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Since the number of women in our country is high and the male-dominated society of this country does not give much importance to ensure women’s rights, the Directorate of Women’s Affairs has been created by the initiative of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. But nowadays men also play an important role in ensuring the rights of women. However, in the absence of a man or in the absence of a husband, the Department of Women’s Affairs carries out service activities according to various budgets under the government initiative so that women get various facilities. So if you want to know about Directorate of Women Affairs then you can visit the official website using the link mentioned above.

If a woman’s husband dies suddenly and there are small children in the family, it becomes difficult for many to manage the family. Although some families are financially well off and hopefully do not have too many problems managing the family, these problems remain in most families. If the woman does not marry later and tries to fulfill her desire to raise children, then she can take various types of allowances provided by government initiatives.

Therefore, certain women can get this allowance as the Department of Women Affairs plays an important role in disbursing widow allowance to women. Another important activity is carried out through the Directorate of Women Affairs which can be very useful in our daily life. If you are a resident of a municipality or a union parishad and are a pregnant mother, you can apply for pregnancy allowance through the Department of Women’s Affairs if your child is four months old.

However, in order to get pregnant allowance, you have to fulfill several conditions and these tasks are done by the female councilors of the area, so if you contact them, I hope you can get the desired service. Your application is accepted through the Directorate at a certain time and after accepting it, if you fulfill all the conditions, you will be paid Rs. 800 per month for three consecutive years.

Families that cannot provide care for pregnant women due to lack of money face many problems during childbirth later or cannot provide nutritious food even after giving birth. You can accept all these allowances or services in the government initiative if you want and in this case if you fulfill the conditions and apply, I hope your work will be done. Also, the Department of Women Affairs is working to ensure the rights of women and ensuring that they are not discriminated against.

The tribunal which was announced to ensure the rights of women and children has specific guidelines so that the male society of the country cannot harass or harm them for any reason. Since women are physically weak, if the authorities can properly ensure their safety, it will be seen that they can walk the streets properly and develop their talents.

Nowadays women are getting opportunities to work in various sectors by developing their talent and creativity. Therefore, if women sit at home, it is not possible to progress equally in this country and for this reason, the Department of Women Affairs is encouraging women to do various jobs. So if you are a woman and if you have the opportunity to work, maybe take the necessary measures or work to improve your family and country without wasting time at home.