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To apply according to the various recruitment circulars published by the Bangladesh Government Service Commission, one has to visit the specific portal and go to the place where the application form is available. As Bangladesh Govt Jobs Commission provides recruitment of candidates fairly, it is a very important issue for the educated youth of all over Bangladesh and in this case they think where to apply and where to collect the result as well as download the admit card.

So through today’s post, we will give you the correct information about how to complete or how to fill the type of facilities provided by the Bangladesh Government Work Commission or the type of recruitment circular published and from the admit card to the result. You can find the information from here.

BPSC At A Glance

  • BPSC stands for Bangladesh Public Service Commission.
  • It is a government agency responsible for recruiting and selecting civil servants in Bangladesh.
  • The commission was established in 1972 under the provisions of the Constitution of Bangladesh.
  • The BPSC has its headquarters in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.
  • Its functions include conducting competitive examinations, evaluating qualifications and experience of candidates, and recommending appointments to the government.
  • BPSC recruits candidates for various positions including administrative, judicial, and other civil service jobs.
  • The commission also conducts departmental examinations for existing government employees to assess their knowledge and skills.
  • BPSC publishes job circulars and exam schedules on its official website.
  • Candidates can apply for BPSC exams and jobs online through the commission’s website.
  • BPSC also provides training and development programs to enhance the skills of civil servants.

bpsc Seat Plan

Usually we know the name of any authority that conducts BCS exam easily when we say Bangladesh Government Service Commission. But apart from BCS exam, Govt Career Commission conducts non-cadre exam and recruitment of various types of officers for their official work. Post-independence states have adopted the first class special examination system and candidates can join the first class government jobs on the basis of their merit list and other performances by appearing in the BCS examination. Since we provide you the information constantly or you can get the important information related to BCS exam from our website, if you know the application related matters, you can do or complete these things at home.

We can get all the information from the Bangladesh Government Service Commission in the current time of the year or through the release of different types of notices and recently the 45th BCS exam will be held. Candidates in different categories get recruitment based on their graduation subject and get recruitment easily according to preference list. In that case, they have to prepare for a long time.

Since it is a job of first class government officials, apart from knowing about Bangladesh, they have to know the information related to the constitution of this country and they have to be proficient in various subjects starting from international information. Considering all aspects, through today’s post, we have informed you how to apply for BCS or how to apply according to the circular published by the Bangladesh Government Work Commission.

BPSC Notice Board

If we inform those who visit our website to know about the notices published by the Bangladesh Government Work Commission, you will be able to know about it very easily. As the notices are given officially so if we notice the notices well and if we know about these notices related to our application then we can know when the exam will be held or when the particular BCS result will be published.

Generally, if you enter the official website that will appear in front of you when you type and search for BPSC notice, you can see what kind of notice has been published by going to the title. You can spread any kind of information officially through social media and inform everyone about it as the date of publication of the notice is given there. If someone wants to get reliable sources then you can download PDF file to provide them PDF file or collect the notices issued in PDF file form for various information for official and personal needs.

That is, we will try to inform you about the kind of notices that will be published from the Bangladesh Government Service Commission or if you write BPSC notices and search, you will be taken directly to the official website and there you will be aware of the information on the first page. We will also get the BCS circular which is published by the Bangladesh Public Works Commission on the notice board and from here we will know the steps that we have to follow for the recruitment of various officer posts. As different types of jobs are being performed by Public Works Commission, their scope of work is wide and it will be best to visit the website and inform on the notice board to know the details of each job.

BPSC Circular

When we get different types of recruitment circulars from Bangladesh Public Service Commission Secretariat, we have to see from what date to what date has been fixed for the application according to this recruitment circular. Because if the application date is over then you will not be able to apply and participate in this recruitment through Bangladesh Government Service Commission. So through this post we will provide you BPSC circulars so that you will be informed about the type of circulars that will be published starting from BCS circulars or circulars for conducting official activities starting from computer operator to account assistant or office assistant posts.

When you prepare as a candidate or as a person who is eligible to complete your studies, then if you prepare according to the recruitment circular provided by the Bangladesh Government Work Commission, you can get employment very easily because there are large circulars published there. But since BCS is a first class officer job and every year different types of administrative cadres starting from teachers are recruited here it is a desired object for everyone and many try their best for a long time to get it. So when you get any circular from Bangladesh Public Works Commission, you must visit the website to collect it officially or you can collect it from us.

Mass notification for BCS will be published from Bangladesh Govt Career Commission from there we can know that can apply here after completing graduation or can apply with appered certificate when you do honors and finish exam on specific subjects. In all these cases, apart from knowing the eligibility of the application, you will know how much the salary scale has been mentioned and you will know the steps to be followed from applying within the specified time.

BPSC Apply Online

When the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh became independent, it used to accept handwritten application forms through offline for the purpose of appointing government officials, but at present, the applications of the Digital Bangladesh Government Work Commission are being accepted. Generally, as the number of applicants is more than the number of posts, the application is being accepted through online and when calling for the application from the name and address of the applicant to his educational qualification information and other things, the candidates are applying in groups or on their own initiative.

Since you will apply online, you can understand by looking at the above title that this is a special website for Bangladesh Government Work Commission application. That is, by visiting this official website, you can apply very easily depending on the circular information that will be published at the present time and to apply there will be an option called application form. Generally every government sector is now asked to register the information for applying online and the system of paying the application fee through teletalk sim prepaid has been introduced. Considering all these aspects, you can find out through this post that if you provide any information, the application can be completed when you apply online at home for your convenience.

As we are constantly providing you with the correct information, you can understand them and you can apply correctly because you know the correct information to apply. First of all, when you visit this official website, you will see whether the option to apply for the circular you came to apply for is enabled. If there is an opportunity to apply for a particular post as per the circular then definitely click on it and in the huge form that will appear in front of you you have to provide every information as per your certificate and national identity card.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Apply

For providing personal information while applying online you must follow your certificate and in this case also match with National Identity Card so that no information is wrong. As a government official you need to have correct information in every identity card and every institutional information and if you are not self-aware about this then it will be very difficult to get hired eventually. Therefore, as we present these things in front of you in daily life, when you provide personal information, you must provide certificate information and in the case of your contact number below, you must provide such a number that you use regularly.

After providing your information like this, proceed to the next step and you must mention the height and weight as a first class officer to apply for Bangladesh Government Service Commission. Here height is expressed in cm or other daily units are expressed in centimeter so of course you go to your calculator and convert your height from feet and inches to centimeters very easily. Then you provide your educational qualification and if one wants to apply after completing honors exam then surely there is an opportunity to apply through APPEARED.

As you are going to apply for BCS you have to provide Cadre Choice there and if you are not correct in providing your Cadre Choice then you will face various questions when you go to Viba Board. As we are providing this information to you, here we also inform you that you should take the advice of experienced people and in this case, from foreign cadet to administration cadre, you must arrange the issues so that you do not have to face any kind of question.

BCS Application Form download

Finally when you are able to provide Cadre Choice you can give Honors in place of your educational information or if you have completed Masters then don’t make mistake to provide those information. As BCS is a first class job must provide every information correctly and millions of candidates apply here they always ask how to weed you out and select a qualified one. While filling the BCS application form, you must provide your photograph in such a way that it is provided properly and provide signature in such a way that you can provide it in the exam as well and without any type of deviation.

If anyone is thinking of filling the application form of BCS through mobile phone then I would say that it is mostly provided in desktop version so you will do it best through computer or any other big device. As the matter of Cadre Choice is very important take the advice of an experienced person so that there is no mistake in giving it. Then submit your application form and pay your application fee in one form if you are disabled and if you are applying as a general public then you have to pay the application fee in another.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Admit Card Download

Apart from the special exam if one has applied online as per the notice given by the Bangladesh Government Service Commission then must be updated by visiting its official website whether the admit card has been released or when the exam will be held. If the admit card has been published then you have to use the same link to download the admit card which you used to apply. Generally if you want to download admit card then you must apply with user id password and it is sent to your phone sms by the authority of Bangladesh Govt Commission.

If no one has received the SMS then I will say that even if you have not received the SMS you can easily download the admit card by using the user ID and password or by collecting the applicant copy that you have in your hand. Downloading admit card is very easy and by downloading it from here you can know your exam seat in which educational institution in your divisional district. Then appear at the exam center on the specified day and take the exam very easily and remember that you will be allotted two hours for multiple choice exam of 2nd mark. Therefore, you must show seriousness and experience in performing these tasks properly.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Departmental Exam

From Bangladesh Government Service Commission I would like to tell those who want to take the departmental exam that always the authority conducts the exam in the departmental districts and we can easily participate in the exam from there. Moreover, when you want to know about the departmental exam, you will be informed about the departmental exam from the type of recruitment circular that is published related to the separate exam of the subject studied by the students or related to the education cadre.

So, as you got to know these information through this post, we were able to inform you all the information correctly and if you have any question related to Bangladesh Government Work Commission, please let us know in the comment box. Until then everyone stay well and stay healthy.