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You can go there to know various information by using the above-mentioned link as recruitment circular Assistant Official is published through Directorate of Family Planning. In the present population situation of the country, if family planning does not fulfill its responsibilities properly and if we do not follow them, population explosion will happen. So the socio-economic and all the situation of a country has to be managed properly and population needs to be controlled and in this case family planning will give you the right information.

At the time of independence, the population of our country was a few crores, but at present it has become about 20 crores. This population has almost tripled within a few years, leading to many problems in our country, from food shortage to land. So as a conscious citizen of the country we can have one or two children considering the current times without having more children.

Moreover, proper planning is being done for having a child so that a pregnant mother does not put too much stress on her body or her health is not damaged during the delivery. At present there is a family planning office in every upazila health complex and from there you can get various services. can get If the population is not properly controlled within the country or if a family is having more than one child, then you can understand all the problems if you think about that family.

Especially when the population of a family increases, most of the families in our country will find it difficult to meet their basic needs due to being middle class. But depending on the income if one or two children remain then they can be properly nurtured and their basic needs met. In days gone by people played unconscious roles or mothers got pregnant day after day hoping for a boy only to have a baby. But as the present time has increased the awareness about family planning, we are able to know about each and every issue and can take proper measures accordingly.

Especially when you do any work through the family planning department or follow every decision of the family planning department and lead your daily life, you will see that the happiness and peace of your family has returned. The authorities are now discussing with us through information that the child that is born through the establishment of a sweet relationship between husband and wife should be followed during the production of the child or that a mother should be made to look at every aspect of the body.

So you will follow family planning and by following family planning you will hopefully be able to build a happy family if you follow the things that are being discussed now about proper child bearing and rearing. At present we will raise this awareness in everyone. Moreover, if any type of recruitment notification comes from the Family Planning Department, you can get its PDF file by using the above mentioned link.

By applying according to the recruitment circular, later you can participate in the examination and can work in the family planning department based on the merit list. So to know any kind of information related to Directorate of Family Planning in daily life visit the official website of DGFP and know the important information. Proper family planning can lead to a happy family and be inspired by what we see around us.