The People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government has established an officer website called DSS for us to participate in the activities of the Department of Social Services. Apart from providing different types of official notices, from here we can get to know about their activities or apply according to any type of recruitment notification published. If anyone wants to participate in this program of Social Services Department then they must visit the official website of DSS Govt BD and collect the information.

And if you want to visit the official website related to the application, then according to the title used above, you will go to the website using the correct link. Then you can download the applicant copy or download the admit card along with the application process from there. Hopefully, through this post, we will tell you what kind of information can be collected from this website and how it will be used in practice, including the application related to the Department of Social Services.

Directorate of Social Services is one of the nation-building institutions of the population within the country. While the social welfare program started in the past, the Department of Social Services was created in 1961 and since then it started working with people from the underprivileged of the society to the autistic and handicapped.

These authorities started working with them to alleviate the poverty that existed in the country during the post-war period and to build a husband-free country and continue to do so till date. Because the lower middle class people who are in our country will be able to ensure their rights through the kind of facilities that will be ensured here besides participating in rural centric social welfare programs in various jobs.

Along with this, the poor people of the society will be able to take many opportunities from here by trying to implement all the activities taken by the government. With the establishment of Social Services Department in each upazila, all the poor people who are in that upazila or the people with various types of disabilities, starting from the low income people will be able to receive the facilities. And in this way, when the work can be done from the grass root level of the society, it will be seen that there will not be any kind of problem in terms of development and prosperity and everyone will be able to change their financial status by doing their own work.

So by starting the continuous march of prosperity of development, it has been providing sound services at the village level as well as undertaking various projects to change the financial condition of many people in the city by serving them. Moreover, through the Department of Social Services, not only financial assistance, but also all other service institutions are being built in every sector of the society, starting from educational institutions, through which people can take advantage of opportunities. Disability is currently being given priority in receiving digital services so that people with disabilities can be covered and they can get all the benefits from allowances to other facilities.

So if you visit the official website of Department of Social Services then you will see that there are many people covered under social security scheme and they are being made functional by providing allowances and stipends to the Hijra community of the country to the Vedic community and the backward community. That is, in the development of a country, every person in the society has to be involved and every person can change their financial situation or find their own independence. The Department of Social Services is discussing the current activities and taking necessary measures so that everyone does not live with food poverty.

At present, necessary activities are being carried out for the purpose of implementing it in all areas for integrated and sustainable development in the project undertaken by the Department of Social Services. Ensuring consistent and evolving normal services based on the partnership of all stakeholders who are currently on the basis of optimal utilization of all resources. In addition, we are now able to take many opportunities by making the best efforts to implement these activities to achieve integrated social development in the quality of life of the people of Bangladesh in all areas. Moreover, various types of allowances are being provided starting from widow allowance, disability allowance, old age allowance through Social Services Department.

Also if you visit the official website of social services department then you will get notice board there and you will get every update in daily life from notice board. The information is being broadcasted through notices to inform the officers of every other matter starting from official orders and prohibitions to complete these activities smoothly through the Directorate. Therefore, apart from issuing a notification about the officials who have been granted retirement allowance, the authorities will also inform if anyone wants to be relieved from service or if any other facilities are introduced.

If you want to see the information on the Social Security I basis through the Department of Social Services, then you can go there to see the information regarding old age allowance. That is, after crossing a certain age, all are covered by this old age allowance and the matters are being recorded so that they are paid every three months. In an effort to provide facilities to widows in all aspects in starting life afresh, widow allowance has been initiated. There are various schemes for improving the quality of life of the Vedic communities in our society and they are implemented accordingly. The Department of Social Services is also working for the development of the third gender people or the Hijra community in the society.

If you have visited here in the name of social security two, you will see that what kind of benefits a person will get in case of cancer kidney and liver cirrhosis. From now on, the activities that are being undertaken to improve the living standards of tea workers will not have to work at low wages or they will be provided many other facilities along with working at low wages. Apart from rehabilitating all the beggars we have, the authorities are keeping an eye on improving the quality of life of the backward communities.

In the case of liberation, many people are getting social services through the system launched by RSS called Samajseba and there is also an opportunity to get services through rural mother centers. So from here you can get all information related to child protection from service and community empowerment. Apart from knowing all the information from here, you can actually use the information in real life to improve yourself. If the authority has appointed manpower for various posts to run the office then you must apply using the above title while applying online. Follow all the rules and regulations to apply or follow the steps for payment.