If you want to take admission in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Aviation and Aerospace University and you want to do various courses there, then use the above link to apply on the official website. Because the payment related issues are paid through teletalk SIM recharge system has been implemented here.

So if someone wants to take admission in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Aviation and Aerospace University on his own initiative, then you have to visit the website and apply correctly in the options that have been opened there. BSc Engineering Program and Masters Program are available here for you. So according to your convenience, we will discuss with you the rules to be followed for admission in the course you want to take or according to your past background.

Generally if you click on B.Sc Engineering Programming by visiting this official website then you will be shown various issues related to Admit Card. That is, from here you can download the admit card of B.Sc. Engineering program and you have to follow all the instructions given to download it. So when you enter here and download the admit card, you must collect the user ID and password in advance according to the application. Because there is a system to download the admit card from here on the basis of user ID password, they must be stored at your own risk.

If for some reason your user ID or password is lost, then you can use the recover user id or recover password option of the website to collect it. Here, when you want to cover the user id, you must provide your own name and father’s name and mobile number. . And if you want to collect password or password then it can be done with user id and mobile number. That is, according to your convenience, any system can be used here or the payment status can be viewed. Besides, if you want to apply for master’s program, then you can go to the next step of applying for master’s program by clicking on the option that is kept from the homepage.

When you click on Master’s program, you will be given the circular published for admission in Master’s program as the first option. For admission to Master’s program you must download the circular in PDF file format and go through the detailed application instructions provided there. It will be good for you if you can check all the activities of this program through online. And if you think to use the second option then go there and get the guidance and information regarding admission.

But if you want to apply besides following all you must click on “Apply” option. If you want to apply here then you can apply for Masters of Science in Satellite Communication Engineering. There are also three more options that you can apply for. There are three categories that are mentioned to apply are Masters in Satellite Communication Engineering, Masters of Science in Space Systems Engineering and Masters in Space Systems Engineering. So follow the next steps to apply for admission according to your background or the course you are eligible for admission in or the course you are interested in taking admission in.

But for your convenience we have given here the first option i.e. how to apply for admission in Masters of Science in Satellite Communication Engineering course. So first you have to click on the blank cell on the left side of the option and after ticking the next option you have to click. After that you will start the application process according to New and you have to fill every information correctly. While applying every information should be provided in a manner consistent with your SSC and HSC certificate and other documents.

So, first of all, you must provide the name of the applicant. After that, as in every application, give the name of the applicant’s father and mother separately here. In providing the date of birth, mention his birthday and month of birth first. Then you have to mention the birth place and mention its gender. If there is a national identity card then select yes option and mention the number of the national identity card there. And if there is no national identity card then by clicking on no option you have to provide birth certificate number later. After providing the personal details like this present address and permanent address have to be provided.

However, in both cases, every information should be correct while providing and you should write the names of the guardians who are performing their duties at the current address. After that, the applicant has to use a mobile number to which the user ID and password related issues can be collected by sending an SMS to the mobile number. Then you have to type that number again. After that you have to provide the information of your educational qualification. In addition to mentioning the name of the SSC and HSC exam, you have to provide the education board you have passed. In SSC and HSC examination you have to mention your roll number and GPA as a result.

Besides mentioning the group from which you have passed, you have to mention the next year. Then you have to provide the graduation information and while providing the graduation information mention the name of the exam and the subject from which you graduated. In the same way mention your exam result and side year and mention the year course it was. If you have already completed master’s degree then mention the master’s degree there and similarly start from the name of the exam and mention the year in which you have passed.

If you have previous experience in this type of work or any experience related to the course you are going to take, then select the yes option and specify the number of days of experience. In addition to mentioning the company where you worked and how long you worked for, also mention the address of your company and how much money you used to get paid. After that you have to mention the validation code that is given there and click on the next option by ticking the blank box as you have provided the above information correctly. After that you upload the photo and signature within the specified resolution and submit your application form. Also complete the payment instructions. thank you