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The short name of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau is BANBASE. In order to manage the education system of Bangladesh very well, it keeps various types of information in different categories and publishes notices of important issues. It is an official website and central office created by the Government of Bangladesh which deals with various issues of the education level of the country and works as an affiliated department to achieve the progress of education.

It is continuously functioning as an integrated department under the Ministry of Education and collects data from teachers to students and distributes data accordingly on every subject in other categories. Therefore, we can easily collect the information here as this department of education information and statistics of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is working.

  • The website is the official website of the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS).
  • BANBEIS is a government agency responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to education in Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information about BANBEIS, its mission and vision, organizational structure, and its activities and programs.
  • Users can access data and statistics related to education in Bangladesh, such as enrollment rates, literacy rates, and student performance.
  • The website offers a range of online services, such as student registration, teacher registration, and school registration.
  • Users can access information about government policies and initiatives related to education in Bangladesh.
  • The website provides a platform for users to submit complaints, feedback, and suggestions related to education in Bangladesh.
  • Users can access a directory of schools and colleges in Bangladesh, as well as information about different types of educational institutions.
  • The website offers a range of publications and reports related to education in Bangladesh, such as education sector review reports and national education policies.
  • The website provides links to other relevant government agencies and departments related to education in Bangladesh.

BANBAIS is an organization through which it currently collects and compiles statistics on education in the country and disseminates them. So when you want to collect information about this or get any statistics related to education, you can visit the official website to collect other information including student information and teacher information. In fact, Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau was established in 1977 and currently it is playing an active role in collecting and distributing information related to education in the country. As this institution managed by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education is working very well at present, we can easily collect various information related to education by visiting the official website.

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To those who visit our website to know the full meaning of BanBays, we will tell you this full meaning as well as what it always plays a leading role in. In fact, the full meaning of banbeis is Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics. It is a central office under the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh through which the Department of Statistics documents and the media of the Library and Publication Department are involved and from here it will be very beautiful by adopting various methods of implementation.

Through this office established in 1977, important information regarding the education system of the country has been collected and it has been covered under a certain statistics. At present two divisions are run under this department and division two are Statistics Division and Documents, Libraries and Publications Division. Also this department manages two units and if you want to know the information of the two units then I will say that computer unit and administration unit are being managed very smoothly through this department. If you have any kind of query related to BanBays, please let us know in the comment box and we will provide the information according to your query. But based on the information provided below, I think you can easily know about the information here. Notice

The official website called Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau is constantly publishing notices to work on every subject. To know about the related works of that office or to be informed about it, when you want to know this notice or want to collect the notice, you can visit the official website to collect them as well as view them by visiting our website. So we will provide you the correct information about this so that you will know about the different types of notification as soon as the notice is published like about the office order.

Also, it would be best if you collect accurate information about when various office orders are published and what is being asked to do in this context. We work to make collection of notices very easy and provide you with various types of notices for easy searching. So when you want to collect the notices of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau i.e. Banbase then you have to visit the official website and go to the notices page or visit our website and collect notices through these posts.

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Banbase’s official website always collects various types of information or as their main job is to collect information related issues, we can collect important information related to education from here. As it is the official website of the database and you can start collecting the important information within the educational information so it will be best to use the official website. We get 12 category database from here as authorities collect their database in twelve categories and publish them. If you have visited to collect the database of these authorities given below, then you must visit the official website and collect their education related information.

Just like Banbase authorities collect the database of secondary schools, they also collect the database of all the educational institutions of the college category across the country. Also database of teachers from Madrasas to technical education institutes or private teachers are stored on this website. It is an information based website as you can collect the database of BCS education cadre officers not only of secondary or higher secondary level by visiting this website. When you are looking for information on the official website to find the foreign scholarship database or to find the exam result database, this website tries to provide you with the correct information.

Not only that but all the information about teacher training is collected by this authority on the computer application database and you can find it very easily as the information about every subject related to education is recorded on the website. So by visiting the official website of Banbase and collecting all the databases of Ebtedayi Madrasa database and other categories, you must complete the tasks here and you will be able to find the required data very easily, so you will not have to suffer or you will be able to do the important tasks very quickly. .

Banbeis Institute Login Password

When you visit this official website and want to collect the password for the purpose of separate login for the institution, then you have to open the account here or when you need to open the account using eiin number according to the educational institution, then you can definitely complete these tasks safely. So based on the results of the educational institutions that are being created all over the country, when you apply for EIIN number, you will be given a number based on this application and when you get this number, you will be given a number on the official website as a separate educational institution. You can take the place.

As this authority collects educational information from all educational institutions across the country, your institution must follow the steps to include them. When you get the EIIN number of the organization you will get contact. It will be possible to find your educational institution based on this institution number very easily. So when you as the head of an educational institution want to collect the institution login password, then this password must be collected in such a way that you can easily visit its official website and provide any information or collect various types of information from there for official work.

BANBEIS Teacher List

Banbase authorities always collect the information of the teachers as well as the information of the students. So when you want to collect this information or when you want to get the list of teachers who are employed at the private level, you can do the necessary work by visiting this official website. This official website related to education prepares various statistics related to education and stores them in its database and as you have come to know them based on the above discussion, it will be possible to collect the list of teachers very easily.

This website will help you to get the list of all the teachers working in the private sector of schools, colleges, madrasahs and technical education institutions of different categories of educational institutions across the country. To get the list of these teachers, when you visit this website, you will get a separate option called teacher list and by entering there, you can follow the next steps after you get the opportunity to enter there through the code of the educational institution or login and password. As the general public will not enter here and get the information of the teachers, you must use the institutional facilities to get the information institutionally and based on that, I think you can do the work here very easily.

BANBEIS School List

This authority collects lists regularly to get the list of all the educational institutions that are being run at the government and private level all over the country. As the information of the new educational institutes which are being established at the private level is recorded on the website including the EIIN number of the educational institute, we can easily search and collect the information of the educational institute as well as know how many teachers are working in that educational institute. As we said at the beginning it is an authority or an office where every information related to education is stored in the database and based on that information we can collect or perform important tasks of daily life.

To find out how many educational institutions are there in a district or an upazila, you can do these tasks by visiting the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, as a central office of the Bangladesh Ministry of Education, this website collects this information. Mainly because the information is distributed to everyone through this website or after collecting this website provides an opportunity to show it to everyone, we can view the information by using the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. So if you want to get information of educational institutions or list of educational institutions then you must visit this website and complete these tasks.

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As the work related to EMIS is done through this website, the important work related to unique ID of students is done through this website, currently it is possible to collect the information of teachers and students. So as a conscious citizen you can visit the official website of BanBays and perform various important tasks here. Especially if your educational institution is managed under the Bangladesh Ministry of Education or is a listed educational institution, you must apply for EIIN code online.

You can easily find the list of various educational institutions by entering this official website, as well as the information of the students and the current time can be found from here. Because every student by registering the correct information in the information entered here by the student for Unit ID, their list has been recorded on the website. You must visit the official website as it is possible to find every subject based on this list and from student information to educational institution information and how many teachers have accepted responsibility in that educational institution or other information can be viewed. crvs

When you want to do the work of CRVS online through the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau, it will definitely be possible to do the work here. This official website works to provide you with various in-house training so that every teacher can teach students and manage other things according to their experience. Therefore, since the Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau is working as an organization managed by the Ministry of Education, it is possible to store every information correctly in the field of education and take various necessary steps based on that information.


Banbase is an organization or a website where you can log in and do the educational tasks of daily life. If we want to tell you about this website then you will find different types of educational institutions as well as personal data seat will be available here. Apart from this, there are things called education information service box, so you can collect the education information and you can work according to the information you collect this information. The Director General of this department, Md. Mohibur Rahman Sir, is constantly working so that every matter can be managed very nicely and smoothly.

Therefore, in the future, the information of each educational institution is being collected and the important steps are being taken in order to provide the right facilities to the students accordingly. Necessary steps are being taken to teach students through digital attendance and they can attend classes according to their attendance and they have gone a long way to implement it.

So this department works to give education updates to every people of the country or to educate every people about education. Also this department is always determined in their working method to provide facilities and facilities to the teachers and prepare the list of teachers accordingly. If you want to know any more information about the website then definitely comment in the comment box and we will provide you the information accordingly.