment circulars are published through recruitment and welfare department, jobs are offered in various grades starting from Assistant Accounts Officer to Assistant Audit Officer and Office Assistant cum Computer.

But in any case, since this authority provides different types of recruitment circulars in front of us subject to the availability of vacant posts across the country, we must look at it and first of all know how to apply following any rules. As the number of specific posts will be mentioned, when you apply against that post, it is best to apply online after filling all the things related to teaching qualification and experience. Moreover, in the case of applying, all the information to be provided to apply for specific posts by visiting the official website mentioned above is given below.

BADC Admit Card 2023

When you want to apply by visiting the official website of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation as per the recruitment circular then you have to wait till the specified time after completing that application. Subject to the requirements of the vacancy, the authorities will conduct your examination very quickly and depending on the availability of sufficient space in the examination center around the place where the examination is to be conducted, the examination will be conducted very quickly. As every person needs an admit card to take the exam and the admit card tells you all the exam related rules starting from the exam center mention, so to download this admit card you have to follow the below rules.

So when you come to the topic of admit card download or want to know the process of downloading the admit card, I will say that in every recruitment notification field, when you apply, you will inform your phone a user ID and password through SMS from the website. Moreover, you can check the user ID and password by going to the applicant copy which was collected by you while applying. By going to the payment system and using the user ID that you have in your collection, you can extract your password from the website and provide it to download the admit card in PDF file format.

BADC Admit Card 2023 Deputy Assistant Director

Those of you who have applied for the post of Deputy Assistant Director in 2023 through Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation must download the admit card provided by the authority. As without admit card you will not be able to appear at the exam center or you will not be given the opportunity to take the exam so everyone should always collect the user id and password for downloading the admit card. In collecting the user ID and password, collect the SMS that will come on the mobile phone or copy it somewhere, then you can use it to download the admit card.

If admit card is not collected then you will not know where your exam center is fixed and if you do not know the exam time then you will not be able to attend the exam within the specified time. So those who have applied for the post of Assistant Deputy Director must wait for the SMS and after taking this exam you will be notified immediately by SMS on your phone to attend the exam on the specified day by downloading the admit card quickly. But many times even if the SMS does not come, only if you can know about the exam date through social media, you can check the previous SMS or know every information through SMS from the application that you have. Job Circular 2023

All the circulars that will be published or have been published in 2023 by Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation are provided for you on our website. Actually we always inform you all the rules that you want to follow to collect the circular by visiting the website and accordingly you go through the circular and complete the application process within the specified date and participate in the exam. So through this post today we have provided the circular of 2023 provided by Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation and you will complete the exam based on this circular.

Today all Agriculture jobs in Bangladesh

If we can convey to you all the circulars that we have collected for you today, then every unemployed person will feel the problem of unemployment. Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation for the general agricultural development of the country, the official activities that are being conducted by the government, if the right manpower is appointed in all the activities, the responsibility of each one will be completed properly. So as an eligible citizen, when you apply according to the recruitment circular provided by Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, you must follow the correct rules in applying and this recruitment circular is provided for you on our website today.

Bangladesh Agriculture Job Circular 2023

Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation has always been very prompt in all aspects of recruitment related issues that are being faced in our country at present. When the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation will provide you with the job circular in 2023, you have to apply within the specified time. Because most of the time when applying you apply at the end, the server gets jammed and many people have many informational mistakes starting from payment related problems. So today I have given you the recruitment circular provided by Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation on our website and you must complete the application at the beginning of the recruitment.

badc Application Process and System

If anyone wants to apply in Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation, then it is best to apply in the beginning of the date given as per the recruitment circular and in this case you will not get any kind of problem in the server. So when you can go to the official website using the above title then click on the option of the post mentioned there to apply there. In this case, you can find out from the group through various social networks why the examination of all the posts are accepted on the same day and if they are accepted separately, you can definitely apply for multiple posts at your convenience.

When you can select the post from the website then on the next page you have to provide your name in English and Bengali and your parent’s name in English and Bengali. Besides, you have to provide your date of birth, gender, nationality, religion. In this way, if you send an SMS by providing the number of your national identity card and birth registration certificate along with the mobile number that will be asked to be provided there, you can know through that SMS.

So after providing all these personal details you have to go down and provide the current address and permanent address in the address related information. Provide the information starting from department to local level and if the permanent address and current address are same then click on tick mark option then every information will be updated there. After that you have to provide the educational qualification details and provide up to the educational qualification mentioned as per the recruitment circular and providing your latest educational qualification for the lower post will not be any problem.

Now as per the rules of the website the thing to do is that you have to upload images within certain resolution and in certain format. Because according to the information that the website has requested from you, the website will accept the images and signatures if you upload the images and signatures within the specified kilobytes according to the resolution. So far all the information provided above is correct and in this case you agree to submit the application by ticking here.

Thus submit your application and wait and within a few moments if you are able to submit the application form you will be given an opportunity to download its applicant PDF file. As there are more or less same rules for each post, you should follow the above rules and apply according to Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation Recruitment Circular.

BADC Applicant Copy Download

After applying for any job it is best to download the applicant copy and sometimes you can collect user id and password from there as sms gets deleted. Because the user ID mentioned in the applicant copy has to be paid to the user ID and if you complete the application form completely and download the application copy then you can download the admit card accordingly and participate in the exam accordingly after knowing the specific exam center. .

However, it is best if the applicant can download it after completing the application, as there is time during the application process on the website and until the next time the exam is not accepted, you will get the opportunity to download it from here. So applicant should follow the correct rules of using your user id and password while downloading the copy and if someone lost the password then they can collect the password by providing the user id or mobile number provided at the time of application.

BADC Previous Circular

We have provided the past circulars for those who visit here to know about the circulars issued by Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation in the past and the rules or restrictions issued by those circulars. All the circulars published in recent times are presented to you along with the detailed information on how to apply and past circulars are given so that you can compare. However, you can find out whether the previous circular has been tested or what kind of information was asked for and given in the previous circular.

BADC Office Address

Those of you who have applied as per the recruitment circular of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation and have finally written the preliminary examination also have to participate for the viva examination later. Moreover, if you feel that you need to go to the head office in addition to its official website, you can contact there. Its head office is located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Also, if you want to know specific information, then you can attend the office to do its official work by contacting Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000 and this is the office address. So I have presented the information related to Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation and if anyone has any questions about this, please let me know in the comment box.