cga teletalk com bd Admit Card 2023 হিসাব মহানিয়ন্ত্রকের কার্যালয়

The website which is generally used to apply for cga online jobs is provided here for you and you can apply for the specific post according to the various circulars published by clicking the link of this website. With the benefit of information and communication technology, any kind of application can be sent to the head office in Dhaka at home and their software is always open to receive these applications. Generally, an applicant must apply within the time limit set for applying on such portals and apply by providing all the rules or information required for applying.

What is CGA Bangladesh

  • CGA stands for Controller General of Accounts.
  • It is a government agency in Bangladesh responsible for managing the government’s financial transactions and accounts.
  • CGA is under the Ministry of Finance and operates as an autonomous organization.
  • The agency maintains and publishes the government’s financial statements and reports on a regular basis.
  • CGA also provides accounting and financial management services to other government agencies and departments.
  • The agency has a central office in Dhaka and regional offices in major cities across Bangladesh.
  • CGA plays a crucial role in promoting transparency and accountability in the government’s financial management system.
  • The agency has implemented various initiatives to modernize and streamline its operations, including the use of information technology and automation in financial transactions.
  • CGA also works to promote good governance and fiscal discipline in the public sector through its training and capacity-building programs.
  • The agency has received several awards and recognitions for its contributions to improving the government’s financial management practices.

From the overall income and expenditure budget of the country managed through the Ministry of Finance, the expenditure that is spent in various areas or from the determination of the financial policy, from the adoption of these measures to the fair distribution, it is managed through the office of the Comptroller General of Accounts.

Therefore, if any employment circular has been published from the office of the Comptroller General of Accounts managed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, then you eligible candidates will apply according to that employment circular. By using this link of Teletalk, you can follow the steps to apply for specific posts according to the various circulars published by the office of the Controller General of Accounts as you can now apply through mobile phone at home. Notice

The office of the Comptroller General plays a very important role in the financial system of the country as various financial matters of the country are managed through the office of the Comptroller General. So when various types of official orders are published starting from job notification, you must visit the official website by using the above mentioned link or title and you can collect the notice by going to the notice option there. We wish to provide you with various types of notice related information or inform you which portals to visit to collect various types of notices.

Moreover, from various types of official orders to various facilities for officials, the information that the authorities want to disclose is recorded on the website in addition to the official orders. So by going to the notice section of this website, you will get every information update and if any type of recruitment notification has been published, you will also be informed or different types of exam related notices can be collected from here. After taking the exam if the result is published then the result can also be collected from the notice board in the form of PDF file. You can easily get the cga information by going to the notice section online.

CGA Exam Notice 2023

Many eligible candidates from all over the country are currently submitting their applications through online if any type of examination has been accepted from the office of the Comptroller General or if the application form has been called for the examination. So the authorities publish this exam admission notice as per their convenience and after determining the exam center.

Usually in our country government jobs exams are held on Fridays and centers are fixed in various schools and colleges in the heart of Dhaka city. So after receiving the application and depending on the application of the candidates the exam is conducted on the specific day and when the candidates want to know about the exam date we must visit the official website of the office of the Comptroller General.

When you submit your application through online, the authorities will feel the urge to conduct their examination and conduct the examination depending on the vacancy. So for those of you who want to know about the exam notice or when the exam will start, the authorities will definitely inform you when the exam date is released and you will know the exact information about when the exam will be held for which post. Moreover, through this post, those of you who provide the information for taking the exam according to the recruitment circular published by the office of the Comptroller General, will definitely inform you.

http// Circular 2023

If any recruitment circular is released from the office of Comptroller General, we will upload it here. If any recruitment circular is published in 2023, we will collect them and introduce a system to inform you so that you can know from the comfort of your home that this recruitment circular has been published. However, the first thing you need to do is to collect any recruitment notification and know the application deadline as well as what kind of qualifications are required to apply for the said post.

It will be better for you when you can apply according to the merit and apply for the exam by considering the posts which ask for computer skills or mention typing words per minute. As we are providing you the correct information about this so after checking the application deadline you must fill it within the specified time or else you will not be able to apply later due to server problem. If you can apply early in the application process then there will be no problem with payment and you won’t have to ask the application questions that you usually ask in various public groups.

CGA Job Circular

If there are any job circulars published by the office of the Comptroller General, we provide them to you and will provide them through this query. Manpower is employed at various posts from time to time to conduct various types of accounting related to finance in the field and to officially record each database. So when you want to get this job circular then you must be informed which circular is being published in 2023 and you can follow the below mentioned rules to apply for the specific post.

Generally, third class to fourth class and all other classes of manpower are employed here. As we are constantly providing information to you through online, if any kind of job circular is published from CGA, they must be provided. After going through the job circular we will ask you to download it and pay the mentioned application fee through teletalk sim prepaid along with the above mentioned payment link to apply. However, in the case of applying, what information must be provided in any room or generally what information is required for such an application is given below. Apply Online

Apply by visiting the website from the date on which the application will be announced as soon as the recruitment circular is published from the office of the Controller General of Accounts. So besides writing CGA where the word teletalk will be mentioned is the official website of the application and as soon as you enter here, when you click on the apply now option, a blank space will appear for which post you are applying for. As the information of the posts mentioned in the circular will be given there, you must tick to apply for your desired post and while going to the next step, if you are a premium member, you will be asked to select it.

Generally, many of us who want to apply for government jobs have to select no because they are not premium members. Then on the next page a blank application form will appear in front of us and we have to provide each and every information carefully. First of all the applicant should provide the name of the candidate starting from his father and mother’s name in English and in case of providing any type of name every letter should be provided in capital letters. Then provide the applicant’s nationality, religion, gender, blood group, marital status and other factors to be followed.

After that, the contact number of the applicant has to be provided and along with the mobile number, if available, the email address can also be provided. In the personal contact information of the applicant, you have to select whether you want to provide NID card information or birth registration information and input the correct information there. Moreover, if the candidate has any kind of physical disability then it must be mentioned there and if you cannot show that certificate in case of final recruitment then your job will be cancelled. Therefore, every information must be provided properly so that there is no mistake and there is no problem in getting the job.

Thus, when you can input these data, I will tell you to provide some more information and you must fill these data according to the rules. Especially if your permanent address and current address are same then you have to provide correct information right from category selection to village name. Then the educational qualification information of the applicant will be asked and in this case you can provide the latest qualification if you want and you can provide the correct information as per the conditions imposed according to the applicant’s qualification.

After that you have to upload the stump size photo or specific resolution photo of the candidate on the website and upload the signature. If the website wants such a picture in JPG format, then you have to upload it in that format and if you want another format, you have to convert it. Since every information of the candidate is correct, submit the application form and after submission, you will have to pay the specified amount of application fee through Teletalk SIM Prepaid according to the user ID and password that will be provided to you. After completing the application in this way, you can download your application copy from online and continue preparing till the exam notice is published. Applicant Copy

When you apply according to the notice given by the authorities or according to the recruitment circular, you will be given the opportunity to download the applicant copy along with the application. If the applicant copy applies, the correct direction to pay the specified amount of application fee will be provided there as well as the user ID and password will be mentioned there, later you will be able to download your admit card. Therefore, after each application is completed, when the applicant copy is provided in the form of a PDF file, download it or later visit the website and go to this option to download the applicant, you can import the correct information and download it. Admit Card 2023

In any type of public examination or competitive examination, a candidate shall appear with his admit card along with his photograph and attend the examination center mentioned in the admit card. So I want to provide you the correct information about downloading the admit card so that how to download the admit card of any type of government job after application or based on which information to download.

To download the admit card through online you need to know whether the exam date is published and after the exam date is published the option to download the admit card is provided. User ID and password must be provided to download the admit card by visiting the website and selecting the specific post. Apart from collecting the user ID or password mentioned in the applicant copy, you will get it by checking the mobile phone SMS or when the admit card is released, the authorities will give you the right direction to download it through SMS. Result

If ever recruitment circular is published from the office of Comptroller General and all the activities from preliminary examination to viva examination are completed then it will publish the result. Even if you are not able to know this result by visiting the official website of applying, visit the official website of CGA Govt BD. Then the opportunity to download the admit card will be provided from there and if you want to know the result along with the admit card then the result will be informed.

Generally, any kind of result of the recruitment circular is published through roll number, so the roll number of the candidates who passed the next examination or finally appointed will be mentioned. The above points will indicate the following results are the roll number of the candidates for the specific post and if you find your roll number then you can participate in the next examination or in case of final recruitment contact the head office and fulfill the conditions imposed for recruitment. .

CGA Junior Auditor Circular and Exam

Lakhs of candidates apply from all over the country when a huge recruitment notification for Junior Auditor is published by the office of Comptroller General of Accounts. As an unemployed youth or as a candidate applying for the office of Comptroller General, you will be informed about the detailed information regarding the examination besides going through the circular.

As a government job here one can apply according to the qualification of intermediate and many candidates get the opportunity to apply for the 16th grade jobs. So, through today’s post, when you can easily know whether the examination for the post of Junior Auditor has been accepted or the application is being invited for any post according to the recruitment circular, then you must see all the notices provided. thank you