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You must apply according to the recruitment circular published by the Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau according to your qualifications. You have to use this website in the context of applying or downloading the application copy or downloading the admit card according to the recruitment circular published for you by the Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau.

Besides providing education related information, we try to present information related to recruitment notification and all application process through you so that you can be aware of every information. We will try to inform you about this information when you apply online from Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics and want to know the exact process of applying for a particular post.

What is Banbeis Institute

  • Banbeis Institute stands for Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics Institute.
  • It is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh.
  • The primary objective of Banbeis Institute is to provide accurate and reliable information related to the education sector in Bangladesh.
  • Banbeis Institute collects and analyzes data related to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in Bangladesh.
  • The institution is responsible for developing and implementing policies related to education in Bangladesh.
  • Banbeis Institute provides training to educational administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders in the education sector.
  • The institution is also involved in research activities related to education, and publishes reports and publications on educational trends and issues.
  • Banbeis Institute provides services to other government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations involved in education in Bangladesh.
  • The institution has a comprehensive database of information related to education in Bangladesh, which is used to inform policy decisions and improve the quality of education in the country.
  • Banbeis Institute is committed to promoting equitable and inclusive education in Bangladesh, and works to ensure that all students have access to quality education regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

Through the Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau, from the information of educational institutions to the information of students and the information of all the teachers who are working in various educational institutions are recorded here through statistics.

This government organization is working to ensure that the education management of all the educational institutions in the country is distributed very well or the various information is collected and distributed here. As it is basically working as an office attached to the Ministry of Education, it is very easy to look at the information according to the statistics, and the statistics of the educational institutions in providing each facility are telling who are getting this opportunity and who are not getting it so far.

That is, when you want to know about this website to manage the progress of the education system, we will definitely give you the correct information and we will discuss more detailed information in this context later. But when this department will do every job well then skilled manpower will be required. Therefore, when you visit the official website for the purpose of recruiting this manpower, you will be given the information by visiting this official website and you can apply according to the recruitment notification by using the link of the website provided by the title.

At present various activities are being conducted through this department apart from educational information and statistical activities and this manpower is constantly working to provide ICT training in every sector and to play a role in the promotion of ICT education. In this organization at present 167 people are performing their duties in the head office as well as more than 600 people are working at the field level, so it is possible to complete every work very nicely. However, after looking at the title above, when you visit the website and apply according to the recruitment circular, we tried to give you a brief idea of the application through this post.

When you want to know the correct information by visiting this website, I will say that to know whether the recruitment notification is correct, you have to visit the official website and from there you have to know the correct information about the recruitment notification. Apply within the date mentioned in the recruitment notification and follow all the instructions given for the application. Especially after applying online, the payment of money must be done properly and only after the payment of the money your application. After completion you have to download the admit card to participate in the next exam.

So by visiting the above mentioned website when you want to apply according to the recruitment circular there will be mention of the post and select the post for which you want to apply. Then go to the next step and provide your name in Bengali and English and parent’s name in Bengali and English. Moreover, you are asked to provide all your personal information correctly and you have to go below and provide your mobile number and email address. After providing all these information, go to the bottom and there you will be asked to provide your address information.

When you want to provide your address information, if the current address and permanent address are the same, then provide the current address first and put a tick in place of the permanent address. As per the rule you have to provide your permanent address details here properly so that you can be located very easily. After providing the details here you have to go down and there you have to provide the educational qualification details. You will fill the educational qualification as per the specific post and if you feel you want to know your latest information or update the latest educational qualification then you can do that too.

In providing educational qualification information you will select the name of the exam and select or provide the year in which you have passed the exam. Apart from providing which board you have passed you should mention your results and don’t make mistake to mention how much you have achieved within GPA range. After completing the institutional information like this, when you go down, if you are asked for any skills or extra curricular activities, you must provide them.

Banbeis Notice

If someone wants to apply this application at home, then you have to resize the image in a certain resolution and in a certain size beforehand. In most cases, you have to upload a picture of 300 x 300 pixels and after uploading this information correctly, if you give your signature 300 x 80 pixels, you will upload it to the website within the specified resolution. Thus, after completing your application, check every information so that there are no mistakes. After verifying the information, we will tell you to submit the application form if there is no mistake.

Now coming to the issue of payment and due to the possibility of this payment through mobile banking, you will definitely get the user ID in the application that you have applied for. According to the recruitment notification, you have to pay the exact amount of money you have been asked to pay for the specific post, or in most cases, you have to complete this recharge through Teletalk SIM Prepaid. Recharge money to Teletalk SIM through mobile banking and send that money to the specific user ID, a message will come on your phone and from there you can easily understand that the application for your specific post has been completed.

All the information provided to us from the Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau and if we want to collect this information officially, then we must visit the official website and go to the notice board to collect the information. Apart from issuing various types of recruitment notices, starting from passport objection certificate or document officer post, every information is updated here constantly and you can share your personal opinion there as there is an option to give opinion along with the notice board.

Banbeis Institute Search

By visiting the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau, when you want to search for an institution or login to the institution, you have to go to the institute search option according to the rules of this website. You can get this option by going to the menu option of the official website and there is an option called institute search. In order to find the institution, you have to provide the EIIN number of the institution there. By searching with this number, the official website or the detailed information of that institution will be displayed in front of you and the information of students, teachers and people working in different positions can be found there.

Banbeis Institute Login

If someone wants to complete the login on the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau then he has to complete this login by providing some information. Usually, to access any type of account, a specific username is provided or it is provided and logged in via email address or mobile phone. Therefore, by visiting this official website, you can find the institution and know the information there, in the same way, to login, you have to complete the login here by providing the email address or the number and password of the head teacher of the educational institution and complete your necessary work.

163 156 104 8080 Banbeis Index Page Load 

By visiting the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau, you can load different types of index pages and in loading these pages within specific resolutions, when you go to the education section, you will get an option called schools statistics report or list of schools. . Generally, if you click on these options, your information will be downloaded in the form of a PDF file and from that information you can view all the latest updated information together by opening the specified index. In addition to following these rules for loading the index page, those of you who want to know other information can go to the menu option.

Emis Banbeis

When you want to work from the distribution of the information of the educational institution to storage and other issues, then an option called EMIS has been launched for you on this official website. By going here you can know all the updated information of the students by completing the login of the institution and you can know about the data entry related issues as the education survey information is provided here. So, by using this option, you can start from data entry to print the data, as well as changing the password, you can complete each task while maintaining your privacy.

CRVS Institute Banbeis

When you want to know the information related to CRVS login on the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau or visit to know the correct information about institute login, then we will definitely provide you special support. Here we are for your convenience, when inputting every information of the organization or every subject in a particular CRVS account, you must be correct and complete the login properly so that this information is not stolen. So by searching the official website you will enter there and provide the user ID. Then you can complete the login by providing the email address and password. form

By visiting the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau, when you want to fill any form there, you must know all the things that you need to know called the student information or school list to fill that form. Before visiting the website, you will get a form called student information from the information provided below and if you want to fill all the information in that form, then you have to complete the task correctly.

If one downloads the student information through this official website then one must select correctly the items that will be asked or given the option to tick to provide the basic information of the student. Moreover, since there is an option to provide the student’s personal information and detailed information of the parents, it will be best to provide all the other information including the NID card number of the parents with correctness. Also, when attaching the image to the form, you must ensure that it does not exceed 600 kilobytes. If there is any problem in understanding any information while filling the form, please let us know and we will give you the correct information.

However, while filling the form, all the information that is required from you should be provided through tick marks and should be provided in Bengali, I hope there will not be any problem. Know the EIIN number of the educational institution from the educational institution and if you provide it accordingly, if you can complete each task correctly, you can follow the correct rules of recording this information on the website by following the CCDS. Also tick the applicable fields and skip the fields which do not need to be ticked.

CRVS Institute Banbeis gov bd

Hopefully, through this post, we have been able to inform you a lot of information about the official website of Bangladesh Education Information and Statistics Bureau. Through this official website of Bangladesh National Information Service, every educational institution can be informed about every subject, as well as through the Director General, every facility and direction will be given an opportunity to inform everyone by uploading it on the website. Therefore, keeping this slogan Digital Bangladesh in front of us, we will try to complete every work properly and in that case we will try to provide the information that comes from us with correctness.