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We have to stay updated on every topic of Digital Bangladesh and use internet based information to use every topic. So when we approach BTCL as a branch organization of Department of Posts and Telecommunications, we will get various services from there. As they are constantly providing various services to us, there are officers in charge of different offices to provide these services and they are appointed at different times.

So when you want to make a career here at btcl in the service of country and people then you must follow the right rules and apply as per the recruitment circular. If we can present the right information before you regarding the process of applying then it will play a very important role for you and through today’s post you will know how to apply in btcl in detail.

What is BTCL

  • BTCL stands for Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited.
  • It is a state-owned telecommunications company in Bangladesh.
  • BTCL was formerly known as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB).
  • The company offers a range of services including landline, mobile, internet, and data communication services.
  • BTCL also provides international connectivity to Bangladesh through its submarine cable network.
  • The company was founded in 1971, and its headquarters is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • BTCL has a widespread network of branches and customer service centers throughout the country.
  • The company has faced criticism for its poor service quality and outdated technology, which has led to a decline in its market share over the years.
  • In recent years, BTCL has made efforts to upgrade its services and infrastructure to remain competitive in the market.

BTCL has been providing us with various services from the government and just as we are getting services in the field of telephone, also in the field of Internet hosting, various services are being provided here. If any of you want to receive transmission related services or want to pay different types of bills then all the detailed arrangements for receiving that service are open for you. If you want, some sectors have been introduced here from where you can get the necessary services.

From the history of communication systems to the present day, we have been updated with the detailed rules that have been introduced to communicate from one end of the world to the other through the Internet. Although the distance from one end of the world to the other end of the world is great from the external point of view, the communication system has improved so much that we can keep in touch with the people of the other end through a few seconds. So if someone wants to get telephone or internet high speed then they must accept GPON connection and in this case this website has introduced various facilities for you to accept this connection.

In addition, leased line internet can be found here along with various internet connections through vpn and communication with different countries of the world can be maintained. That is, this BTCL has been providing us telephone and internet facilities in the same way, if anyone wants to host a Bangla domain and you want to receive a domestic address through the internet, then you can do it. In using various types of optical fiber networks you can definitely receive call location services and all other services are introduced here for you. In order to save your precious time at home, you can accept and pay bills of various services online through btcl.

BTCL Notice

When BTCL publishes any kind of notice for the purpose of publishing various types of recruitment notification or for the smooth conduct of official activities, one must visit the official website of BTCL Govt BD and collect the information. As a department under Posts and Telecommunication providing various services to us governmentally, it publishes important notices from time to time to ensure customer service across the country. While these important notices are often informative for the general public, these notices also help us ensure service or otherwise.

As we want to stay updated on every thing in daily life or from internet service to telecommunication system or domain hosting we want to take service from here. Therefore, we need to know whether the name of any subject has been increased through the publication of the notice or whether there has been an update on any subject and we must prepare ourselves accordingly. Through this post today, we have informed you about the various types of notices published by BTCL and in this case you should visit the website. If you visit the service option or get news option, you will get the notification option and from there you can know the update notification. Jobs

If Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited has published any kind of recruitment circular for us, then we will definitely look at it and apply according to our qualifications. Apart from mentioning the institutional grade, as various facilities are provided here, an eligible candidate can definitely apply and through examination you can get hired here in very easy terms. In the month of December 2022 we have received a recent recruitment notification and there is a notification published here for the post of Assistant Manager or Finance or Accounts post.

In this way, various types of posts are vacant and for the smooth conduct of official activities, sometimes manpower is recruited for the post of Data Entry Operator, as well as for more advanced posts or posts according to different grades. Since there is an opportunity to build a career here, you must check the published employment circular and if you get a job according to the government salary structure and benefits, then you can build your career properly from here. Therefore, if you see the job offers that come from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited or the job circulars that are published, you will understand which district candidates can apply.

Moreover, after knowing how many manpower will be recruited here, we must complete the application within the specified date and we will apply subject to the age limit given here as well as fulfilling the qualifications required in the academy. In this way, we can easily check the various types of job offers published by Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited and if you want, you can visit the official website and see the various types of notifications that are constantly updated. If you go to the site called BTCL Gov BD, you can easily collect such job circulars from Career Options.

BTCL Online Application Form

When any kind of notification is published from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited then you must apply there and this post today is specially made for those who have visited to know the application process. Mainly, the first title provided on our website is the website link to apply and if any manpower has been recruited from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited, the application has to be completed using that link. So when the manpower is appointed for various positions, we need to know the process of applying and if we know where to complete the application by providing what information, it will be easy for us to apply.

If we can apply for the notification that will be published from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited, then we must fulfill the conditions imposed there in addition to the educational qualification. Moreover, if we can easily understand all the information that is provided about the computer scale and if the speed of typing matches our speed, then we can easily get hired here on the basis of participating in the test. Definitely check the exam date and apply accordingly.

The detailed steps of applying will be explained to you through this post and to know what rules you have to apply in recent times, when you see the recruitment notification, you can apply by visiting the official website using the above link, as well as by searching by typing career btcl That link will appear in front. However, after entering the website, besides looking at the recruitment circular, you have to click on the option of Apply Online and complete the application within the date given here.

BTCL Application Form Download

Actually to make a career in BTCL at present you must apply online and in this case you have to fill the online application form before downloading the application form. So by visiting the website you can view the recruitment circular to see which post you want to apply for or select the correct post name from there and click on the next option. If you are not an All Jobs Premier member then you must select the No option there and you will be provided with a form to provide the information in the next step.

Here applicant’s name should be written in English and father’s name and mother’s name should be given in Bengali and English both. If the applicant is an officer of Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited then the departmental status option should be selected. After providing correct date of birth you have to select nationality and select which religion you follow. Then after selecting your gender you have to provide National ID card number and birth registration number even if you don’t have National ID card. If there is a passport then provide its number and go down and inform the correct information about your marital status.

Provide a mobile number for contact and you have to provide the mobile number once again so that it is not wrong and the authority can contact you with that number or inform about the exam through SMS. Then you have to provide the email address and provide it again. If you have any kind of quota while applying then mention it. Now you have to provide your address and in providing address information if the current address and permanent address are same then provide an address and tick the next blank box so that The information passes there.

Now you have to provide the educational qualification details and select exam name and roll number within providing your SSC and HSC exam details. In addition to providing the department from which you have passed, under which education board you have taken the exam and the results you have obtained as a result. Similarly, you will record the details of graduation or completion of master’s degree on the website and in each case the name of the specific subject and side year and result should be mentioned.

BTCL GPON Online Application

Generally in case of application for all the posts the above mentioned information has to be provided and if work experience is required for any particular post then you must go to the experience option and provide the correct information there. In that case you have to provide where you were working and how long ago you left from there and also mention your address information and duration of work. After that, you have to give the security code that is given to you and after scanning it, if your photo and signature are asked, you must provide it and submit your application form accordingly.

Once your application form is submitted you will be provided user ID and you have to pay application fee in prepaid system by sending SMS to 16222 number using that specific user ID and thus your application can be completed. Pay the application fee and wait and if the notice is published then must download the admit card and appear at the examination center on the specified day and complete the examination. You must follow the correct rules in getting every information update about the exam and download the admit card to know the exam center on the particular day.

BTCL Admit Card Download

When you will take the exam according to any recruitment notification from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited, you must check the user ID and password provided in the applicant copy and visit the website accordingly. Click on the post for which you have applied and if the admit card is released then you will be asked for user id and password. After login with user id and password you will be shown that application and will be informed where your exam center is selected by providing admit card. If someone lost the applicant copy or user id and password then they can be retrieved and applied by using the mobile number.

BTCL Internet Connection Apply

If you want to get Internet connection from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited and you want to complete the necessary tasks online regularly by accepting the internet connection provided by them at a low price, then you have to apply for the service there. You are being told the exact rules to apply or if you want to follow all the details to apply, please let us know in the comment box. Then I will tell you how to get internet connection from them and if you apply accordingly you can get all kinds of services from there. Thanks for reading the detailed information.