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In today’s post we will discuss the correct information about how you can apply according to the recruitment circular or how you can get the vacant position if any kind of recruitment circular has been published through the Hospital Service Management managed under the Directorate General of Health Services. Through the Department of Health, recruitment activities are conducted in various categories in various institutions across the country and through this all people across the country can ensure health services.

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  • dghs.teletalk.com.bd is the official website of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) in Bangladesh.
  • The website serves as an online platform for various health-related services and information provided by DGHS.
  • DGHS is responsible for the planning, implementation, and monitoring of health-related programs and policies in Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information on health-related news, notifications, and announcements by DGHS.
  • It provides an online registration system for various health-related exams and courses, such as the MBBS admission test, BDS admission test, and nursing admission test.
  • The website also allows users to apply for various health-related job vacancies released by DGHS.
  • Users can also access various health-related publications and reports released by DGHS on the website.
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Since the people of the country need to expand health care, if every person wants to come forward in this regard, then they have to complete their studies accordingly and apply within the specified time according to the circular provided by the authorities. So through this post we will give you detailed information about the application and if you want to participate in this recruitment circular published by the Hospital Service Management under the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh then apply by following the rules below.

Generally, according to the recruitment circular published by each department, we have to apply using the server of Teletalk Sim and the specific server of that department. As more or less every government circular has to apply following the same rules these are more or less known to us and if we can pre-resize the image and signature of the particular resolution then it will be seen that our application will be very convenient. In this case, if you want, you can apply through mobile phone at home by paying the application fee completely free of charge.

Currently there is a circular running from Hospital Service Management and according to this circular you can apply for officer and staff posts. To know detailed information about the detailed steps to apply and the rules you will follow to apply after entering the website, if you read today’s post to the end, you will be able to collect every information precisely. Usually due to our ignorance we often go to online service shops and make such applications and in this case both our time and money are wasted. So if you can apply at least one government circular then your experience will come and you can easily apply without any kind of online service charge.

www.dghs.gov.bd notice

As various upazila health complexes and various community clinics are being run across the country through the Directorate of Health managed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, we can take services from the poor level people. The Department of Health is constantly working to ensure that we, the people of the whole country, can be healthy, starting from the distribution of medicines completely free of cost in each upazila health complex and community clinic. Health department plays an important role for us and through health department we can ensure good health and keep ourselves free from various diseases.

If any kind of notice is published by the Department of Health and if it is given to the general public along with the official notice then you must follow it and act accordingly. In the same way, you can visit the official website of the Department of Health to get any updates related to the examination according to the recruitment notification. Through the Department of Health, you will be able to know about the services of various service departments at different times and be aware of the activities of their ministries.

We always provide you with these matters of the Department of Health and by visiting this official website you can learn about their history as well as how the organizational structures are managed and how each responsibility is being carried out properly. In this way, your office orders or various types of notifications or transfer information will be known there through notices. Moreover, you get the opportunity to give your personal opinion here as well as know the types of issues related to the annual performance contract. That is, you can easily collect various types of health related information here as well as know the updates of every information about conducting their official activities.

DGHSP Teletalk com bd

In order to carry out such large activities of the Department of Health, recruitment notices are issued from time to time for different office posts or different staff posts in different grades. You know the recruitment notification and do the work accordingly and when your recruitment notification is issued, you go there and apply using this official website. So if we want to inform you about the application then we will present the right things here so that you can do things accordingly and stay informed about the health and safety issues in your daily life accordingly.

Generally in government circular we participate in prepaid system through government SIM and pay application fee and use a certain official website to register the information. If the recruitment circular has been published in each ministry or department then according to that we need the application of that department to apply and by using the word teletalk we can understand that it is an official website to apply. So when you want to apply according to this information of the health department or according to the newly published notification, you must follow the correct rules and we will inform you in detail in case of correct follow-up.

dghs.teletalk.com.bd apply

However, without discussing the detailed information of the Health Department, we will now inform you how to publish a notification from there or how to apply if the notification is published. So you can understand by looking at the above title that there is a website address provided and since it is the applied website, you can directly use that link or visit the official website by typing that link. If you visit the home page of the website, you will be informed about various types of newly published circulars and how long this circular is valid or the last date you can apply for.

Moreover, we are informing you that you can save the information about which category can be applied here correctly. So according to their circular when you want to apply then click on the application form option below and click here to apply next to it. So when you click to apply, you will be asked to select a specific circular and from that circular you will be shown the names of different types of posts by selecting the circular you want to apply for and going to the next step. You have to select the path for which you want to apply and after selecting it click on the next option given below.

After that, in addition to mentioning the name of your position there, if you are a premium member of All Jobs, then you must click on the Yes option and if you are not a member, then click on the No option and click on the next option. Then the application form will be opened in front of you and from there you have to complete the application by properly providing all the information required to fill the application form. So let’s know in detail what information you need to apply for the post you want to apply for.

www.dghs.gov.bd Online Application

So when the application form comes in front of you, you must write the applicant’s name in English and where it is necessary to write in Bengali, you will be asked for information in Bengali. That is, here you write the name of the applicant in capital letters in English and the name of the applicant in Bengali beautifully as per the certificate after providing the name of the father and mother of the applicant. As the applicant’s name is provided in Bengali and English, the name of the applicant’s father and mother should be provided first in English and later in Bengali. An important point here is that every letter of the applicant’s name must be capitalized while providing the applicant’s information.

Then his date of birth should be mentioned and religion should be mentioned after giving Bangladeshi as nationality. That is, once it is mentioned which religion the applicant follows, the option to provide other information will appear in front of you and step by step you will provide other information from there. Especially if the applicant has two genders and his national identity card, then his national identity card number must be mentioned there. If you don’t have National Identity Card then you have to provide birth registration number and later if you have passport ID then also provide it.

After that the marital status of the applicant should be mentioned and if married then give married and if single give unmarried option. After providing the options in this way, the applicant has to provide an active mobile number and type that mobile number once more. The email address of the applicant must be provided there and if the applicant wants to pay any quota while applying then you must show those documents at the time of job confirmation. So if you don’t have any kind of quota then you must select no option and if the candidate is already employed in a certain position in that department then there is an option to provide that too.

Thus after providing these details the name of the guardian should be mentioned and in place of the guardian if the father is alive then the name of the father and if the father is dead then the name of the mother should be mentioned. If there is a brother in the absence of parents then that name can be mentioned there. Next you have to provide your current address information and mention your upazila and post office name starting from division. As each post office has a code number, you must provide that code number from there and if your current address and permanent address are the same, then by ticking the blank box, the information will be converted there.

And if the permanent address is different then you must provide it there step by step following the same rules. Then you have to provide your educational qualification information and select the exam you have passed and give the roll number of that exam. You have to mention the name of your education board and the result from which department you have passed. It will be best if you mention the GPA you have secured in the GPA 5 and in which year you have passed the SSC exam.

Following the same rule, you have to select HSC exam result there and explain the information correctly as there are options to select each information through option or to input by providing brief information. Then provide your graduation information and if you have Master’s degree then you can also provide it there. Then go down and if you have any job experience then definitely give it and in that case mention in which organization you are and in which position.

In this way, after providing each information correctly, provide it if you have other qualifications or experience and understand the security code shown below or refresh it if you don’t understand it. In this way, you must click the tick mark that the information provided above is correct in the blank space below and after clicking on the submit option, you have to go to the next page and upload the image and signature. In this case, you have to complete the application form by uploading the photo and signature according to the specified resolution and according to the specified format and pay the application fee as you are told to pay the application fee.

dghs.teletalk.com.bd admit card 2022

If the authorities have decided to take the exam after completing your application and many people who have applied with you have received the SMS then you will know that the exam date has been announced and you will download the admit card as per the application form on the specified date. You have to login to the website with your user ID and password which was given to you by the applicant copy while applying and select the specific post. That is, after selecting the post you applied for, you need to use the user id and password to download the admit card.

DGHS Admit Card 2023

There are many people who lost the user id and password or you delete the sms that comes after paying the application fee. There are also many who lose the applicant copy or it gets destroyed after a long time. In this case, there is a system to collect PIN number or password from there with mobile number or there is a system to collect user ID. By following the correct rules, you will download the admit card of the Department of Health Education and attend the examination on the specified day at the examination center that has been decided for you.

http://dghs.teletalk.com.bd result

If any type of examination is taken from the Department of Health Education it must publish the result and to publish the result you have to download it in the form of PDF file from the official website of the application. As you can download the result from the official website of the application, you can go to the notice board of the health department and download the PDF. If you need any kind of information about health department then comment in the comment box we can help you with that information.