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If you want to collect all the MPO salary seats that we get through the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, then we want to inform you about this. You can withdraw this money through a specific bank through the updates of all the information related to the salary of all the teachers who are employed across the country and those teachers who are able to withdraw their salary every month and the information that is presented with various facilities including increments in different cases.

So if I can discuss the correct process of downloading mposheet for your convenience then it will play a beneficial role for many. And after downloading the MPO, you will be able to know the latest monthly salary and allowance updates and withdraw this amount at a specified time. So follow below rules to download MPO Salary Sheet.

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Many teachers are recruited across the country through the recruitment circular published by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority. We come to know about this recruitment circular through Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority and after the recruitment circular is conducted in two stages we get the recruitment of MPO or Non MPO educational institution according to our exam results. Since we have seen and heard these things in the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, we have to follow each and every rule according to the rules shown by them and accordingly complete the tasks from updating the information.

And that’s why we are constantly informing you about the updates of various types of information related to NTRCA, similarly you can easily visit our website to know the information about all the facilities starting from the salaries and allowances of those who have been appointed through NTRC and those who have been appointed by MPO educational institutions. can So, through today’s post, we are informing you about these things, so you are definitely getting an opportunity to follow and through this post, many people have played a beneficial role by downloading MPosheet very easily, starting from the basic basics to other facilities. You can find out what is being provided.

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Generally, after collecting this salary sheet, if you can find your educational institution, then a detailed list of the officials of that educational institution starting from the principal or head teacher to the fourth class will come. Then you can see the required activities from the detailed list or by showing the detailed information from their basic salary and house rent to the amount of other facilities provided and in this case how much money has been deducted as provident fund. will be given And for that you are provided about the salary seat so that you can know about the updated salary allowance.

To collect the MPO salary sheet we will ask you to visit the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and go there and search by typing MPO sheet you will get this option very easily as you can find it by scrolling down. You can know that we are constantly doing these things for you and those who visit here to get MPO Salary Sheet will be told the correct rules. We believe that if you follow the information provided by our website, you can collect the salary sheet very easily.

So to download MPO Salary Sheet we will inform you about it now and hope you can download it yourself by presenting the things in a simple way. Because this salary is changing from time to time and other allowances and other facilities are separately added to the salary, if you do not get the correct information then you will be paid the previous amount which is detrimental to you. Taking all the aspects into consideration, we are presenting these points below for you and hope that if you understand these points, you will be able to download the MPO Salary Sheet very easily as it is updated regularly.

Mainly because it is possible to download this salary seat from the official website of Directorate of Secondary Higher Education i.e. DSHE, if you write it and search it, the link of the official website will be displayed first to take you to the official website. Moreover, as these things are presented at the top of our website, you can see them very easily and by viewing them, you can directly visit the official website by copying the link from there. So to download it first you need to go to its desktop version and if you go down through the desktop version you will see an option called MPO Sheet or Voucher.

Then by clicking on the MPO or Voucher option you will be taken to the next page and there a completely new page will open in front of you and you will select from which bank you withdraw your organization’s salary. There, you will be shown information from Sonali Bank to Rupali Bank or Agrani Bank, so if you select the bank from which your educational institution withdraws money, you will be taken to the next step. Then going to the next step you will find options called MPO Voucher and MPO Desk. But without clicking on it, click on the option of MPO salary sheet at the top.

March 2023 MPO Sheet Download 

As soon as you click on the MPO Salary Sheet, a new page will open in front of you and at the top you can select which district you want to download it. After selecting that, from all the information that will be presented in front of you, you will download this information of the particular educational institution and since there is a download option at the top, if you click on it, it will be downloaded in the form of a PDF file. As it is downloaded in PDF file format, you can get an idea about the monthly pay order according to the latest information. And from there you will present to the authority of the educational institution wrongly paid money or other things, so you will accept the money knowing that information correctly.

There will be a salary list of the officials from the head of the educational institution to the fourth class and in this case the name and designation of each teacher will be mentioned there. Moreover, the subjects that a person has taught in which subject will be mentioned here. Then there will be a discussion about their basics as their date of birth and bank account name will be mentioned and there will be detailed procedures from house rent to payment of medical allowance. Then you can check it as well as see what will be deducted as provident fund after retirement and the amount of last salary will also be presented there.