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If you need to visit the Comptroller General’s office and need to collect various information from there, then visit the above mentioned link. Because CGA Govt BD is an official website and this official website run by the government presents various information in front of us. When we need to know any information or when we are interested in knowing about something, it is definitely better to visit the official website directly. Because private website provides us more accurate information than official website and through the notice board there we can know up to date information.

For those who do not know about the operations of the office of the Comptroller General, we will try to explain it here. From determining the budget of our country, how much money is being spent in which sector or whether all the budgets provided by the government official sector are properly allocated as well as being implemented is the work of the Comptroller’s Office. Every year in our country, the budget is decided in the month of June and July and we can know how much money will be allocated in which sector will improve there.

Moreover, how much money has been received from all the sectors from which the government has the opportunity to earn income from all the sectors of our country and by calculating the expenditure rate accordingly, it can be understood how the budget of this country is being managed. Due to the undertaking of big projects, there are activities of thousands of crores of rupees, so we have to take loans from the foreign sector for extra money.

Therefore, when the authorities take up any work, all kinds of arrangements are made in advance so that no work is delayed. So when you as a citizen visit the office of the Comptroller General, you will get a rough idea about their activities. As a citizen, if you know about the activities here, you will understand how the budget of our country or the spending in various sectors actually comes and how it is spent.

The office of Comptroller General is appointed every year subject to vacancies. Those who are appointed especially in the posts of junior auditors and auditors audit the information about the expenses of different places or different government offices. And through this audit, various issues come up and through these issues, every issue is presented perfectly to the government. is possible In addition to paying the salary of each employee in these government offices, the construction of the office or all the incidental expenses of the office are also highlighted here.

Since every expenditure is coming from the public sector, it is not possible to keep accurate account of every expenditure unless accurate information is presented about every expenditure. So, everyone in every sector is doing proper responsibilities to run the official activities smoothly and they are being updated to everyone through the website. So, as a citizen, if you get the recruitment notification here on your own responsibility and want to apply according to your eligibility, then you can apply.

Because only after applying you will be called for the exam and you must give good exam to be placed in your merit list. If you get the opportunity to work in the office of the Comptroller General, you will get the opportunity to perform various important duties of the country. Visit the official website to collect the list of their official activities from the notice board and get detailed information about them and their objectives.