If you want to know about any issues related to application in third phase of Comprehensive Village Development Program then we will definitely try to inform you about those issues. As we are trying to present you the important points related to the application, you can follow the correct rules here in applying for government jobs. There are many among us who are currently studying and preparing themselves a lot to get government jobs. Apart from studying one should play proper role in preparing themselves and give correct information while applying.

In case of applying for any kind of government jobs, application fee is to be paid through Teletalk SIM Prepaid, so the opportunity to apply is provided here by using the name of that department and portal of Teletalk SIM. So when the recruitment notification of the Compassionship Village Development Program comes in front of you and if you want to apply in the third part, then I will ask you to use the above mentioned link to apply.

Because if you use that link, you can directly go to the application page and get the opportunity to apply from there. In government job applications you first have to fill the application form step by step after selecting the post name. The options marked with a red star are mandatory and the other options are optional, so you can do whatever you want.

Since government job is currently a security job name or because you get a chance to build your career through this job, many people think about the future and try to get a job by applying here. Although the salary structure of government jobs and the prevailing market prices are nothing compared to the current market, it is still a very important job for the unemployed today.

So when you apply for a government job, apart from applying, you have to prepare yourself for the competition who is trying to get the job after you. If you can’t place yourself in the merit list, you can’t do anything from here or you won’t get a job if you don’t get a place in the merit list. So if you don’t prepare well before joining the job and can’t answer the most correct questions then the job is uncertain.

However, those who want to apply by using the link mentioned above must first provide your personal information and contact address to NID card number. Fill the educational qualification and other qualifications asked for the post for which you want to apply step by step. If you have higher educational qualification as an application qualification then there will be no problem if you fulfill it.

After filling the information through online, you have to upload the photo and signature following certain rules. In this case, if you can resize the image and signature in advance, it will not take much time to upload. Following the correct rules you have to do the payment related tasks using the User ID which will be provided after you submit these details.

After submitting the application, you will be provided with the User ID that will be provided and you will be directed to follow the rules to make the payment. After the payment is completed, after the examination notice, you must download the admit card using the user ID and password and appear at the examination center for the examination. And if you have taken good preparation then the exam will definitely be good. thank you