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Apart from being the official air traffic control authority, the most important responsibilities at present are the civil air traffic control authorities. Many people within the country are undergoing training to operate aircraft or to serve as pilots. Moreover, the private companies that operate flights within the country have been providing air services from different places to different places. So if you want to know about them or if you want to know any information about them then I will ask you to visit the official website of Cab Gov BD mentioned above.

With all the facilities provided by the Civil Aviation Authority, we can travel from one end of the country to another or from one divisional city to another divisional city within minutes. Although the cost of traveling through Civil Aviation Authority is very high, it makes our travel much easier than other modes of transport. If you need to go from Rajshahi to Dhaka or from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar on an urgent basis then you can pay fixed fare.

When the air traffic control authorities are performing their duties properly, we ourselves are able to take this service and play an easy role in our daily life in traveling from one place to another. At present, there is an opportunity to hire helicopters at the civil level or at the private level within the country. If you want to travel by helicopter, you can travel by renting it and in this case also you have to pay a certain amount of money.

Therefore, in addition to the helicopter facilities, the aviation authorities at the civil level have been constantly performing their responsibilities to ensure that no problems are created inside the country or that they are protected from external enemy attacks. Especially if any country in the world attacks our Bangladesh by air then the Civil Aviation Authority will perform the duty accordingly and they have been given special training to protect our country.

So if you want to know any information through the civil aviation authority or if you want to know whether they have received any official update in this regard, then I will ask you to visit there directly and check it. Because through the official website every information is known correctly and based on that information we can keep ourselves updated in our daily life. Moreover, in order to conduct the official activities properly, when the authorities think it is necessary to appoint manpower to the vacant posts, they publish the recruitment circular accordingly. And those who match the physical qualifications and educational qualifications, they get the opportunity to participate in the examination later by applying.

An employee gets all kinds of government benefits by being appointed through a private aviation authority. So if you want to avail this facility and want to work in this category then your background should be made in such a way that you will be hired here. Also you must prepare to appear in the exam and science department students will get the opportunity to apply here.

So if we want to know any information or to know any update about Civil Aviation Authority then we can get them directly using above mentioned link using notice board or any other section. If you do not understand anything about this, you can ask questions in the comment box of our website and we will explain them to you in the light of our experience. thank you