mis bhata Online Application 2023 বয়স্ক ভাতার জন্য অনলাইনে আবেদন

For those of you who are currently eligible for benefits through the Department of Social Services, important guidance on benefits will be provided on our website today. Many of you would have been selected for the allowance based on the application that was submitted directly by hand through the Department of Social Services in the past.

But nowadays instead of applying by hand, online application system has been introduced and on this basis you can easily get selected for the allowance by submitting this application form through Social Services Department. Therefore, this special arrangement of our website is for those who want to get old age allowance and widow allowance in case of husband desertion and disability allowance in case of disability.

Key Information About Bhata.gov.bd

  • Bhata.gov.bd is a website launched by the Government of Bangladesh that provides information about the allowance given to the family members of freedom fighters who fought in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.
  • The website provides access to the online application system for the allowance, which is known as “Freedom Fighter Family Allowance” or “Muktijoddha Bata”.
  • The online application system is known as “Mukti MIS”, which stands for “Muktijoddha Kalyan Trust Management Information System”. It is a web-based application designed to manage and maintain the information of freedom fighter family members and their allowances.
  • Through the MIS Bhata portal, applicants can register for the allowance, track their application status, and receive updates on the allowance disbursement process.
  • The website also provides information about the eligibility criteria, required documents, and other details related to the allowance.
  • The main objective of the bhata.gov.bd website is to ensure the smooth and transparent disbursement of the freedom fighter family allowance to the eligible beneficiaries.
  • The website is maintained by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh.

Usually the government provides allowances to those people who are not financially capable and are unable to manage their daily life. Moreover, to the extent that the number of women abandoned by their husbands is increasing in our society or widows who are widowed due to untimely death of their husbands, the empowerment of women is being increased by providing widow allowance.

A woman can easily change her financial situation through her efforts. Similarly, disability allowance is provided from time to time so that the disabled people of this country are not neglected in any case and their maintenance issues are looked after by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Moreover, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has arranged an old-age allowance for those who have become old.

Mis.bhata.gov.BD Notice

If you want to get this allowance under the social security program through the Department of Social Services of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh or you want to get important notices about the allowance, this special arrangement has been made on our website today. That is, if you can follow all the notices or the directions given to get the allowances provided by the Department of Social Services according to different categories, then you can play an active role in getting the allowances according to the updates of that information. Therefore, arrangements are made for you to regularly collect important notices issued by this department of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh regarding allowances.

As these applications are accepted at certain times of the year and depending on the application and the required supporting documents you are allowed to be paid this allowance so you need to be updated with every information. Because the upazila-based Department of Social Services has an office and to take this measure to advance the social security program, every application should be updated on every issue in addition to properly providing Ramadan. Moreover, we will help those who visit our website with accurate information to keep updated on every issue related to withdrawal and other matters.

Check bhata.gov.bd

You are very welcome to visit this post on our website to know the correct information about whether the allowance is being received or the current status of your application for the allowance. You must apply for this allowance as it is currently provided to carry forward the social security program in certain categories by following proper rules. You will be able to perform important tasks if we teach these rules to those who visit our website about the rules for application trucking or checking the current status of the application after applying.

So those of you who want to visit the official website to check the allowance can understand that it is an official website related to the allowance by looking at the above link. By visiting this website you will first select the type of allowance you have applied for from the program. As a permanent citizen of Bangladesh, you have to provide the information of the ID card or the birth registration certificate in the second room. Then, when applying, there is a tracking ID in the application form that you have in your hand and you must collect the number from the tracking number ID. Provide on the website. Then by clicking on the tracking application option, you can easily check the detailed information about this allowance.


In fact by using the official website address provided above you will be taken to the website provided in the above heading. So the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is accepting applications through this official website so that they can provide this allowance through the general public and those who are really eligible to get the allowance can be selected. So when you visit this official website to get allowance then if you are given opportunity to apply there then definitely apply.

However, even if the application is not accepted at present, you will visit this website from time to time and know the updates there. Currently if you visit this website for application you will see that it says those who are getting allowance need not apply. But those who apply for the allowance must apply with reasonable cause and in case of old age allowance your age must be considered as per NID card number. Moreover, by visiting this official website, you have the option of logging in by providing the user ID and password very easily. That means, besides providing the important services related to allowance directly offline, this facility has been provided for you to receive online at home.

Mis.bhata.gov.bd Online Application Copy Download

Those who have applied for the allowance through online must download this application form after applying. However, if someone has failed to download the application form due to some mechanical error, then they should try again later and download the application form to get this allowance. Because even if the opportunity to apply through online is provided, you have to submit this application form to the social service directorate or office in your area. Along with this, you will be asked to provide other information including the nominee’s information and photo.

So it is better to download the application at that moment and as you will be applying for old age allowance or widow allowance or disability these should be done through an experienced person so that there is no mistake in providing any information. All those who have past experience will easily complete the online application for you to get this allowance. Also, after completing the application, the application form will be downloaded and printed out and given to you. However, if you fail to collect the allowance while applying, then you can download it later by visiting the official website of allowance by providing the tracking ID and other information.

mis.bhata.gov.bd Application

Those who will receive new allowance or if this application has been accepted from you, then you must apply using the official website address provided in the heading. In addition to applying through mobile phone at home, you can also apply by visiting an experienced computer service store. But those who want to apply for old age allowance must show age as per NID card. That is, on providing NID card information, your age will be mentioned there and you will be given an opportunity to see if you are a suitable person to apply for that application.

In addition, you must provide the necessary information in the case of other allowances. In particular, to get widow’s allowance, you must attach a copy of your husband’s death registration certificate or divorce certificate, as well as a medical doctor’s certificate for disability. That is, if you apply for any allowance without any justification, it will never be accepted. Moreover, following the information of birth registration certificate or NID card, you have to mention all the information and the information of other family members and the source of income of the family. Therefore, apply for the allowance very easily by using the above mentioned link at certain times of the year.

Mis.bhata.gov.bd List

For those of you who are officially receiving allowances, we must provide you with a list of who has been paid after receiving these allowances. In this case, go to the official website called My Government and click on all the options provided to know various information in daily life. Moreover, I will enter the official website called Bangladesh Gov BD at present, you can provide the information from the department to the local level.

And when you go there, according to the Union Parishad or according to the ward number of the municipality, the list of names of those who are receiving allowance and the list of which category of allowance is provided there. So to check this list officially or to do these tasks you must go to my government official website and check these things by using the right link from there.

Bidhoba Vata Apply

We want to help those who want to apply online for Widows Allowance with accurate information. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh provides a widow’s allowance to all women whose husbands have died at a very young age and who have not consented to any type of marriage for the sake of children. So when you apply for widow’s allowance you must show your NID card details, death registration if husband dies and divorce papers if husband deserted and other documents as proof on the website.

By providing all these information you can apply online very easily. However, it is paid very little as the widow allowance card does not come at the same rate as the old age allowance card. So you must apply properly to get widow allowance and if you keep in touch with social services department office then you will get important updates from them.

All those who have applied online for Widow Allowance can check your application form now. You have to go to my government website to see the new list there to check whether you are nominated for widow allowance through online. Moreover, to check the current status of the application form, you have to visit the official website of Bhata Govt BD and check it. We have been able to provide you the correct information about checking and go there to provide your activity name and voter ID card information. Also, by providing the tracking number, you can easily search and check your widow’s allowance online.

Protibondhi Bhata Online Application

In our Bangladesh, many times disabled children are born or if someone becomes disabled due to various reasons, it seems like a burden or heavy to the family. Since we are human beings, many parents cannot bear the expenses of these disabled people from the point of view of humanity. Therefore, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has taken these measures through the Department of Social Services so that a disabled child receives a certain amount of this allowance at the end of the month. But whether the child is disabled or not has to be identified through a medical officer and online application has to be made by collecting the certificate from there.

So, if you want to apply for disability allowance, the website will give you the opportunity to apply once. All persons who have applied or not received in the past should refrain from applying. Provide all the required information to apply properly and in most cases the persons with disabilities do not have their voter ID card generated so they need to provide their birth certificate information. In order not to make any mistake in terms of information, every information must be submitted correctly on the website to get this disability allowance according to the parent’s ID card and his/her Tikacard.

Boyosko Vata Apply Online

When a person becomes financially disabled after an age, he may become a burden to many families. But the old man once took the helm of the family and provided for the maintenance of the other members of the family. Hence old age allowance is provided to provide benefits to the elderly. As opportunities to apply for this old age allowance are provided from time to time, many people are applying online for this allowance these days. But without doing the verbal calculation, it is easy to know whether the person is nominated for old age allowance by visiting the website and providing your NID card information.

Then as a condition of application, starting from his name, information of family members and all other information that will be provided. Complete the online application and submit it to the local social services department. In this way you can apply for everything from old age allowance to widow allowance or disability allowance through online. It is best if there is a medium along with giving correct information while applying.However at present everyone is being made available for this allowance by working impartially so that every eligible person is nominated for this allowance. thank you