e porcha gov bd khatian

An official website called E-Papercha Gov BD has been created to facilitate finding various types of important information related to government-administered lan holdings. As general public, when we need to find a certificate or want to know how much is deposited in the name of a particular person using the number of the certificate, then we have to visit the official website. Based on the discussion here, we are informing you about these things so that you don’t have to go to the land office to find any land related information in your daily life. We have really entered the digital country as the government is providing us with such facilities at home.

A close look will show that nowadays every land is changing ownership and land is being broken up and fragmented. Such problems are especially occurring due to population growth and changes in land ownership due to land sales. If suddenly you want to go to a certain place to buy land or if the documents there are seen by you, then you must understand whether the land is in the name of that person by searching the khatian.

Because the amount of forgery has increased so much these days that they will try to sell you land on false good documents. But the land related matters are very important and in this case to avoid all kinds of adulteration if we can search the khatian then the information will come before us as to whose name the land is recorded in the government records. Moreover, the information about whether that land has been issued in the name of that person can be known in this way.

So the government has given us facilities in this regard or has created an official website called Parcha to search for information about this. There we will get various types of Khatian options by going to Citizen corner option. Generally, you have to go down by the name of the Khatian that is being conducted in your area and select your own division and district as well as provide the personal information or the address of the place.

When you provide the addresses in this way, you will be given the option to search information in four categories. But it is better than other options if you can search information by Khatian number. Every piece of land has a specific khatian number and after collecting this khatian number, when you search using that number, you will get an account of how much land there is on the basis of that ownership. Moreover, the specific information about the type of land or the number of acres of land will be mentioned in the government records.

In this way, you can find out the spot number of the land and later on that spot number, you can know in detail whether other places are accumulated in the name of that person. At present we can complete important tasks online according to these rules in the age of information and communication technology or to keep the promise of digital Bangladesh. And if you need to know any more detailed information besides searching your Khatyan, then the official website has launched various services for us.

Apart from searching for khatian, you can also find information related to papers. Apart from knowing this information, if you want to download or collect any kind of design, then there is an option to apply for it or you can apply for name issuance from here. The authorities are giving us the opportunity to complete the application for correction of record or miss case matters from here. thank you

All those institutions or organizations that perform important responsibilities for the progress of the country are managed through the government. Customs Bond Commissionerate has been established in the present time to complete customs related matters within the country. After they bring a product, they enter into a contract accordingly, and through it, from a trader to a common man, another can bring it and make it salable. If you want to know about the activities of this official website or want to do the necessary work according to the information of the Customs Bond Commissionerate, then you must visit the specific website or contact the official.

Usually if we want to collect any information then most of the time we visit through social media. But no information is fully available through social media or it is not self-sufficient for us. Each government-run department or ministry has a separate official website that presents information to us separately. If we understand about this then we can extract various information using the website.

But because of our lack of effort or our lack of interest in knowing, many times we take the help of mediators. But it will be good for us when we know the details about the official website and we can complete the bond matters there to complete any customs matters and do the business accordingly. Officially since this facility has been introduced