There is a great interest among Bangladeshi students to take BCS after graduation. So Bangladesh Public Service Commission has published a recruitment circular for those of you who have completed graduation and who have been preparing for the exam since different years to give BCS. Therefore, according to the recruitment circular, when you want to apply by visiting the official website of BPSC Teletalk, it is our main responsibility to explain the application rules or the activities of this official website correctly.

responsibility Since you have already visited this post of our website, detailed information regarding how to apply in BCS or how to collect admit card will be discussed here. So those of you who have already prepared for the BCS exam should apply within the stipulated time as soon as the circular is published. Later, when the Bangladesh Public Service Commission publishes the exam date for you, you will have to participate in all types of exams on the scheduled day.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission has an opportunity to join this official 9th grade job and lakhs of Bangladesh graduation students apply here to become a 1st class job. Although there are 2300 seats left in 45th BCS, many people have applied here and despite applying as many as three and a half lakh people, 12000 something students have cleared the preliminary exam. That is, if you apply to BCS and sit for the exam, it is not like this that you can pass. You will be given a chance to clear the preliminary examination by answering the highest number of correct questions and based on the prescribed cut marks.

So without further ado let us try to know what kind of facilities we can avail by visiting BPSC’s teletalk official website. You can view the notice that will be provided to you by visiting the official website of Bangladesh Public Service Commission. Because in these notices various dates related to your examination will be given as well as all notices of written examination or viva examination will be available here. You can basically visit here to get various exam related notices as well as check the results when the Bangladesh Civil Service Commission releases the results.

To check the result on this official website you have to download the result in PDF file form instead of login with roll number. It will be great if you can download the result in PDF file form and from there it will be convenient to find your roll number. Besides, the online application system has been launched on the official website and when the authorities launch the online system, you can apply based on providing information by clicking there. Also in this official website an option regarding non cadre online application has been opened and if it has date then you can definitely apply.

Also here you can follow all the notices issued for departmental and senior scale examination or provide information. In addition to knowing these on the official website of Bangladesh Public Service Commission, we can easily know the information related to non-cadres of 40th BCS, in the case of 42nd BCS, the option of applying non-cadre for the purpose of first and second class posts has been opened. In this way you can continuously get an idea about the BCS exam of different years from the official website or you can collect all the information you need from there.

If you want to download the admit card by visiting the official website of Bangladesh Public Service Commission, then those admit cards can be downloaded from here. However, apart from getting the BCS admit card which is being given at present, if you want to download the BCS admit card up to 34th, then the authorities have opened the opportunity to download it here.

Although the Admit Card is not required except for the recent period, but if you feel like it, you can download it from here. Based on the mentioned discussion, you have got an idea about the official website of BPSC Teletalk, now we will try to briefly inform you what information is required for BCS application. Generally, when you visit the official website to apply for BCS, you can apply in three categories.

That is, if you want here you can apply in general cadre and if someone wants to apply technical or professional cadre then your cadre choice list will be provided more. However, if you apply for general and technical cadre in this case, you will get more number of seats or you can provide your choice list as you wish. Then on to the next page you have to provide your name starting from your parents name and date of birth to all the information that goes into filling a job application.

But in other govt jobs height or weight related issues are not much asked but as BCS is a first class officer job you have to express height in cm. Apart from expressing your weight in kg, you should also express your chest girth in cm. Next you need to provide your current address and the name of the person acting as your guardian. In this case you can provide father’s name or you can provide mother’s name.

In this way, when you complete each step and provide your current address and permanent address, you will proceed to the next step and if you proceed to the next step, you will have to provide more information. After providing the personal information you have to provide the information related to the SSC exam and there you will mention the exam result starting from the roll number. Then provide your HSC exam result. If someone wants to apply with Appard certificate, then they should apply after knowing the date on which the exam started or the date on which the exam ended.

And if you have already completed your graduation, then in addition to mentioning the results, you should mention the subjects in which you have completed your graduation in detail. Also mention whether you have joined government service elsewhere before applying here and also provide Master’s degree if completed.

Then go to the next page to provide your cadre choice list and complete the steps as per the rules you are asked to make the payment along with uploading the photo and signature. Many may want to apply BCS through mobile phone. But if you apply on mobile, there is a possibility of running out of many options, so of course you will do best if you apply on the desktop version or from the desktop. thank you