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If you want to apply for various posts in Community Based Health Care, you can apply under the line director’s office. In this regard, we have come to know that people will be appointed to various posts and are going to present the detailed rules of that application to you. If you want to get employment through Community Based Healthcare then first of all you are advised to read the recruitment notification. Because only if you can read the details of the recruitment notification, you can understand from what date to what date you can apply or where to go and how to follow the rules in applying.

At present, you have the opportunity to apply through Teletalk SIM Prepaid to apply for the recruitment circular of any type of government or various organizations run under the government, so the website mentioned above is provided to you. So when you get this kind of recruitment notification then you can go to the application page by directly clicking on that link by visiting our website besides looking at the link mentioned in the recruitment notification to apply.

It is very convenient for you to fill the information as you have to follow the same format or the same application form in general for any type of government or private category job application. So when you apply according to the recruitment circular of Community Based Health Care then you have to click on the option to apply using the link mentioned above. After that, you have to go to the option to apply based on ticking the blank box on the left side according to the position names that will be mentioned in front of you.

After that the application form you get to apply is a very important form and you can apply based on filling your details here. In place of the applicant’s personal information, all information from his own name and parents’ names to email address, blood group, religion, marital status will have to be provided. That is, here you have to mention the complete resume step by step on the basis of following simple rules or through options.

However, they should not be omitted as the details of each room marked with a red star are mandatory in applying. However, there is no problem in not providing the information as the rooms that do not have the red Easter symbol are optional. So to fill each information step by step you should keep the NID card and educational qualification certificates with you to collect correct information.

Especially when applying, the roll number of the exam or the registration number starting from the education board is very useful. Also after filling the personal information space you must mention the permanent address and current address while providing the address information. If the two addresses are the same, then by ticking the blank box above, the information will automatically move to the next box. How you can easily go to the next page after applying and upload the image and signature in the resolution and format that is asked to be uploaded.

After submitting the application, you will be notified about the payment details by providing the user ID. You have to know the application fee and pay it through Teletalk SIM recharge by following the correct rules. Next time when the authority announces your exam date, you will get an idea about the exam center by knowing it or by downloading the admit card after knowing it through SMS. And participate in the exam according to the preparation.