bd Department of Cooperatives

It will be discussed here today for those of you who have applied in the Directorate of Cooperatives after the publication of the recruitment circular and want to confirm the same after making the payment. Because even if you have completed this payment through Teletalk SIM Prepaid or through Recharge, you have not received the SMS on the phone or you have not been confirmed about it. So after applying to Cooperative Directorate, you can easily check your payment status from the same website. Because your application will be completed only after the payment is made and if it is not completed in any way then the application will not be accepted.

As every government job is very important or everyone expresses interest to work in the same pay structure so any kind of mistake in the application will lead to a lot of trouble in the final placement. And in this case, if someone cannot do the payment related tasks properly or if the payment has not been done, then your application will not be accepted. Non-payment means your application is not made and you will not be allowed to appear in the exam due to non-payment.

Normally you are informed about the rules for downloading the applicant copy while submitting the application form. After downloading the applicant copy very nicely or from there you collect the user ID and pay the prescribed amount of application fee through teletalk SIM recharge. But if for some reason the application fee is not paid or you go to wrong user ID or if it is not completed for some reason then SMS will not come on your phone.

Many times even after the payment is made correctly, it is found that you are not informed due to server problem or SMS receiving problem on your phone. Since an unemployed person applies with a lot of money, you should check these things through SMS so that the application money is not wasted. But the easiest thing is to check the payment status by visiting the website and it will be presented to you.

So those who have applied and paid according to the recruitment circular published by Directorate of Cooperatives, use the link mentioned above to check the current status of application or payment status. You can directly go to the payment status check page only if you use the above mentioned link. From there you have to search by providing user ID to check the issue of payment.

If you have followed the correct rules and made the payment to the correct user ID, then the status will be shown on the website even if you do not receive an SMS on your phone. That means your payment has been completed properly and the application has been accepted by the authorities. Based on this, it is understood that later when the authorities announce the exam date, they will ask you to download the admit card using the user ID and password through SMS.

And if you can’t check the payment status on the website or even after checking you realize that your money has not been paid, then you have to understand that the money has gone to the wrong user ID. In this case there is no money recovery system in place that you can withdraw that money. Follow the correct rules and complete the payment based on the demo shown there.And you can be sure that you will be notified by SMS on your contact number only if you complete the payment. If there is a problem for any reason, you can directly contact the helpline number that you will get on the official website regarding the application and solve this problem.