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Through the official website of the Department of Primary Education, we can perform important work on many issues in addition to collecting important information in daily life. Digital Bangladesh is in front of this slogan in every official work so that the head of the educational institution or the general public can enter and collect information from the official website or the dissemination of information is done very easily through the official website.

Moreover, we can collect the information from this official website about the improvement of the quality of education of the students studying at the primary level and every information right from the main to the right direction and the various types of curriculum and curriculum. Moreover, if you want to know what policies are being formulated or what guidelines are being provided, then it will be better for every person to know the correct information from here as there is no alternative to the official website.

Key Data About Dpe.gov.bd

  • The Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) is responsible for managing primary education in Bangladesh and ensuring the quality of education for over 20 million primary students.
  • The DPE website, dpe.gov.bd, provides various services and information related to primary education in Bangladesh.
  • The website has been visited by millions of people in Bangladesh and around the world. According to the website ranking platform Alexa, dpe.gov.bd is ranked as the 6,184th most visited website in Bangladesh as of March 2023.
  • The website provides access to a wide range of information such as primary education policies, circulars, notices, and exam results. It also has a comprehensive list of primary schools across Bangladesh, with detailed information on each school.
  • The DPE website has a user-friendly interface and is available in both Bengali and English languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • The website also offers an online application system for primary school teacher recruitment, which has been widely used by aspiring teachers across Bangladesh.
  • The DPE website has an active social media presence, with over 1 million followers on its Facebook page as of March 2023. The page is used to share important information, updates, and news related to primary education in Bangladesh.
  • The website also provides e-learning materials, including videos and interactive activities, to support primary education in Bangladesh.
  • The DPE website plays a vital role in ensuring transparency and accountability in primary education management in Bangladesh, contributing to the country’s efforts to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.

dpe gov bd com

As the Department of Primary Education provides a lot of information to the students, it is also an important website for teachers from where they can do the work related to the teacher instead. By entering here, you can know the results of the final and scholarship examination as well as the information about the Pemis system. Moreover, digital registration can be done by creating a profile of the students, as well as through this official website, the link of the correct website to apply for the student stipend will be available. That is, you can understand the immense importance of this official website only if you can know the information of every official job related to primary education from here as well as different types of recruitment notices and recruitment results.

So be aware of the functions of this official website when you are a parent or a working teacher in a primary education institution. So, if you need to come to the internet and not search for information, you can visit the official website and see any information that the information is provided in Bengali. Here are lesson plans and teacher’s aids for a teacher to improve the quality of his teaching as well as instill in students his own inner experiences and dreams. You are given an idea about the important functions of this website and what information you can collect by using this website.


Various types of notices administered by the Directorate of Primary Education carry a lot of information for the students and also for the teachers when they are issued. So if you can go to the notices section then you can see what information is being provided currently and accordingly who is being given information and guidance. At present, newly appointed assistant teachers must upload this information as per the notification published regarding the uploading of required information to PEMIS software.

Also, through this official website, you can know the information related to the transfer of government primary school teachers within the same upazila and can do the transfer work by following the rules. Moreover, among the primary students who will participate in the scholarship exam, from the routine of the scholarship exam, there will be questions on some topics in the exam and other exam-related information will be provided. That is, from students to teachers and official various instructions can be collected from the notice board of this website, so please collect the address of the official website from the title given above. Then you can keep yourself updated in every work in daily life.

dperesult teletalk bd DPE Result

We will let you know what news is provided by the Directorate of Primary Education for students or teachers or for the general public. Because a large number of people in the country or a large number of students are studying in various educational institutions from remote areas to city level, the authorities provide various types of necessary news at different times. So you can follow our website to know the real news and accurate news provided by Directorate of Primary Education. Because we want to help you with the right information and if you get the right information you can easily complete any task properly.

From the recruitment of teachers under the Department of Primary Education to the final stages of the recruitment rules and recruitment results as published in the news, you often get wrong information. So, to know the correct information regarding the recruitment, you can go to the notice board from here and you can know everything and from the current published notice to the past notices. Also, all the steps from the students’ reading method to taking the exam and publishing the exam routine are here for you. You can use it as the results are discussed or published through other websites but not through this website.

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At present every educational institution and the information of the students studying in the educational institution are being stored in digital database so that it is easy to find the information. To keep yourself updated in digital Bangladesh or to record the information of the educational institution correctly so that it can be found later, the e-primary school system has been launched. You can log into this primary system and record the information of all the students who are studying in the educational institution starting from the teacher. Apart from registering information, scholarship application and other steps for students can be followed from here.

According to the rules of the past, that is, instead of registering all these information in the registration form, if you register the information through the website, you will know the total number of primary education institutions, the number of students studying and the number and positions of working teachers in detail. By doing this, the authority can play a proper role in providing information to all as well as providing equal opportunities to all educational institutions and distributing books. So you have to follow the primary system that has been launched through online and as a general public you can use the opportunities to view information from here.

dperesult teletalk bd dpe

Under the Directorate of Primary Education, the students have been informed about the rules for checking the results after taking the PSC examination. Every student from across the country takes a step forward in achieving good results because of the important role they play towards studies after reaching the fifth standard to participate in the PSC examination. So apart from attending the exam on time if a student feels that he/she will check his/her exam result on his/her own responsibility or when you as a parent check the result of any member of your family or candidate then you must follow the below rules. Because primary students have to follow the same rules here to check the result by visiting a completely different website.

Many times you may fail to find the website that is currently being used when viewing the results. But you may think to check the result as all the students who have given the exam from all over the country are eager to see the result of this exam. So through this post we will tell you the rules for viewing the PSC result and we will discuss in front of you what information needs to be input in viewing this result or based on which information the result can be seen.

Primary Education Board Result

We will provide the correct information to those who are following this information here to check the Primary Education Board Result so that they can visit the correct website to check the result. To view the result you will be taken to an official website managed by the Directorate of Primary Education by typing Primary Result or PSC Result. Go to this official website managed by Information Management Division and managed under Directorate of Primary Education and click on Select First option to view student results.

While checking the results from the website, there is a rule to check single result by roll number and there is a rule to check one result by ID number. If one wants to see school wise results then select the first option to see individual results of students as that system is here. Next you have to select the name of the exam and after selecting the name of the exam mention the year of the exam. In this way you have to select upazila or thana by selecting the name of the division and the name of the district. Then provide the student’s roll number and click on the submit option. Then going to the next page, according to the student’s information, the number obtained or the result obtained will be shown in detail.

Directorate of Primary Education Result

If someone wants to know the official short result based on a school then they can check the result of every student studying in that educational institution based on the roll number. In this case, according to the rules shown above, you must click on the option called school wise short result while viewing the result. Then select the name of the exam based on the information you provide and mention the year of the exam.

After that you have to provide the school type and school name along with providing the district and other information from the department. In fact it will be easy for you to select the team name as the list of schools available at the given address will appear based on the address you provide above.

In this way, if you select each information correctly, you can go to the next page and check the results of those students by clicking on the submit option. By providing the information like this, when you click on the submit button, the results of the students of that school will be displayed.

E Primary Teacher Information

For those who want to get this primary teacher information, I will tell you where to go to get this teacher information by visiting the official website. As the information of the teachers of every educational institution managed by the Directorate of Primary Education is being stored digitally in the database, all the new teachers must register the information.

Especially those who have been initially and finally appointed for the post of assistant teacher according to the recruitment circular 2020 must go to the database and provide the information and take all the facilities available to you by providing the information. So through this official website you will get the right link from the website to save the information of teachers in daily life or to update the teacher’s profile. In this case, we ask you to visit the official website of Primary Education Management Information System to register the information of teachers.

However, earlier we have informed you every information through that official website and currently based on this information around 368037 teachers across the country are using this portal. Moreover, by visiting the official website of this educational institution, you have the opportunity to know how many students are currently being provided with completely free textbooks and how many students are enrolled through this system and the total number of schools. Therefore, keeping this commitment in front of Digital Bangladesh, primary education management information system is helping us in every work.

DPE Result teletalk com bd

You get the opportunity to apply according to the recruitment circular published by the Directorate of Primary Education at various times. As there is an official website related to the recruitment and this official website is being managed by the Directorate of Primary Education, from here you can take the opportunity to apply as well as collect the result of the recruitment test. The official website of the Department of Primary Education has been serving us all the time and we can know where to apply when we can collect the recruitment circulars from the official website of the Department of Primary Education.

Based on that information or if you notice the published recruitment circular, you will understand that by visiting the official website of DPE Teletalk Govt BD, we will be given directions to apply. You have to input each information through specific rules and upload signature and photo in the database or system arranged here for the information of the applicants. Therefore, starting from the assistant teacher of the primary education institution, apply according to the recruitment circular published by the recruitment circular. If desired, it must be collected from the official website of the Department of Primary Education and all the guidelines mentioned in the application must be followed.

DPE Result PDF

Merit list will be prepared based on this exam when you will apply after the recruitment notification and when the authority will accept your exam. Starting from viva and other subjects the students will be selected through the adjudicator and initially the final placement will be given. So, to check the results of the recruitment circular, you must visit the official website of the Department of Primary Education and check the roll number of the eligible applicants there.

As its roll number is provided in the form of PDF file and it is provided district wise, download it very easily and try to find the correct roll number from it. Besides, the official website of the Department of Primary Education is helping us with various types of information in our daily life and we can know various types of plans from here.