We who know about the Department of Primary Education regularly visit here to find out about the daily life of primary students and to know if any official notices have been published. The official website of the Department of Primary Education provides very important information for daily life. Since a large number of students in the country study through the Directorate of Primary Education, this notice is hereby issued to ensure that the educational system of each educational institution is properly managed.

Moreover, we will use the correct information here in knowing the things that are communicated to us regarding taking exams or educational institution holidays so that every educational institution starting from teachers to students can comply with all these information. Here I will inform you about the application related work of the Department of Primary Education and what information can be obtained by visiting this official website.

Under the initiative of the Bangladesh government, a large amount of budget is currently being set in the education sector so that no student can be deprived of primary education and so that they can keep themselves ahead in all types of education. Moreover, educational institutions are being set up within every one and a half kilometers and they are being govt. In primary education institutions,

experienced teachers are being appointed in different categories starting from assistant teachers so that students can study properly. Candidates who have completed graduation can apply according to the circular published by us through Directorate of Primary Education. As there are these educational institutes in every region of the country, a large number of recruitment notices are published here and many teachers are recruited.

Those of you who want to know any information about the official website of the Department of Primary Education or if you want to keep yourself updated in this regard, then we will certainly provide you with the correct information in this regard. Basically, you can understand by looking at the title of the website of the office that it is the official website of the Directorate of Primary Education to apply. That is, starting from assistant teacher, when the recruitment will be done in various categories, in that case you can visit this official website and input the necessary information to apply according to the recruitment notification. And when the necessary information is input it will be very good for you and you can know about the works of Primary Education Department at your own risk.

If we discuss here about the vision of the Department of Primary Education or their vision, then a lot will be clear to you. That is, the Department of Primary Education has been providing quality primary education for all children. Because today’s children are the future of tomorrow, the authorities are continuing the work of providing quality education to every child and distributing free books to everyone. Moreover, the objective is being adopted in such a way that there are no obstacles in expanding primary education opportunities and assistance is available in all areas.

If one wants to know more about the vision of the Directorate of Primary Education then it will be said that ensuring integrated and quality primary education for all children through qualitative development has become their main task. In the case of Department of Primary Education, every student can learn a lot up to fifth standard by doing every activity with strategic objectives. Also can put themselves in a certain position or make themselves able to answer such applied and perceptual questions. Therefore, all the projects undertaken by the Department of Primary Education to expand universal and non-discriminatory primary education are being worked on.

Besides, ensure quality primary education within the Directorate of Primary Education and development plans are being adopted at the school level in terms of development of primary education management. Not only that, along with formulating and implementing policies related to primary education, every curriculum is being developed or revised in line with Yoga. Also from here you will get the opportunity to impart education to the students by taking necessary training on the topics that are being updated about the syllabus or curriculum. Therefore, from the director general to the upazila education officer, every educational institution has been improved to bring it under proper surveillance.

When you visit the official website of the Department of Primary Education, the first thing you will see is the notice board. From the notice board, you are given announcements according to what is being said about the educational institutions that are being run by the Directorate of Primary Education and the measures that should be taken regarding various types of natural calamities. Due to extreme temperatures, educational institutions have been closed for days to prevent students from falling ill in this heat. Various types of cyclone warnings are issued so that every student can stay home from their respective educational institutions properly.

All the issues that are beneficial to the students are discussed here in the daily life and the issues are communicated here through the notice board so that all the officials who are under the educational institutions are also benefited. When you visit this official website, it will be seen that going to the level of field administration, you will be able to know in detail what has been done as the responsibility of the Assistant Upazila Education Officer starting from the Divisional Deputy Director. Also here you can update yourself by knowing different types of notifications or circulars according to the category. Here are the issues presented regarding the laws, rules and regulations regarding the officers who are related to the Department of Primary Education.

So if you want to be a primary school teacher or if you want to apply for the post of assistant teacher or if you want to apply according to the post then according to the published circular you have to see the date of your application till date. Any circular will be published then you will enter it as per the title used above and you will be given opportunity to apply as per the circular. And when you apply, during that application you must present your NID card number and birth registration number and all personal information correctly.

The next thing you do after providing the information is to verify the accuracy of the information and if you don’t verify it before submitting it can lead to trouble in the final placement. Complete the application and download the copy of the application by following the instructions given to follow all the exact steps regarding your payment. When the SMS will come on your phone then you will login there using user id and password and download your admit card. Once the admit card is downloaded, you can easily attend the exam according to your exam center. It is considered a very good job by many as there are job opportunities in your respective area when you get the final placement after passing each stage of the exam.