drr land gov bd porcha

Currently, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been providing various land related services online through the Ministry of Land. In the past, we had to go directly to the land office or collect information from the district-based offices to get something, now it is available on the basis of online application at home. So by visiting the official website of e-purcha managed under Land Govt BD, you can easily make any kind of application and check the current status of the application.

Usually we have to apply online to get the information be it for registration or to collect Mauza map. So if you need to collect any kind of information then you should visit the above mentioned website and hopefully you will get the desired information. When you visit the website, you will get various types of guidelines and from there you will get proper guidance for various tasks. An important option on this website is Survey Khatian.

By searching information by khatian number, you can easily understand in whose name the ownership is according to the specific khatian number. In addition to mentioning the amount of land and land mark number, the information about the type of land will also be mentioned. So after entering the survey option you will select your category and select the district. Also you can easily find any land related information by providing other local information and by providing khatian number.

Through this official website of smart land records and maps, we are now getting the desired information very easily, so we can proceed to solve our land related problems. If someone has applied for registration then the current status of the registration can be checked according to whether the authority has accepted your documents after submission. So you will know the information about Namjari Khatian from here and if you need to know any information then every thing has been informed through the option.

You can apply for Mauza map here. That is, if a person next to your land tries to occupy the land specifically on the basis of showing you the map of the land or seeing the wrong map, then you can officially collect this Mauza map and see every information accurately. That is, if you get an idea of the direction of a land boundary according to the mark number or its measurement or shape, it will help you a lot to measure the land.

By visiting here you have to get online based services so you may not be able to ask anyone on personal initiative. But the website has a system for you to check the current status of the application and by checking it with the tracking number, you can understand how far the application has progressed. Moreover, if you visit this website, even if it is necessary, you will understand how many people have applied for area-wise khatian and what percentage of people have been completed after that application.

So by visiting the official website of Smart Land Records and Maps we can get various services in our daily life. Here we are told how to make online payment after completing any application form after filling the information there. So if you take the instructions from here to get land related services in your daily life and work accordingly, I hope your work can be completed properly.