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Under the initiative of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, important steps are being implemented with the socio-economic work of the people of the country through the Department of Social Services. The Department of Social Services has launched various security programs for the people at the grass root level of the country to change their financial status or manage their lives by taking various financial benefits. So you will know about these activities provided by Social Services Department to take various benefits in daily life.

Some Info About DSS

  • The website http://www.dss.gov.bd/ is the official website of the Department of Social Services (DSS) in Bangladesh.
  • The DSS is a government agency responsible for implementing social welfare programs and services for the citizens of Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information about the DSS, its mission and vision, organizational structure, and its activities and programs.
  • The website also offers various forms and publications related to social welfare programs and services, such as old age allowance, widow allowance, disability allowance, and more.
  • Users can also find contact information for the DSS, including office addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • The website provides links to other relevant government agencies and departments related to social welfare services in Bangladesh.
  • The website is available in both English and Bangla languages.
  • Users can access news and updates related to social welfare programs and services through the website.
  • The website provides a platform for citizens to submit complaints and feedback related to social welfare services.
  • The website also offers an online application system for citizens to apply for various social welfare programs and services provided by the DSS.


Moreover, you have done a very good job by using our website to get the detailed schedule of the activities that are conducted by the Directorate of Social Services or the circulars published in the various offices of the Directorate of Social Services. We want to keep you updated on every aspect of daily life by providing you the information of Social Services Department and if you visit the official website, you are able to know various information as every information is presented in Bengali.

As Social Services Department undertakes various development activities and provides allowances to different people according to their financial status, many poor people of our country receive allowances every three months. Also, this official department undertakes various activities and after undertaking various programs and projects, works accordingly to improve the quality of life of all or to provide various medical services. Therefore, many people are getting services as a result of these important activities of the social services department of the present time and many people at the grass root level are able to manage their lives very well by getting important services.

Through the Department of Social Services, they take every step to ensure that the marginal people of our country get various types of services, as well as they take all the measures that have improved the quality of life of many people by reaching different types of education or reaching different types of services in this country. At present, these activities are conducted through the official website so that the general public can get the services of each department.

Moreover, starting from various types of applications, recruitment circulars are published for the purpose of recruiting manpower in various upazila-based offices of the Department of Social Services. Therefore, you will be able to easily know the information through this official website of Social Services Department based on the plan which is properly adopted for the financial development of the people of the country.

DSS Notice Board

You can easily keep yourself updated about every information from the various notice boards published by the Department of Social Services. It will be very good for you to know the information about when the allowance is being paid apart from applying within the specified time and other important information about the activities by visiting the official website. To keep a direct eye on the Department of Social Services at present, you can visit the official website given in the above title and by entering there you can keep yourself updated by checking the various notices published by the Department of Social Services in your daily life.

Therefore, the official website of Social Services Department is very important and here you can get to know about each and every matter through the notice as PDF files of various notices are downloaded officially based on specific information or various types of recruitment circulars related to recruitment have been published. You must collect these daily life information by visiting social services official website and know what social services department wants to provide information about each place through notice.

DSS Update News

We suggest you to visit or use the official website to know the kind of update news that is currently running on the official website of the Department of Social Services. Because according to the published notice board here, we can know various types of information, so we can easily keep ourselves updated about every news. That is, every information is always updated on the notice board through the official website so that no information goes unnoticed or any information is unknown to anyone. Therefore, by visiting the official website, you can know the various types of notices or information updates, accordingly, it will be possible to know the types of programs or projects that are being undertaken by the Department of Social Affairs.

Also, as this official website is involved in various activities, we may collect many other information from there and accordingly report that information to each Social Service Department. As you can collect various types of information by visiting the website, this official website can provide you with various information as a general public. Through the Department of Social Services, we can easily take various types of daily life services.

www.dss.teletalk.com.bd Notice

You must go to the recruitment section of the website to get the recruitment circular published by the Department of Social Services. By going there you can easily know about the job circulars that have been published. When this official website publishes the recruitment notification we come to know about it and according to that recruitment notification the address of the domain which is entered and applied is provided here. According to the latest recruitment circular released by Social Services Department many applied for Social Worker Union Posts and accordingly every task regarding taking the exam has been done properly.

To know the updates about whether any recruitment circular is being published by Social Services Department, I will ask you to go directly to the official website and once you go there, you will know when the number of posts will be appointed based on the latest updated information. And after knowing this information in this section, when you want to apply, you can go there and complete the application on the basis of using the different names provided in the above title to apply for these different posts of the Department of Social Services.

Since the recruitment circular is not published according to the latest information, you will not get any chance to apply if you visit the official website. In this case you can only download your applicant copy and in that case you have to use the user ID password of your application.

http://dss.teletalk.com.bd Exam Date

The recruitment circular published by the Department of Social Services and those of you who complete the application through the recruitment circular have to get appointed to certain posts through examination. So when you are waiting for the exam date as per this recruitment notification and want to prepare to participate in the exam on the particular day then we will surely inform you about this exam date.

As per the recruitment notification when your exam date will be announced then you must visit the specific website to download your admit card and know where the exam center has been decided. This official website of Department of Social Services provides you with the domain of the official website to apply starting from recruitment information, you can go there and apply.

As many people depend on the exam date for their preparation so you can prepare yourself for the exam by knowing this exam date. You must visit our website to know the dates of various types of exams provided by the department and we will provide you the information accordingly so you can prepare for the exam properly and participate in the particular center. Since many candidates apply for the recruitment exam and many compete for a job, you must be ahead by keeping your preparation ahead.

Basically, the official website of Social Services Department helps us with various types of daily life information, so we can learn a lot and do a lot from here. Now we will discuss before you detailed information about the important activities and projects and programs of the Department of Social Services. The social service department currently helps us by providing information or taking action to serve the society at large is to provide various types of allowances. Due to this official website taking various programs we are getting various services in daily life and according to that service many old people are getting old age allowance.

Also, this official website has been providing us with some information or some services that we can always use and through which we can participate in various activities to bring changes in socio-economic life. Many people are able to change their financial situation or move forward in managing their lives, especially from the Old Age Allowance to the Widow’s Allowance. Moreover, due to the existence of various allowance programs, many Vedic communities are working for the development and they are getting allowances or various benefits after a certain period of time. Moreover, the Department of Social Services reviews the third gender of our country and provides them with facilities accordingly.

Department of Social Services is a department which has been playing an important role in poverty alleviation of the country. As the finance system of our country is based on krishna these are managed in villages and village people are often not aware of many things due to proper information so they often do not understand many things and update themselves accordingly. Therefore, as facilities are being provided by introducing rural social services, the Directorate of Social Services has set up various types of rural dimensional centers for every mother.

dss.gov.bd Login

By visiting various official websites we open accounts to collect various services there and later want to login there. But there is no such account opening system in social services department and since it is an information based official website you can easily enter here and collect various types of information. So you cannot login as this official website has not enabled login option for you and to collect any kind of information you have to visit the official website and enter the specific section and collect it.

Not only at the village level but also at the city level, various development activities are being undertaken and they are doing all kinds of disaster management work starting from rehabilitation and behavior of the disabled so that the society can provide remedial measures according to the different types of disaster management activities. Moreover, various types of benefits are being provided under Social Security Program 2 starting from cancer kidney and liver cirrhosis so that no people suffer for lack of treatment. Moreover, this Department of Social Services has been undertaking various programs to improve the quality of life of those who are working as tea workers in various hilly areas or to improve the backward communities.

Moreover, for the purpose of providing protection to children, the Department of Social Services is making sure that they get various opportunities in terms of the development of the quality of their studies and other activities, starting with the construction of residences for the children. Starting from Day Care Centers to Dost Shishu Training and Rehabilitation, this official website or Directorate is directly accepting and accordingly trying to implement each and every task smoothly. In addition to feeding various types of vitamins, disability allowance or disability education stipend is being provided to every disabled person so that no disabled person in this country grows up neglected or disrespected and they are provided with financial security.

Apart from providing different types of training to disabled persons, all arrangements are being made to identify them and provide them with all the facilities that are under the Social Services Department. Department of Social Services is a department through which we work to improve the socio-economic conditions of the society along with developing various professional skills. For this huge population of the country to become skilled manpower, they are being kept updated on every subject by providing various types of training and people are being made suitable accordingly for which subject is more interested or which thing is more in demand in the ongoing world.

So this department is always working to improve the people of our society economically and enjoy the life fairly and easily by providing various services. So, you can visit the official website of the Department of Social Affairs to learn about their activities, as well as from each menu option here, you will get a detailed idea of their activities. You will use this official website for availing various services so that from here you can easily stay updated about the current financial year.

If you go to the bottom of this official website, you can see a detailed survey of how many people are getting it in terms of allowances and education and previous ones from the Department of Social Services. Also, how much allowances are being paid in different categories or for the purpose of improving living standards for one-time tea workers. You will also get a continuous list of how much money is paid.

So in the age of information and communication technology to keep ourselves always updated if we try to know every information through the official website then we can know everything from their release notice. Also, according to the activities and activities of the official website, we can go to different sections to know the details of the activities accordingly.