Crvs institute banbeis gov bd

Online databases are currently being collected to update the profile of primary students or to carry out various important tasks. So if you know about the official website of CRVS through the Department of Primary Education then you can update the information of the students on the basis of login very easily based on the information there. And we know that these tasks will be done by the assistant teacher or head teacher of an educational institution.

So for those who update the information and inform about various topics in the field of scholarship, here we will tell you how to do these things. Those of you who are working in primary education institutions or as head teachers must fulfill this responsibility. As we have presented these things here for you, we believe that it will play a beneficial role for many. Those who do not understand anything based on the information discussed here can let us know in the comment section where you are facing the problem.

First, the website you need to visit to participate in this login system or to update the information here is given in the title of our website. However, instead of this title, if you want to search crvs DPE Gov BD, you will get the official website very easily. Then you have to go there and login first. You must be correct in logging in and there will be no problem if you log in according to the rules that we are informing you about here. Each organization’s email address or mobile number is used for login and the password provided when you created an account here.

If you can login in this way, the detailed information of the students of an educational institution will come before you. If you can go to that home page, you will see that the percentage of gender neutral students is published there. Besides, you can see the list of students entered according to the category there.

If you want to know about more options then you can follow your requirements as there are class wise UID getting and other more things mentioned there. Then you will find the three dot menu from the website and it will not be too difficult to find that it is provided in blue color.

If you click here, you will get the detailed information of the educational institution starting from the dashboard. Even if you have come here for data entry, besides doing that, if you want to know anything related to stipend or report, then you can also know. Since you are here to register student information and update student profile, you must go to student management option. Because I think you can follow the necessary steps to register the student from there.

In current year you must click on that option to register your students and your desired page will come. Students who are newly admitted students can use this option to upload their details on the website and there is an option to register the details. If you want to do any work related to stipend or want to know any information about stipend then here you will get the list

of migrated students regarding stipend. And here when you use this option then of course we will ask you to go to unverified students list option and go there your required work will be done. When you use this option, the list of every student of your school will appear here as soon as you go to the next page.

I think you can do what you need from that list. Here you can see the list of students according to the number of students you want to see on the first page and in this case there is an opportunity to show the list of 10 to 100 students on one page so you can select specific options. In this case, you have to do everything based on your personal opinion, so we are giving you directions to use each option correctly. Since you have gone here to enter the data of the individual students or to update the information, first select which students you want to update the information of the list in front of you.

As soon as you select it, you will see the word entry written on the right side and on clicking on it, the student’s profile will appear there. Here to enter the student information, mention the class they are studying and how many roll marks a student has in that class. Apart from mentioning the branch of the student, the roll number must be mentioned and the version of the student must be given. If any kind of information needs to be updated or corrected somewhere, then you are given the option to update or collect information there.

Since you want to update the information, if you click on the search option on the right hand side, it will automatically update the student’s roll number, their father’s name and the student’s own name. Besides, there are several information updates to be done and the academic year information should be updated by you first. Then if the student is a Cub or Scout member then select Yes option. And if not then you can choose any other option later.

Moreover, if the student is a member of minority group in Bangladesh, he will get the necessary facilities by selecting it. Next you have to mention if the student has any disability issues. Finally the blood group of the student should be pre-selected and once the blood group of the student is selected there will be no problem in placement.

It is necessary to mention the place of birth and religion of the student and in this case you must complete the tasks seriously. Now you have to upload the student’s photo and by selecting the choose file option you can easily upload the photos in your gallery step by step according to the specific student’s name.

Then when you select the next option, it appears that you are being asked for current address and permanent address information. Student’s department, district, upazila, union, ward number, village name, ward or mohalla name should be mentioned. Similarly you have to provide your permanent address details and after providing them proceed to the next option.

In this way, you can easily update the information of the students sitting at home or at the educational institution, and since we are informing you about these things, you can do the work on your own initiative in this regard. So you must update each student’s profile correctly for student scholarship work.