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At present we use the Office of the Chief Accounts and Finance Officer Pension and Fund Management website as we get the important information about GPF very easily through the website. Since this is a GPF related website, you can easily complete important tasks by entering here. So all the people who are working in government jobs can easily visit this website to know about each and every information through the office of Comptroller and Auditor General to get various GPF benefits. Since many people in this country are currently providing their services through the government, it is possible to verify their future assurance and the rules of checking their balance starting from the GPF facility by visiting the website.

Details Info About

  • is the official website of the Central Accounts and Financial Planning Office (CAFPO) of Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information about the financial management and planning of various government entities in Bangladesh.
  • It offers access to various financial reports, circulars, guidelines, and policies related to government accounting and financial management.
  • The website also has a section for news and events related to financial management and planning in Bangladesh.
  • Visitors can find contact information for CAFPO and its various departments on the website.
  • The website provides a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and a search option to find relevant information.

So when you visit the official website of fund management and want to know the information about GPF very easily, then we will help you with the correct information in this regard. Generally, the daily life of government employees from monthly salary and various other benefits to Provident Fund matters are looked after by the Controller General of Accounts i.e. CGA. And you visit this website to get such services and input various types of information and based on that information you are provided with the content accordingly. Since the creation of this official website on August 13, 2018, all administrative activities are being managed very well.

Currently, the significant aspect of this website or this organization is that they easily provide various services to all government employees and perform important fund management tasks. This authority works to ensure that all the members get payment in a very easy and timely manner and every information update can be collected from the website as the work is done very quickly through the website. So currently the authorities are doing all the work to use it properly so that the payment systems of every people’s pension are easily centralized. Moreover, the funds that are created through the management system are being done well so that the funds can be centralized and distributed to everyone. 2023

The importance of this official website is immense as it helps the stakeholders by providing them with the necessary information at all times. By trying to improve the service matters very quickly, a person can easily get the cost of his pension as well as get all the benefits from here. So by visiting the official website you will easily get various notices from here which notices will help you with information related to GPF or other matters. So you can visit this official website to get different types of notifications and benefit yourself by checking important notifications from here.

As government employees and with the slogan Digital Bangladesh in front of them, all pensioners have to go to the bank to withdraw their pension, so before going to the bank, they have to follow various steps related to official activities. Therefore, if you do these tasks online, just as the information is deposited in the pension and management fund in the finance officer’s office, you can easily perform various important tasks based on this information. So, to get the help of important information related to pension, you should visit this official website and keep yourself updated about the various types of notices provided here regularly.

GPF Balance Check BD

If you want to know the important information regarding GPF fund check, then through today’s post we will tell you this information as well as we will try to tell you step by step through this question how to check the balance. If a government employee wants to get GPF benefit then he must pass two years as eligibility or open GPF account compulsorily after two years. But if someone expresses their interest in advance and wants to open the fund before 2 years to get GPF benefit then that person can definitely open it.

But here is an important point that if you want to get GPF benefit as a government employee then you need to provide a nominee information to open the fund there. In that case, if the person is unmarried, he can nominate his parents or siblings and if he is married, he can nominate any family member of his choice and join his details with that tahweed. If a person wants to open this GPF fund then he can deposit a maximum of 25% of his basic salary as in the case of GPF benefits and keep a minimum of 5% as part of the basic salary.

How to GPF Balance Check on Mobile

You may have come to know important information about gpf or check gpf through online account opening information here. However, in this method, if we can tell you all the information and what kind of benefits are there in this GPF, then you can get the correct information and act accordingly. The issue of nominee is very important especially when you want to take advantage of any GPF. In this case the nominee can be changed and if the person is married then the benefit of the nominee will normally be available in the name of the wife.

If you want to take GPF benefit in the case of the amount of interest paid in the case of various types of DPS related information, then you can add 13% interest rate to your own account of the amount of money deposited in your own account. Now if you want to make an advance in respect of this GPF then there will be a maximum of four advances and if you complete 52 years then there will be no restriction on the advance. So if you want to know the latest information about GPF through this official website and want to be updated about every information, then by visiting the website, first of all, if you want to see the information in English, you can see it in English or you can see the information in Bengali. Bangla

It is best to know the correct information about the GPF balance inquiry first and accordingly you can play your conscious role in opening a GPF account. By visiting the official website, you can know the important information related to GPF, as well as the various types of information related to pension are being provided here at present. So, from family pension to wife’s pension and the correct information about who will get lifetime pension, go to the menu of this website and go to the inquiry option.

Because if you go to that option, you can easily answer the questions that people usually ask, and step by step you can inform yourself about it by knowing the answer to each question. Therefore, in the case of receiving pension, you can check the specifics of when this pension is started in general or family and based on which source this information is recorded on the website. Just as a minimum rate of GPF or pension benefit will be paid to an employee after five years, a loan statement will also inform you how much money you can withdraw from it in terms of medical allowance on completion of 65 years.

GPF Fund Balance Check 2023

We will try to provide all the information through this post to those who want to know about GPF account balance check online. To check this balance, first of all you have to go to personal GPF information option. After going there you need to login with your NID card number and provide the phone number you used to open the account there. Then you have to select your fiscal year there and after selecting that fiscal year you can easily check your GPS information or balance from the detailed profile that will appear in front of you.

That is, as the information of the current year will be shown there, the details of all the GPSs submitted in the past will come out and you will be able to know the total amount from there. In this way you can check the information or balance of GPF and you must go to the next page to check as there is an opportunity to check this through the website. It is convenient to know this information through today’s post because you can use this information in any future work and check the balance of GPF accordingly. As all these information are very useful in our daily life, we can follow these rules and complete the tasks based on that.

Online GPF Statement Bangladesh

As you have asked to know the GPF information system above, we have tried to inform you that information and now based on this information we will inform you in detail about your GPF related details. By knowing the detailed description you will easily go to the GPF Information System option and in this case use the website link provided in the title of our website. Because when you go there, by clicking on your GPF information option, it will be possible to verify all other information starting from checking the balance.

So to check GPA information NID card number, phone number and financial year should be mentioned there. An OTP code message will be sent to the mobile number you have used above. You have to collect the message of this code and click on the submit button after uploading it to the website. As a result, by clicking on this option, you will be taken to the next page very easily and the subscriber’s name and account number will be shown there for the financial year you have specified. As well as other information will be shown there, you will easily get a detailed schedule from here.

That is, by visiting this GPF information system, you will be shown a detailed list from the NID card number to the account information of a person. In this case, you can see how much money is in your GPF fund in the option called subscription and when you go to the closing balance, you can collect the detailed and accurate information from the total amount that will be shown. So by clicking on the GPF information system, we can check different types of balance, so for those who wanted to know the correct rules for balance inquiry, I tried to inform them through today’s post and on the basis of this information.

ibas++ gpf Statement

For those who wanted to know detailed information about GPF statement through Ibus++, we have provided detailed information about it above. Still, when you want to know some information about this, if we can inform you by discussing that information, then you may be able to benefit a lot. So if we discuss you about this official website then that discussion might play a very important role for you in GPF or Pension so you can keep yourself updated every thing. Therefore, we have given the detailed information related to the pension council information on this official website in today’s post.

This official website helps you with various types of information to get pension related services. As this official website contains pension and GPF and other information and has provided their contact numbers, we can contact there to address various important tasks and fulfill all the facilities available to every government employee. So you can use this official website regarding GPF. As we have given you this information, you will open GPF or pension account within a certain period of time as a government job and deposit various types of funds in your personal fund at 13% interest. সিএএফও/পেনশন ও ফান্ড ম্যানেজমেন্ট

You may have got an idea about the official website by looking at the above title and understood what kind of activities are conducted on this website. Officially, when a man is devoting his life to government service, various facilities have been in place in the past and will continue to be in place with regard to provident funds for the purpose of providing happiness and security to the future generations of his life. So when you, as a government employee, ask various questions related to GPF, we help you with various notices published by the authorities, as we inform you about them.

Since every information of the present time is dependent on online and various official works starting from application through online to knowing every information, we must use them as there are advantages of using websites. Every person should be updated about every information by using this slogan Digital Bangladesh.

So through today’s post we have been able to inform you about the important information about GPF, so you can learn a lot of information about GPF and pension from here and accordingly you can solve various problems in your daily life. Moreover, by doing these tasks through the official website, instead of running around to different offices, you can save your valuable time and solve every problem at home.