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When we buy a train ticket through online, it must be done by going to the official ticketing website and completing the registration. Usually many of us do not have this registration so it takes a lot of time to register there on an urgent basis. Especially those who are thinking of returning home by train before Eid, may be interested in buying tickets after completing this registration.

Because in case of long distance journey if we can come by train then in many cases our risk is reduced and chances of accident are very less. So considering all aspects and for whom train journey is very important and enjoyable they can visit here to buy train tickets. Today we have discussed how to complete the registration for online train ticket booking.

At present, if we want to book a train ticket, instead of local train tickets, intercity train tickets can be bought online. Therefore, those who want to buy tickets to go from one section to another have the special advantage of buying tickets online instead of standing in line. If we can follow all the rules of ticket booking carefully or if we can follow every step and if we can make the payment within the specified time then the ticket can be confirmed to us.

But when you buy tickets online, you have to do the registration related tasks and here we will tell you how to do the registration. So when you want to complete e-registration through online then search from this ticket and immediately this official website of train ticket will come. So you can use the official website address that you see in the title to make tickets or register there. Starting from mobile phone to desktop, this ticket will be very convenient for everyone. So, when you can go to the official website by typing the title, then all the information that needs to be provided for the purpose of buying tickets or registering for tickets is given here.

When you want to do the work related to the train ticket or to do the work related to the registration then enter the official website and take out the registration option from the menu option. When the register option comes out, on clicking on it, a blank cell will appear in front of you and you will be given instructions to import the data there. First of all you have to give your mobile number there and as this mobile number you have to give an active mobile number so that you can use the OTP code there.

After that you have to provide your NID card number and those who are above 18 years of age can use this NID card number. After providing the NID card number you have to go down and provide the date of birth and must provide every information correctly. Because the verification will be based on your NID card number. And when the verification is done, you can do the necessary tasks very easily. In this case if one does not have NID card and if one is a citizen outside the country then there is another procedure to follow for ticketing as a traveller.

Well, if a person from outside the country has traveled here and wants to go from one section to another section by train, then he will be given an opportunity to verify here by using his passport number. And if a person is not 18 years of age then there is a system of verification by using birth registration certificate number. In this case, without providing the information first, click on the submit data option below and you can provide the information according to your wish or according to the website’s options. Care must be taken while filling these details online and if any information is missing anywhere then you will not be given any chance to book the ticket.

In this way, when you complete these tasks and go to the next page, the information you provided or through which you want to verify will automatically be uploaded to the website. Especially starting from your name and other things will be presented there and on the next page you will have to provide your email address. Because once your verification is complete, the email will go and you will be informed that the registration is successful.

After providing the email address correctly, you will provide your address information and use the postal code provided in this case. Each area has a specific postal code and after setting it you will mention your current address starting from your village and division name. Thus when the information is filled then you go to the next step and in the next step you have to do more work. That is, apart from providing your personal information, a 6-digit otp code will be sent to the mobile number that was given for verification only if you provide the information of various official documents.

You will collect that OTP code number and record it on the website. But if that SIM card is in the device that is registering through the device, then the OTP code SMS number will be filled there automatically. In this way, when you do the registration, you will be correct in the information and after giving each information,

you will be informed about the congratulation if you click on the submit option. After filling the information through online, when you can complete the registration, you will have to come to the homepage of the website and there from where you are. You have to buy the ticket by mentioning the things you want to travel to.

In that case, we have mentioned in another post the procedure to be followed in buying railway tickets online. Then I will tell you for convenience that you can pay using any mode and you have to mention where you start your journey and where you end your destination in case of ticket booking. Then once your payment related tasks are completed or seat selection tasks are completed when the ticket is fully confirmed, you will be given the opportunity to download the PDF file. And in this way, you can buy tickets at home without standing in any kind of line and Bangladesh Railway is providing facilities for you to make your journey comfortable.