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By visiting the official website of Bangladesh Manpower Employment and Training Bureau, we can get various information as well as take the opportunity to apply according to the recruitment circular which is published here for manpower recruitment. Therefore, if any type of recruitment circular is published, how to apply according to the recruitment circular and how to follow the detailed information of the application will be presented to you through this post.

When you get any kind of recruitment notification from Jono Shakti Employment and Training Bureau then according to that recruitment notification you have to apply by visiting the official website given in the title above and the post application payment related matters can be known there. But apart from presenting the application steps to you, I will give you the right idea about this website and you will get to know about many important information from this post today.

BMET Definition at a Glance

  • BMET stands for Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training.
  • It is a government agency under the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment in Bangladesh.
  • BMET is responsible for promoting and regulating overseas employment of Bangladeshi workers.
  • The agency provides various services to migrant workers such as training, orientation, and skill development programs.
  • BMET also maintains a database of migrant workers and their employment status.
  • The agency has offices in major cities in Bangladesh and overseas in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • BMET has played a crucial role in reducing the exploitation of Bangladeshi migrant workers abroad by implementing regulations and policies to protect their rights.
  • The agency also works to ensure the welfare of migrant workers and their families through various initiatives and programs.
  • In recent years, BMET has focused on promoting ethical recruitment practices and preventing fraudulent recruitment activities in the overseas employment sector.

At present, the contribution of BMET is very important and this organization has been playing a very important role for all the skilled manpower within the country who want to go abroad. Though united from its inception and functioning through the Ministry of Social Welfare, it later became completely separate and started functioning as the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training.

Therefore, at present it is providing various services by doing immigration related work under the Ministry of Foreign Employment as well as work related to expatriate welfare. In addition, this organization oversees the recruitment process for foreign employment and works to protect the rights and skills of migrant workers.

In other words, employment is being arranged here by creating unemployment writers by completing every job in a very beautiful way to utilize the manpower of the country and many people are able to change their financial status by changing unemployment. Various types of training are being imparted through the Manpower Employment and Training Bureau and thereby creating employment and enabling people to become a developing nation by harnessing their talent and creativity and harnessing the labor force. So for those of you who are migrant workers or job seekers, this manpower employment is working well in following all the procedures that can be followed in the respective requirements.

Also, when you want to know about the plan here, I will say that it is possible to provide various types of training to increase the employment opportunities of those who are working abroad and to increase the skills in each job. Moreover, from providing security to those who are leaving their families outside the country and earning foreign exchange and increasing remittances within the country, welfare activities and various directional steps are being followed. According to the demand of extreme energy in the world market, many people can easily change their situation by adopting the perspective to make them unemployed. Notice Board 2023

Various types of notices are issued by the Manpower Employment and Training Bureau and nowadays due to the proliferation of information it is very easy for people to collect every information at home by visiting its official website and going to the notice board. Because when you can go to the notice board, you will be provided with all the information about it and all the activities related to the recruitment of foreign employment opportunities for Bangladeshi workers will be mentioned here as per the demand.

That is, in order to provide benefits to every person and so that everyone can know such information at home, these tasks should be done by checking the website. According to the demand based different types of formal or informal or special training programs being conducted or the information provided to you in this regard, take training by filling the form and become skilled labor force by utilizing your talent. Also, from taking various initiatives for self employment to providing practical assistance, every other work is being done well here, we are getting to know about every thing and can work accordingly. So you can follow the notice boards where notices are given for various driving jobs starting from freelancing abroad.

Moreover, in the immigration meeting that BMET officially holds every month, you can know the update of every information related to that meeting and provide accurate information about what procedures have been adopted or what decisions have been taken for those who have migrated. is done Basically if you visit this official website you will get every information here and you can keep yourself informed as every information is updated for those who are abroad or those who are thinking of going abroad. Job Circular 2023

If you want to get the recruitment circular in 2023 which is published by Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training then we will provide it to you. Mainly apart from visiting the official website, you can easily collect this information from here and based on the information, we have informed above where to apply. Usually the website link provided in the title of our website is a link to a website to get the application form and the job circulars published by the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training are available there.

Moreover, by visiting there you can complete your application process and provide the information required for the application. So we always provide you with the job circulars published by Bureau of Manpower Employment and Statistics and how to apply or how to make payment by following this post below. Generally for the convenience of expatriates we are giving this information regularly so that those who are outside the country can be updated about every information and if they want to work in Bureau of Manpower Employment and Statistics they must apply there according to the recruitment circular.

Www BMET gov bd Online Registration

Those who are working abroad and sending remittances within the country, if they want to come for vacation in the country, then you have to complete the online registration and once the vacation is granted, you can come to the country and spend the vacation and join the workplace later. So in this context I would like to tell those of you who want to apply through online that by visiting the website you can go down very easily and from the news option which is under the notice board is giving the right idea about what to do.

Those who work abroad without their family may find it difficult and want to meet and spend time with their family after a certain time. But if you want to take this leave officially then you will definitely be granted that leave and you will be given the opportunity to join the work as before when you go back after completing all the steps starting from ticketing. So apart from providing the passport and visa information, you will fill all the matters related to the leave in the application form and take the leave accordingly. Application Form Download

Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training when you will be provided with any kind of recruitment circular then according to that recruitment circular you can contact the workplace in this official field. That is, when the manpower is appointed for various positions to manage this office, you will go to the Dhaka office in Bangladesh and submit the application form offline as you used to do it in the past and follow your own rules for submitting the application form online at present. Many have been able to fill the application form issued in 2022 and we have come to know that their exams have been held or will be held recently.

But when you want to work in this office in Bangladesh according to that recruitment circular and want to join this job officially then you must follow the below rules to complete the application process and participate in the exam to get this job. Usually by visiting all websites i.e. by using Teletalk domain when you apply by visiting different websites then the application process and application information are asked for the same. But through this post we will present those things to you, so you will understand more easily and if any new notification is published, you must go there and apply using the website link provided in the above title.

First of all, according to the recruitment notification, check the date within which to apply and on which date the last date of application has been announced. When you want to apply according to this information then to apply you have to go to the website using the title given above and if you go down then you will get the option called application form. After going there you will select the post you want to apply for and in the next step you will be given many blank cells to provide information or you will be asked to select through some information options.

Now you have to provide your name in capital letters in English and give the name of father and mother exactly as asked. However, in applying for this type of recruitment notification, you must provide information as per your birth registration certificate, mark sheet and national identity card. Because if the information is wrong then it will be seen that your application will be rejected and you may be placed inside the merit list in the recruitment circular and then you will not be given the final appointment.

In this way, starting from your name, you will provide your various personal information and starting from your mobile number, you will provide your email address. That means the red star symbol is given and you must fill in the details of each room. After filling the information in this way you will provide your birth certificate number or national identity card number step by step. Mention religion and gender. After providing the personal information like this you have to go down and there you have to provide your address information. In that case you have to provide the department name, district name, upazila name and post office code. Your guardian information may also need to be provided there.

BMET Application Form

While filling the application form of Manpower Employment and Training Bureau, you must provide the above mentioned information as well as the following information. In case of providing address information, if current address and permanent address are same then click same option or if different then you must provide separate information. After providing the address information, scroll down and there you will need to provide some more information. There you have to provide your educational qualification and you must mention the name of the exam you have passed and from which board you have passed and in which year you have passed the exam.

Also there are some more information to provide and after doing that you have to go below and upload the image of the specific resolution it says to upload and upload your signature following the same rules. Provide the format in which the images are asked to be uploaded there and click on the submit button after verifying that all the information in your application form has been entered correctly. By doing this the application form will be filled and you must provide the specified amount of application fish to the specified user ID through Teletalk SIM recharge to make the payment.

Online data bank Registration Application Form BMET

If any one from Manpower Employment and Training Bureau wants to fill registration application form or fill data bank through online then they must contact the bank or follow the instructions given on this website.

BMet website

Every information should be known by visiting the website by following the correct rules through the official website of the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training. But if you don’t know the website, then just search by writing BMET, the official website will be displayed in front of you and you have been informed many times through this post of our website.

However, those who have come here to complete the application related activities can apply by visiting the above Teletalk domain website as well as download the applicant copy from there. If someone wants to check the payment status after completing their payment, then they can check the payment status ID and mobile number by going to the menu option on the right side of the website. Also if you want to recover your user id then you can recover the user id by providing the mobile number which you provided and when the exam time you will receive an sms on your phone to download the admit card or you can download it by visiting the website.