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You can apply for any engine driven vehicle through Bangladesh Road Transport Authority as various vehicle license related works are being done online. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority is accepting the application form for this exam by giving regional office in each of their departments and giving them to those who take the exam on the specified day to apply for the license.

However, we have come to know that although there has been a delay in issuing licenses based on all the past applications, they are being issued very quickly at present. So those who need a driving license through Bangladesh Road Transport Authority can drive on any road after getting this license by following certain rules.

At present, all the work related to the license through Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation is not accepted directly in an official way, but it has to be submitted by applying online. Normally you must obtain a license if you can ride a motorcycle or drive a large or heavy vehicle. So first of all you apply online to get the license and after making this application you have to submit the payment and other documents to the regional office. That is, if we can comply with all the obligations or all the rules in the field of driving license, then we can complete the application for driving license online and submit it to the authorities.

However, if you visit the official website of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, then there are various official guidelines for applying for a driving license. As it is a government official portal, by visiting there, you can follow their official various orders and perform the necessary tasks as well. Since they take various decisions in the transport system within the country, they determine how much fare should be fixed in which group of the country or how much fare should be fixed depending on the fuel oil, which is good for everyone.

Moreover, I will tell those of you who want to know in this context that starting from metro rail fare to long distance bus fare how much rupees can be or depending on the distance how much rupees per kilometer the fare can be determined is attached to the budget every year. That is, in the case of a person traveling from one place to another,

it is very convenient for us to understand that all these things are connected and we can do the necessary work by understanding these things on our own responsibility. Although we don’t think it is necessary to know the information that is being provided to us officially, we are always interested to know when the driving license process will start.

So when you type the title above or copy and paste if you can, then directly before entering the official website, they will provide you with a list of all the facilities they have. And since you need to do the work related to the driving license, if you click there, you can go to the next page and understand the steps to be followed there. In order to do these things of driving license, you have to follow all the information that we will inform you about or the directions that you will get in Bengali after entering the website.

Especially when you apply online with your NID card number or other information, you have to go to the specific bank and deposit the money based on the application form. So when you pay this amount and submit your application form along with the payment receipt then you will be called to participate in the exam through SMS or call on the specified day based on the application form submission. If you clear this driving license test by passing the written test as well as passing the practical test and viva test on the specified day, you will be issued a fixed term license.

But in most cases many people fail the practical test and even after applying for the driving license they do not get it. So in every case you have to do these things carefully so that you get the driving license very quickly. Because without a driver’s license, you cannot go out for urgent work, just as without a driver’s license, the sergeant can catch you and fine you. So no concessions can be given regarding the driving license and always play a serious role in producing it and if it is produced within the specified time, you will not have any difficulty in driving the road.

So since you have visited here, you have to do the things through the official website related to driving license and you have to follow all the guidelines that they are providing. And if it is difficult to understand any information about the driver’s license or if there is any confusion about something, then if you tell the higher authority or tell the experienced people, they will help you with the correct information. Without further delay in making it, if there is a car, we will apply for making it very quickly and take the test and make the driving license within the specified time.

If you enter through Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation, there are various types of account opening opportunities. Moreover, we can apply by knowing the different route fares and other issues are presented there or as official job circulars are published from time to time. In other words, this official website is being managed by all the officers who are involved in the driving license or who are performing their duties very properly. If you want to contact the head office directly, then I know that you can collect the contact number from here.

So if you want to get any kind of facilities in terms of vehicles and transportation, then you can take various types of help through this official website managed by the government. If anyone wants to know anything then you can ask there or contact the help desk number given by them. So many of you were able to know the things that we have presented here today about driving license and we have tried to summarize here the benefits that can be obtained by using this official website. If you have any kind of confusion about the driving license or if you have any difficulty in understanding the official website, then if you ask, we will surely help you with the correct information.