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Different types of products are constantly being imported within the country and different types of products are being exported due to surplus. Therefore, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government has been performing these duties through the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports or through them every issue is being completed properly. So the address of the website mentioned above is the address of the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports. By entering here, one can get to know about their activities as well as know various information and also know whether they publish any kind of notices to inform those who are involved in this work.

Apart from the fact that the government works are currently being conducted offline, they are being made known to the general public through its notice through the official website or by following any other means. So when you work in a government office, it is better to visit the official website to know the information related to whether the official activities are being conducted properly or the updates of the responsibilities that have been undertaken.

There are many traders in our country or there are many companies who import various products from outside the country and sell them inside the country. However, this authority fulfills those responsibilities for any company that can bring various types of products and sell them within this country freely or without paying tax. That is, you will not get the opportunity to do business and trade freely within the country without doing any kind of tax council by tax evasion or in the government accounts.

So if we want to import any product, we must get customs permission and in this case the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports will fulfill your responsibility. Apart from keeping accounts of every issue, they also perform important responsibilities in various fields and we help them by resorting to them. accept So those who came to know about the official website by visiting this post or wanted to know what can be done by entering this official website are roughly informed.

When some products of our country are in excess then those products are sent out of the country besides meeting the demand of the country. Therefore, when a product needs to be exported, this authority is responsible for making sure that it goes through government channels or goes through certain processes following certain rules. So, based on the discussion here, you have understood them and we have explained your responsibility, so you can understand and know many things directly by visiting here.

Goods worth crores of rupees are being brought in and out of the country on a regular basis and due to this the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports is doing every job by fulfilling the responsibilities. So as a conscious citizen or to comply with the government restrictions we must follow the rules that the authorities have introduced for us to import products. By complying with the reason, we will be able to perform our duties properly as a conscious citizen of the country and as a fair citizen.

And besides knowing some information about this website from here, if you think what other activities are conducted on the website, then visit the official website and try to know them. Moreover, if any recruitment circular is published in the office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports, you can check it and apply from there. thank you