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Although many tasks are done through the Ministry of Lands, the Directorate of Land Records and Surveys performs many important responsibilities. Because the records are revised from time to time depending on whose name the land is being sold and the land is being registered. So even after you take possession, if that record comes in the name of someone else, it will create a problem and others will also try to take possession of the land by force of the documents as per that record.

As various problems are being created in the present time, we have to always maintain an attitude of taunton in the land related works on our own responsibility. Because we know that if there is any problem related to the land, the previous owner or the heirs of the previous owner create various problems. If you want to buy land in a particular place, you need to know for sure whether the land is registered in the name of that person or not.

Many people can show you the title information and make you believe that the land is registered in his name and that he is the sole owner of the land. But at the time of land registration, if the records are in the name of another person and if the survey work is conducted by another authority, then it is normal to have mistakes. Therefore, we will visit the official website of the Department of Land Survey and Records as these activities are currently being conducted online. Because many types of information can be found there and by using that information we can complete many tasks of daily life.

At present, for any information related to land, we can visit the official website of the Ministry of Land to know what rules have been officially introduced. It will be very good for you when you know all these things thoroughly and you can complete every task on your own. Nowadays, if you want to buy land somewhere, try to show the documents of that person through your known lawyer or muhuri.

In this case, how many spot numbers are there on that land or how the previous deed numbers of that land are being transferred. In fact, all these activities of the Ministry of Lands cause trouble as every matter is presented in a simple way through YouTube and through the website. Although there is an option to register only by paying the official fee through the website, those who are in upazila-based land offices demand more money due to corruption.

Many times even after you submit every paper correctly they will reject the paper as incorrect and waste your application fee. Therefore, due to all these corruptions, the offices of the Ministry of Land are going to be in disrepute at present. So, in the case where it seems that money will be needed, even if you pay money, if you can complete all the work properly, then hopefully you will not have any problems related to land in the future.

Moreover, for those of you who want to know every information by visiting the official website of Land Records and Survey Department, we have provided the above link to visit the official website. If you go directly to the official website by using this link, you can see all the features that have been activated for you. Moreover, I will visit the official website of the Ministry of Land to stay updated on any matter related to land in daily life or to know any information related to land. If you need any information related to land record and survey or if you do not understand something, you can write your problem in the comment box.