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Till now many people are not aware about the recruitment circular published by the Narcotics Control Department. So depending on your needs we have given this recruitment notification of Narcotics Control Department here. Also, if you want to know the information related to the application, you can find it from here. Many people can learn a lot because we present various information-based topics for your convenience in daily life. So for those who are unemployed and want to apply with certain qualifications, some information regarding this application is discussed.

The Narcotics Control Directorate is working to prevent the free spread of drugs within our country and to prevent the destruction of the youth. Appropriate measures are being taken to prevent their spread by conducting raids in different parts of the country through the Directorate of Narcotics Control. Because if our youth society is destroyed then the future generation will be left in a very bad condition. Since the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government is trying to control everything through the Narcotics Control Directorate, every place is now pretty much under control.

So people are appointed at various times to conduct official activities or to look after various matters as per the instructions of the authorities at the field level. It is a very large circular as many people are recruited for the post of Narcotics Constable every year or periodically. So when you want to apply for certain posts according to the circular published by the Narcotics Control Department, we will definitely help you with information about applying.

In order to be able to manage the work related to the application, we will directly tell you to collect the link to be used in the title from here. Then you can enter that link by viewing or typing it from here, then click on the options given regarding the application and select the position you want to apply for. The next step is to select the specific post name and once there the application form will appear, now you have to fill the information according to each rule.

If you are a premium member of All Jobs BD then you will get the opportunity to automatically fill the information based on the membership by filling the information in advance. But because it is a paid system, many people don’t want to do it and if you want, you can create your own information in the form of a CV and automatically fill in the information for any subsequent work. However, it will be best when you fill your application form on your own responsibility and you can try to correct any mistakes on your own initiative.

So if there is no mistake then you will upload the image and signature within the specified resolution after filling each information. That is, the applicant will do these tasks and collect the user ID and password that will be provided to you after doing so.

You have to pay the application fee of the post for which you have applied on the basis of Teletalk SIM recharge by using the user ID. Once the payment related tasks are completed properly, a confirmation will be given that your application has been completed. In this way, after completing the application, continue to prepare and when the exam date is announced, download the admit card and try to participate in the exam.