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When the employment circular is published from the Bangladesh Government Jobs Commission, many graduating students from all over the country apply for the first class jobs according to that employment circular. For those of us who understand the BCS cadre, this government job commission is constantly working and informing about the recruitment of various sectors of the country.

So by appointing the first class officers in every sector of the country they are being given opportunities in their various responsibilities and by participating in this work every educated person is achieving great improvement in the overall condition of the country starting from the economic condition.

About Bpsc.teletalk.com.bd

  • bpsc.teletalk.com.bd is the official website of Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC).
  • The website provides information about various job vacancies and exam notifications released by BPSC.
  • Candidates can register, apply, and pay the fees for the exams through the website.
  • The website offers online forms for various purposes such as application, admit card download, and results.
  • BPSC also provides guidelines and instructions for candidates to help them with the application process.
  • The website also offers information on the syllabus, exam pattern, and previous year question papers for candidates to prepare for the exams.
  • BPSC regularly updates the website with the latest exam schedules, announcements, and notices.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface that allows candidates to access information easily.
  • BPSC also provides contact information on the website for candidates to reach out in case of any queries or issues.
  • The website is secure and uses encryption to protect candidates’ personal and sensitive information.

So those of you who want to apply after receiving the recruitment notification from Bangladesh Public Works Commission can visit and apply by using the link provided in the title of our website. Apart from application, admit card download and exam center management issues are very nicely mentioned there so we can gather a lot of important information from here.

www.bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Admit Card

Usually many can apply as there is an opportunity to apply for this post after completion of Honors course and those who have done degree pass course after completion of Master’s examination. Three to four lakh candidates are applying every year for 1500 to 2000 posts and can clear written, preliminary and viva examination depending on their performance and educational qualification. So when the specific posts are mentioned in all the cadres which are being conducted in Bangladesh through BCS cadre then you prepare the rank list accordingly and apply online accordingly.

There are a lot of steps involved in applying online and each step requires providing correct information. Since you will be joining as a government officer and as a first class gazetted government officer, if you have any informational mistake here, your recruitment notification will be a big problem and many times it will be cancelled. So Bangladesh Public Service Commission application matters by using a domain called teletalk accept applications there and by providing admit card through that address we can participate in specific exam center.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd 45th

Bangladesh Public Works Commission is currently working for the purpose of recruitment for various jobs in the Republic and is working in the field of selecting persons with education and educational qualifications within the country. Eligible candidates from within the country can participate in the jobs performed by Bangladesh Public Service Commission and fair recruitment is done every year.

Since the manpower will be recruited in every government institution of the country starting from every educational institution through the first class officer, if any kind of corruption is taken here then the country will be made spineless and based on that purpose at present Bangladesh Public Works Commission is absolutely perfect regarding every recruitment circular. Works are being performed properly.

So when you want to know about the various notices of Bangladesh Public Works Commission, if you write and search the BPSC website, the official website will come directly in front of you and from there you can go to the notice board and you can know every information through the update notice. Moreover, there is an opportunity to know where its head office is officially located and other information from here and if you go to the contact section, you can easily find different ways to contact them. Hope this post is going to play a very useful role for you and through this post we will provide you the correct information about how to apply for BCS and Non Cadre.

BPSC Circular 2023

Currently Bangladesh Public Service Commission issues circulars from time to time or subject to vacancies. Generally, because BCS craze is current within us, we apply very easily when we see such applications or circulars. Against 2000 posts, at least three and a half to four lakh applications are submitted. But the number of candidates who actually appear for the exam with preparation is very less. There are many candidates who apply to study better or get experience from exams if they apply.

Without saying everything, here we will inform you about the type of recruitment notification published for BCS and you will know at this time that 45th BCS preliminary exam will be held in the near future along with written and viva exam of other BCS. Moreover, if this recruitment circular has been published, then we will provide you later and you can know the details through this post on our website that how to apply. Generally according to the circular we all know that if a student can complete a post graduate degree from a recognized university or can complete his studies in any subject for 4 years after HSC examination then that student will get an opportunity to apply.

Moreover, if someone has completed the exam and the result has not been released yet, there is a provision of appard application for the opportunity to apply. Therefore, when the recruitment circular is published, you must know how many people will be appointed for which position according to the recruitment circular, and you must apply within a certain period as the time limit for application is usually one month. If for any reason large section of students do not get opportunity to apply or if they do not have opportunity due to non completion of examination then later authorities take proper decision by considering it and extend application period.

Moreover, if you read the circular in detail, you will be able to arrange your preferences nicely and from there you will understand a lot of information, so you can follow the simple application process. The amount of application fee for disabled persons and the amount of application fee for general applicants will be mentioned there and all information starting from photograph and signature should be given with an undertaking to provide correct information. Basically, after looking at the circular, everything will be clear in front of you and if any other type of circular has been published by the Bangladesh Government Work Commission or if they have published a notification for the purpose of hiring you in different grades, then you must apply accordingly.

BPSC Apply Online

When you follow Bangladesh Public Works Commission Apply Online then you must use the link provided on our website title and there you will get opportunity to apply for all other posts including BCS. We always try to give you the correct information while applying and we try to inform you about any kind of wrong end while applying. Generally, the application process for all government jobs is the same, but there are some special differences in applying for BCS and in this case, more information is required to be provided.

To apply, I would like to tell you that since the number of candidates applying here is very high, if you apply at the end of the deadline, there may be a problem with the server and you may face problems in applying. So apply within a few days of when the application starts so that server problems don’t matter to you. I hope you have understood a lot through this post and now I will tell you the application process in detail and if you tell me where and what information to provide, it will be very convenient for you to apply accordingly.

However, when you want to make these applications of the Bangladesh Government Work Commission managed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you must visit the official website and select the number of BCS you want to apply for or which job circular you want to apply for. In the next step you will have to provide your personal information in detail regarding this application and ensure that every information matches the certificate. Personal information will ask you to provide your name, date of birth and contact number and other details. After providing the personal details you have to go to the next page and select the cadre you want to list.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Apply

To apply for BCS Cadre Posts above you have to fill each and every subject to provide all the rules discussed above. In this case you will provide your address information and select the correct option from there as there is a system to provide each subject through options such as current address and permanent address. Moreover, write the information that is said to be written from there in such a way that there is no mistake and you have to do these things according to the certificate and according to the birth registration certificate.

Once the address information is provided you have to leave the parent section and now follow the correct rules to fill in all the information you will leave for the parent. In this case, starting from the name of the parents, their voter ID card number and other information will be filled and select from there whether you want to give this responsibility to your father or mother as your guardian. After filling the parent information now you have to go to another step and among those steps your educational qualification is very important.

In which year did you pass SSC exam and from which education board did you pass and in what year did you pass and mention your result. Following the same rules you will provide HSC Exam Result and every information should be completed properly. Now you need to provide your honors course information. In this case mention the year you were a candidate and from where you passed and don’t make mistake of giving your result along with mention year of exam. If your exam is over and the result is still not published then you can select the Affair option there and it will ask you to provide some more information.

Especially when you apply through APPEAR you will be asked to mention when your exam started and date of last exam. In this way you can provide information about your masters course and providing every information according to correct rules will not cause any kind of trouble. After that you have to provide the correct information about career objective and other skills. When these things are provided whether you have skills for any work and whether you are physically challenged then you have to upload the picture on the website within the specified resolution.

Once the picture is uploaded, you will upload your signature and once all the tasks are done properly, the details of your application will be shown there, if there are no mistakes, then submit the application. Then you have to pay your application fee to the specified user ID and download the admit card within a few days when the notification for taking the exam is published.

www.bpsc.gov.bd Admit Card

In the past, when BCS application form had to be filled without online, then the application form had to be downloaded and filled in every information and sent by post. But now a days these things are done through online, many of us understand that they have to be done online and through online you fill the information of each step and you will understand what information to provide in the application form.

So when you want the application form, you have to enter the website used by the Bangladesh Government Work Commission using the domain of Teletalk and apply. In this way, if each of you can complete the information properly, your application will be accepted and you will be able to participate in the examination after the specified time by filling your application form. But in case of Cadre Choice you must take the advice of experienced people and consistently decide which Cadre should be in your preferred chrome list as per your personal decision.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Admit Card Download

When you are asked to apply from the Bangladesh Government Career Commission, this career commission very quickly follows all the steps or procedures to ask you to take the exam. Since the admit card is very important for appearing in the exam, you can easily visit the official website and download the admit card by using the user ID and password of the application you applied for. But if you do not have the information related to that SMS or admit card then you must be informed by SMS before the exam to withdraw your admit card and attend the exam at the particular K center. That is, if you have the user ID and password, you can easily download the admit card by visiting the above mentioned website.

bpsc.teletalk.com.bd Departmental Exam

Bangladesh Public Service Commission when department wise or departmental exam is accepted then you will be asked to visit its official website to know about the information related to that exam. That is, the official website of the Bangladesh Government Work Commission, from the recruitment circular to the examination, every information is presented very nicely. Hope through this post you will be able to follow all the steps for the exam from non cadre to BCS cadre and various posts and complete everything from application to other tasks.