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According to the circular published by the Directorate of Primary Education, if you want to apply, then you must first know the detailed rules for applying. Because if you are not aware of the detailed rules or if you apply without being aware of these rules then there is a possibility of mistakes. Since many students are getting appointed as teachers from

time to time through the Directorate of Primary Education, we must do the work with enough consideration. It is very important as according to the published circular, hundreds of thousands of assistant teachers and head teachers will be recruited in various educational institutions across the country. Because on the basis of applying for this circular, about thousands of candidates from all over the country will be able to get hired and eliminate their unemployment.

So if you want to apply regularly through the Department of Primary Education and get appointed, then apply using the above link as per the rules shown by us. But the most important thing we need to understand is that the published circular should be read first. Because when we see the circular later it will be very good for us and by reading the circular we will know how old we will be considered as eligible to apply. So when we want to get the right idea about it, we must work according to the right method.

When you want to apply using the link mentioned above, as per the current rules, the application process of certain categories is going on in which the opportunity to apply category wise is provided. So, if you want to apply, you can apply in all the departments where you will get the opportunity to apply.

At the time of application ensure that the information matches with your NID card or birth registration certificate as well as the information of all educational qualification certificates. Because if there is a discrepancy with any of the information, the application form will be filled correctly but there will be a lot of trouble in the final appointment.

In some cases even after final placement it may be canceled due to lack of data matching. At present we will follow every work properly and if you can follow the things we are discussing here for you then hopefully there will be no problem. According to the published circular before applying follow the format and resolution of images and pictures to be uploaded.

If you have never applied online and using Teletalk’s domain, then you can apply by watching the tutorial video from YouTube. And if fear works in your mind then you can go to the local computer service shop and apply. The main point is, if you are applying at home for the fear of saving money, you must be correct in the informational matters. However, after filling the application details correctly, when you are given the opportunity to revise, you should check each information correctly to see if there are any mistakes.

If any information is not wrong then submit the application form. As soon as you submit, you will be provided with the user ID and password, so you have to pay to the specified user ID through Teletalk SIM recharge. Pay as much as the prescribed application fee for the said post. After completing the application related tasks, after the exam date is announced, you can download the admit card using the user ID and password. thank you