e-ticket railway gov bd login e-ticket railway.gov.bd

If you want to buy tickets online to travel from one place to another through Bangladesh Railway Ministry, you have to register online in advance. If you complete this registration process through online then you will be given login option and will be allowed to travel from where to where by logging in. So by visiting the official website of Railway Govt BD you can buy e-ticket from one place to another subject to ticket availability.

So I would like to tell those of you who have come here for the purpose of login that if you have already completed the registration and saved your information on the official website, the information will be filled automatically or you can provide the information through permission. But in case of login, we will ask you to register first and to register you will have to provide some information. Therefore, after visiting the official website of Bangladesh Railway Ministry regarding ticketing, give your name to register.

e-ticket railway gov bd login e-ticket railway.gov.bd

Moreover, if you provide your NID card number or birth registration certificate number, every information will come automatically and your information will need to be filled in less. Moreover, if you want to buy tickets here as a foreigner, you must provide your passport number. In this way you will fill the information step by step. There you have to provide a valid email address through which the ticket will be sent to you as a PDF file on that email address. In this way, when you can complete the registration, you have to provide the NID card number or mobile number in addition to the password that you have set for logging in.

When you visit the above-mentioned website for online ticketing, you will be asked for instructions or permission to input your saved information. When you give the permission, the latter will be logged in and various options will be provided to buy the ticket. First of all you have to select option to buy ticket from there or search station name. If it is a local station then you may not find it and in that case you can book tickets based on nearby major stations.

So, after selecting the starting station, select where you want to end the journey using the same rules. Here you search and select the name of the station and then select the date you want to travel. Once the date is selected, you have to select which train compartment or which coach you want to travel through the option. Then later on, it will be mentioned which train will run on the date you want to travel and you have to select the seat by clicking on that train.

When you can select subject to seat availability, you need to follow the payment steps on the next page. You can use the option of mobile banking as well as the option of the bank to make the payment. Moreover, there will be a mention of how many seats you have taken and how much money will cost in that case. In this way, when you can cut the ticket completely, you will see that your ticket is ready and you can download it as a PDF file. When your ticket is downloaded, you must print it and travel. If anyone gets into trouble regarding ticket booking by going to the website of the ticket booking office of Bangladesh Railway, then they will definitely get a solution if they report it in the comment box.