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Licenses we obtain or vehicle documents issued to us to operate heavy vehicles within the country are issued through the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation. So through today’s post, I will present various information about Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation and you can find out how to apply for the manpower recruitment form that is employed to manage their regional offices. We constantly try to make sure that you can get the right information about every information online and use the information accordingly. As the work of Road Transport Corporation is done in various regional offices of Bangladesh, when you enter here, from applying for driving license to other tasks can be done.

What is BRTC

  • BRTC stands for Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation.
  • It is a government organization responsible for providing public transport services in Bangladesh.
  • BRTC was established in 1961 and has a wide network of bus services throughout the country.
  • The organization provides different types of bus services, including regular, express, and AC buses.
  • BRTC also operates intercity and international bus services.
  • The organization has faced criticism in the past for poor service quality, maintenance issues, and corruption.
  • BRTC has implemented several projects aimed at improving its services, including the introduction of digital ticketing and modernizing its bus fleet.
  • The organization’s website ( provides information about its services, bus routes, and schedules.
  • The website also allows users to track the location of BRTC buses in real-time through a mobile app.
  • BRTC has a customer service hotline to assist passengers with any queries or complaints related to its services.

Through the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation, you have to do the online application at various times to drive motorcycles to heavy vehicles within the country and the driver’s license application is then given through the test. Currently, we provide this facility through the Smart Driving License.

We are able to accept these and we can travel from one place to another in the country through this driving license and the required costume along with the vehicle documents. As these driving license related tasks are done by many people all over Bangladesh and every aspect is officially confirmed to ensure customer service, hence a lot of manpower is employed.

The departmental regional offices provide the opportunity to collect the necessary documents from taking the driving license test. So when you do these tasks related to driving license, you will see that there are many officials who are performing duties and if Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation has published a circular for you, then according to that circular you may apply to perform duties in all these offices. You will be given all the information about the application and if you can tell where any information needs to be provided in the application form, it will play a very beneficial role for you. Notice 2023

The official website of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation is visited by millions of people every day and you may be able to perform many important tasks by checking the kind of notices that are published there. As the important information is presented to us through the notice, if we get to know the notice, we can know about these functions of the driving license or the instructions given by the office. So if you have visited here to get any kind of notice related to driving license then I would say that you have to visit the official website of BRTC Govt BD and see what notice is published there.

We want to keep you informed about every issue by providing such notice and if you search by typing the name of the official website then you will find the notice option very easily below. So starting from the new application, when or how many years the customers will get the driving license will be informed to you. Moreover, various types of office orders are issued for the purpose of conducting every job in an official manner and information is communicated to every customer or every official through important official notices starting from various types of complaints. Job Circular 2023

When we get any kind of recruitment circular through Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation then we want to apply according to that recruitment circular. But on receiving any kind of recruitment notification, first of all I will tell you that the jobs are getting very fast for those who are learning computer well nowadays to do every work online officially. That is if your typing speed is good and if you can type very fast then apply and in this case you can secure your own job by passing written test as well as viva test and practical test.

Recently a circular was published and according to that circular many people were able to apply. So if you want to get such circulars in 2023 then you must keep an eye on our website or official website and you will get them by going to the notice section there. Generally office assistant cum computer operator, job assistant or technician various categories of manpower are employed here. Moreover, various types of applications are called for from office assistants to various high-level posts, and it is best if you apply within the specified time after looking at the recruitment circulars that are published. So below are various recruitment circulars published recently for you.

BRTC Online

As we can know every information or be informed about every matter through Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation, nowadays they are providing us information very easily through online. Just as various notices are being published online to ensure fast customer service, every information is also being provided online to those who are new to driving license or fixing car documents. These means of information dissemination are easily provided to us with only internet connection and android handset in hand.

So if someone wants to collect various information from Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation or apply according to any circular then he must follow certain rules and visit this official website of BRTC Gov BD to know all the information and also provide above title as application link. Use the link.

As we present the information correctly to each of you, it adds up to our achievement when you understand it and complete each task correctly. Therefore, you can use online to check the various types of information published by Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation and many customers will get to know them if this information is officially disseminated through various social media. Job Application Form

When you see the circular published from BRTC and if you want to apply according to your application qualification then you can apply for different grade jobs. If we try to explain to you all the process of applying or if we try to tell you how to fill the application form then you can understand them and apply accordingly. Generally every government job has a lot of competition so if you can apply for any type of government job in any grade then you can confirm your merit list by participating in the exam.

Usually such exams are conducted through written and viva tests and any kind of importance is given through computer test so one must prepare well by studying computer besides learning. If you want to know how to apply, then use the link provided in the above title and click on the post mentioned in the recruitment notification. Then the application form will appear in front of you and you can provide correct information from that application form.

If you want to fill the application form at home, then you have to keep the photo and signature size within the specified resolution and keep them within the specified resolution or within the specified kilometer to be published in the recruitment notification. Moreover, we can apply by using the information that informs us that the date fixed for the application or the date from which the application can be submitted online. In any kind of government circular, there is a lot of pressure on the server in the last two days or there are various problems in applying, so you should start applying from the time the application date is announced after the publication of the recruitment circular. Apply

Generally government job circulars ask for same type of information so we will try to explain them to you and based on this information you will apply by inputting various types of information correctly. When you want to apply through online, you will understand by looking at the above title that the government application is being accepted by using the Teletalk SIM domain and in this case when you will be asked to pay the application fee, you must pay a certain amount through Teletalk SIM prepaid or through recharge. To be provided in I.D.

Now you need to mention the name of the candidate and the name of the parents as you want to know about the application process. The age of the candidate should be mentioned or if the date of birth is mentioned it will show how many years the age is running as per the application rules. The candidate will be asked to provide gender, blood group, religion, contact number, email address and you must provide them correctly to proceed to the next steps and provide all the information there. After that, if you go to the next step, you will have to collect the address and provide the information and in the place of providing this information, you must try to give the same address as your current address and permanent address.

BRTC Job Circular 2023 Apply Online

While filling the application form online if anyone thinks that your permanent address and present address is different then you can provide that too and there is no problem in this case. Online you will go down by providing this address minority information and there you will provide the educational qualification you are asked to apply. When you mention this qualification, you must provide the information in which year you have passed SSC and from which education board you have passed along with the number of marks you have passed.

In this way, provide your educational qualification information periodically and if you are working at a higher level, you must provide your graduation transcripts and the year you passed from which university. Moreover, if any more information is asked from you or information related to computer test is asked, provide it correctly and keep it ready in advance for uploading specific resolution image and signature by going below. After completing this resolution properly, you will upload it there and ensure that all the information provided above is correct. After submitting the application form in this way, you will get a user ID and password on your phone and there you have to pay the money and download the applicant copy. Admit Card 2023

After completing the application when your exam will be held as per the circular published then SMS will be given on the contact number that your exam date is fixed and download the admit card using specified user id and password. As the admit card mentions the examination center and gives the address, we will know this information correctly and if we can know where it is located, then it will be convenient for us to attend the examination center on the specified day.

Many times, even without the admit card, we do not understand how to download the admit card because we lose the applicant copy or the previous SMS because the SMS does not come on the phone. In this case, you have to enter the website and provide your user ID and you have to use the mobile number to retrieve the password or the correct rules have been introduced there to retrieve the user ID.

However, to participate in the examination of the specific post, download your admit card by using the user ID and password and take a print of it and appear in the examination center on the specified day. If anyone has not been able to download the admit card, then let us know in the comment box and we will inform you about it. I can provide more information.

BRTC teletalk Admit Card Storeman

Those of you who have recently applied for the post of treasurer may be waiting for the exam after completing this application. Apart from conducting the official activities of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation properly, your appointment will be confirmed when their manpower is recruited and when they take the examination with the permission of the authorities. As your application has been accepted a few days ago, the examination will be conducted very soon and if you receive an SMS in this regard on your phone, you will download the admit card and appear in the examination center on the specified day and participate in the examination. Apply

Usually many of us have to apply for driving license from Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation. Although you have got the opportunity to apply for the job circular in the above title, freshers who want to apply as Apprentice can apply by visiting the link provided here. In that case, you have to participate in the practical test, written test and viva test and only if you complete the test properly, you will be able to travel within the country properly when you are issued a smart driving license. Thanks for staying with this post on our website from start to finish and all the best.