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The youth in the country today must stay away from drugs if they want to lead their lives very well. In this regard, the Narcotics Control Directorate has been working since its establishment and has been performing various official duties starting from taking various steps to prevent the free movement of drugs within the country. Therefore, in order to prevent the flow of illegal drugs within the country through the Directorate of Narcotics Control, it is possible to take various effective measures, besides collecting the duty of legal drugs used in medicine and other industries, it is possible to do the import works.

When this Narcotics Office wants to ensure proper service within the country, it will publish recruitment circulars for official activities subject to availability of vacancies at various times. So if you want to apply according to the recruitment circular under Narcotics Control Department then you can apply by visiting the title given above.

What is DNC

  • DNC stands for Department of Narcotics Control, which is a government agency in Bangladesh.
  • The department is responsible for enforcing the Narcotics Control Act and implementing drug control policies in the country.
  • DNC was established in 1990 under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Its main functions include drug law enforcement, drug abuse prevention, and drug treatment and rehabilitation.
  • DNC works in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, health departments, and NGOs to combat drug abuse and trafficking.
  • The department conducts raids, arrests drug offenders, and seizes illicit drugs and drug-making equipment.
  • It also provides drug awareness education to the public, especially to youth and vulnerable populations.
  • DNC operates several drug treatment and rehabilitation centers throughout the country, providing medical and psychological support to drug addicts.
  • The department also conducts research and data collection on drug-related issues to inform policy development.
  • DNC has a website (dnc.gov.bd) that provides information on its services, policies, and regulations.


As drugs are a very bad thing and a person’s life can be ruined through drugs, so that the youth of this country can be used properly and can improve within the country, various forms of vocal public awareness are being raised against drugs. The Department is working to control the transportation and use of drugs within the country as well as ensuring treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Also, the Narcotics Control Department is constantly working to create mass awareness about its ill effects through various types of public relations within the country.

That is, we who are the youth society, we have to make sure that taking any kind of medicine without doctor’s advice does not go to drug level. As many families are dependent on that child if a person can stay away from drugs then he must learn to manage his daily life properly as well as take responsibility of life and our environment will be better as well as the economic condition of the country will change. Therefore, through the Narcotics Control Department, I would like to tell those of you who want to do the job as per the recruitment circular that to participate in this government-run job, you must apply as per the recruitment circular and pass the examination.

dnc.gov.bd notice

It would be good for us to know from the official website when any official notice is published by Narcotics Directorate or if they try to inform us about it by publishing any kind of notification to increase public awareness. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future, if everyone can lead their lives properly without drugs, then our environment will be beautiful and the unrest that works in the society will be removed. If you can speak out against this drug to run a country and raise awareness about it among yourself as well as others then surely progress is possible.

When you want to collect the different types of notices provided by the authorities, we will help you with the correct information and let you know what notices are officially published. If you type DNC notice and search then it will come directly to the notice section of the Narcotics Control Directorate and from there you can get various updates. Here for you, the Director General of Narcotics Department is providing the information from time to time and as it is important for conducting their official activities, it is important for the general public to know every other information starting from the recruitment notification.

dnc teletalk com bd admit card

You can keep an eye on our website as well as on the official website of DNC Govt BD to get updates of every information provided by the Narcotics Control Directorate. Because various types of staff meetings are being organized through notices and necessary steps are being taken to prevent it from spreading freely in addition to taking various steps against drug smugglers within the country. Since drugs are a threat to every youth society, if we can avoid it or if we can stop ourselves from it, there is no possibility of any harm.

Authorities are releasing updated notices here from time to time to conduct their official activities and along with notices comment section has been introduced for you. So visit the official website of the Narcotics Control Department and go there to the notice section, you can see the notices as well as you can get various information updates through the national portal through youtube. Moreover, there are different types of signs used to stay updated about every issue through social media and by clicking on that sign you can connect to different places and get updates of every information provided by the drug control department.

www.dnc.com Website

Do you want to know the official website address of Narcotics Directorate? If the official address of drug control department is provided then it is provided for you and if no one can collect it then search by writing dnc gov bd and the official website will appear in front of you. You can visit the official website of this department to check the authenticity of any kind of notification published through social media, if you need them to get various types of official notices, usually starting from recruitment notification. Moreover, it is possible to collect the list of various officials starting from the Director General or Citizen Charter List from here.

Moreover, if any recruitment circular is published by the Directorate of Narcotics Control, then first of all this recruitment circular can be found here and you can apply by typing the link mentioned in the recruitment circular or by going to that link. Through this official website it is becoming possible to conduct various types of departmental activities. Also, starting from the head office officer, all kinds of information or information about different types of activities can be known from here. As various types of information are presented here through the field office, by going to the download section or going to the recruitment section, you can download the year-wise recruitment circulars from there in the form of PDF files.

DNC Circular

When the Ministry of Home Affairs has published the employment circular for you for the purpose of confirming the security service department through the Narcotics Control Directorate, then first of all see which district candidates can apply according to that employment circular. If you are interested to apply and if your district name is mentioned then read the recruitment notification carefully and you have to fulfill the educational qualification or physical qualification required to apply for the particular post.

The Narcotics Control Directorate had recently issued a recruitment notification for 491 posts of constables and there was a physical qualification for men besides passing the Madhyamik exam. So those who saw this recruitment circular apply later according to that recruitment circular and after receiving the application they are definitely recruited by taking the test and according to the physical qualification. Apart from this, there are posts ranging from Accountant to Assistant Prosecutor for publicizing official activities or for official work. That is, when the job circular is published for this department and the vacancy is published and you can apply according to the job circular.

dnc.teletalk.com.bd Online Application

When an employment circular is published by the Narcotics Control Department and according to the employment circular when you apply according to your qualifications, first of all you have to see from which date to which date the application deadline has been fixed. Because if you can see that date, you will be aware yourself and you will have to recharge through Teletalk SIM prepaid, so you can recharge a certain amount of balance in Teletalk SIM in advance. Now you have to visit the specific official website to apply and only if you visit the official website written DNC Teletalk you will find the specific post to apply there.

Still, the link of the official website to apply has been provided for you in the title and when you can enter to apply from there, you have to check in advance which post you want to apply for as per the recruitment notification. According to the recruitment notification, when you want to apply, select the name of the post, if you are a premium member of All Jobs BD, then click on the Yes option or click on the No option and start filling the application form. First of all as similar information is asked in this type of job application or government job application you should provide the name of the candidate and his/her parent’s name in English capital letters.

Moreover, what is the nationality of the candidate and what religion the candidate follows these things should be mentioned there. The candidate applying should mention whether he is a boy or a girl in terms of gender. The blood group of the candidate should be verified beforehand and if any physical qualification is sought after providing the information here correctly then it should be recorded on the website specifically in meter wise or centimeter wise. Especially for the post of Sepoy after correctly recording the required chest size or required weight on the website you should go down and mention whether the candidate is married or single.

www.dnc.teletalk.com.bd Apply

Thus, after mentioning the other qualifications of the candidate, you have to follow some more steps and record the contact number as well as the candidate’s birth certificate number or national identity card number on the website. Now you have to provide the address information and if the current address and permanent address are the same then provide the current address information first by ticking the blank box. In this case, starting from the department, you have to provide the local level information and ensure that every information matches the National Identity Card and Birth Registration Certificate.

Go to the educational qualification room and you have to mention which education board you have passed the HSC exam and in which year you have passed the exam. In particular, if you can mention the year you took the exam, then you will have to provide the roll number and registration number, as well as the GPA you have passed in the SSC and HSC exams. Provide graduation information if requested. You will then need to scroll down and provide any additional information if any or any special skills required.

Now you have to resize the newly taken passport size photograph of the candidate in advance and you have to upload it on the website keeping the size mentioned in the recruitment notification. Same rules should be followed for uploading signature and all the information provided above is correct and it is your responsibility to check the money box and click submit button. Then you will be given the opportunity to download the applicant copy and according to the user id and password provided in the applicant copy you have to complete the application by paying the specified amount of application fee through Teletalk SIM Prepaid through recharge.


As per the rules mentioned above when you apply for various posts of Narcotics Control Directorate then after completing the application you have to wait until the exam date is announced. When the exam date is announced, you will receive an SMS on your phone and from there you can collect the user ID and password, enter the website, complete the login and download your admit card. Moreover, the user ID and password will be mentioned in the applicant copy, so you can apply by providing these information or by inputting the information and logging in, you can download your admit card and find out where the exam center is and on what date.

http://dncc.teletalk.com.bd Admit Card

Many times the applicant copy is lost or the user ID and password SMS received on the phone is lost. In this case, if the information is lost, don’t worry, wait for the SMS provided by the authorities, and if there is no SMS related to the exam admit card even before the exam, then you have to visit the above mentioned website. Here you can collect the user ID or password based on the contact number you used to retrieve it and through the OTP code and on that basis you can download the admit card again and know the exam related information.

www.dnc.gov.bd Notice Result

If any kind of recruitment notification is conducted through the Narcotics Control Department, the authorities try to publish the results as soon as possible. So you have to see the published result when you have appeared in the exam as per this recruitment notification to complete the next exam or to participate in the viva exam after clearing the prelims exam. So if you can visit the official website of Narcotics Control Department, you can go to the notice section to know the information of the candidates with roll number and prepare for the next exam. I am ending this post here by wishing everyone good luck.