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At present, every activity in Bangladesh is progressing at a very fast pace only because of information and communication technology. And the Department of Information and Communication Technology has made our public life easier by fulfilling their duties. So all the facilities that you are enjoying as a common citizen are made possible by the benefit of information and communication technology. So if you want to know about any activities of this official website then you have to go to the official website using the link mentioned above and get the necessary information.

When you can visit all these official websites by using google it is also an important service of information and communication technology. If we need to collect some information, we directly come to Google and search or we can know any information in detail through Wikipedia. We used to wait for an experienced person or a teacher for any information. But nowadays we don’t have to wait for all these things anymore and we can search the information very easily on the internet.

If you are a student and don’t understand any math of a chapter or if you feel difficulty in understanding any topic then you can go directly to the internet to know them. Just as there is an opportunity to know all these things by reading the information, all this is in front of you through the video
Subjects are constantly presenting. So there is an opportunity to view any information as it is convenient and we can use all the technology that is available in the present time to view this information.

In order to spread this information and communication technology in the hands of everyone, the price of each device has been reduced and we can buy and use them accordingly. Moreover, tab is being given to the first three students in each classroom as a government initiative to keep students interested in learning. So with the benefit of information and communication technology, our public life has become much easier and if we want to know about anything, we go to google and search it directly without waiting for anyone.

Moreover, to get all that information through video, we have to go to YouTube and search and hope we can get that information according to the topic. Therefore, the Directorate of Information and Communication is working crucially to provide Esa call facility in our life. By fulfilling their responsibilities properly, in our public life, we are getting internet at a low price, so we can be connected anywhere easily through WiFi connection.

By keeping track of various products from one end of the country to the other, they are easily promoted and spread and the scope of the business is also increased. At one time, when the raw materials were rotten and there were no customers to buy, the traders would sell those products at low prices. But nowadays, if any products are produced more, they are reaching different parts of the country by post or courier as a result of promotion and expansion through online.

Instead of storing millions of files in one place, if you want to scan them online and collect them on the website, it will be possible to collect billions of data. So in the era of internet technology we have started taking every thing in our life very easily and also playing a role in speeding up our life. So, if you want to know anything about information and communication technology, you can go there using the above mentioned link and know the necessary information.