bd com 2023 ই-টিকিট অনলাইন রেলওয়ে টিকিট

In today’s era of information and communication technology, if we want to gather various types of information, then we can know or see them through the Internet. Where railways play a very important role in the safe travel of people and through railways one can easily travel safely from one end of the country to another so many of you may prefer to travel by railways. Therefore, in order to provide you railway facilities, this system has been adopted so that every person can buy tickets online at home based on the activities that the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh conducts through the Ministry of Railways.

Railway eticket Details at a Glance

  • is the official website of the Bangladesh Railway e-ticketing system.
  • The Bangladesh Railway is a state-owned railway company responsible for providing passenger and freight services across the country.
  • The e-ticketing system is an online platform that allows passengers to book and purchase train tickets from the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • Visitors to the website can search for train schedules, routes, and fares, and make reservations and payments online using a variety of payment options.
  • The website provides an easy-to-use interface with features such as seat selection and cancellation options, as well as the ability to view and print e-tickets.
  • The e-ticketing system also offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices, which allows passengers to access the platform on-the-go and receive real-time updates on train schedules and delays.
  • Additionally, the website provides contact information for the Bangladesh Railway and its affiliated agencies and organizations, as well as links to other relevant government agencies and stakeholders in the transport sector.

In addition to keeping the ticket booking system open at the counter, you can easily visit the website and book your ticket online from 8 am. Since people are constantly traveling from one end of the country to the other or doing these things for the purpose of traveling as well as going to different jobs, you need to secure your seat by buying tickets in advance and travel. So as a conscious citizen, when you are constantly traveling like this. Or if you want to buy tickets by entering the official website of Bangladesh Railway Ministry, you have to follow the following rules.

Based on the information shown below, you can easily visit the official website and buy tickets from 8 am, and in this case, you have to keep enough money in your mobile banking account or bank account to start buying tickets. Since this ticketing system has been in operation since the time of Corona, you can easily buy tickets online and you can easily secure your seat by buying advance tickets. So we will inform you about the official website which has been launched by Bangladesh Railway Ministry regarding ticket booking and millions of people visit this website every day and try to book their tickets. Login

At present if you want to buy tickets by visiting the official website called E-Ticket Railway then first of all you have to open an account and no information is required to open this account. Generally based on your email account and other information you can easily follow all the steps to open an account here. Without an account, you cannot login to this official website or you will not be given the permission to buy tickets, so first of all, open an account by following the rules below.

Since you will visit this website occasionally to login and buy tickets, you must provide correct mobile number and password for your login or remember the login details. Because at eight o’clock in the morning, enter the website immediately, especially the inter-city tickets are sold out very quickly, so you should login quickly and visit the website and take the ticket as soon as it opens. As intercity tickets are opened from 8 am, you can book tickets from here as well as know how many seats are available in various coaches.

Eticket Registration

When you want to complete the registration by visiting the official website of eTicket Railway or when you are asked to do the registration for login, you will go directly to the official website. If the account is already opened, you have to login with mobile number and other information and if the account is not opened, you have to go there and complete the registration. To register, visit the website first because you don’t have permission to login or click on register now option. Then you will be taken to the next page and there you will have to provide some information which is given below.

When you want to complete the registration for online ticketing, you have to provide the first part and the last part of your name in English. Then you have to provide the mobile number following the rules on the website and by providing this mobile number again you will move down. You have to set the password according to the rules of the website and later you will get login permission through this password. You have to confirm again by typing the password and go down and in case you want to provide the identification information you want to provide the information of birth registration certificate or NID card. Select the information you want to provide.

Select the information which is convenient for you to provide and go down and provide the registration number of birth certificate or NID card number. After that you have to provide an email account and based on this information you can complete the registration completely. After completing the registration, you can easily check your email and if there is a congratulations from this official website or Bangladesh Railway Authority that your registration has been completed, then you will understand that your account has been opened. And then on the basis of that information you will follow the next steps of ticketing by providing the mobile number and password that will be asked for logging in for advance ticketing at any time.

Railway Tickets Online

We will help you with this information when you visit the official website to buy Bangladesh Railway tickets online. When you can complete the registration completely by following the above rules and can save the mobile number and password, then you have to agree that you have complied with all the information by following the policies of the official website only when you enter for the purpose of buying tickets. That is, if you want to follow the policy, then click on the blue option that will appear below in the context that I have given permission.

Then to login you need to provide that mobile number or email address as well as password and after completing the login you can go to the ticket booking page. By going to the ticketing page, how to buy the ticket or what you need to do in this regard, I will tell you in detail through this post so that you do not have any problem. However, before purchasing the ticket, you must have sufficient balance in your mobile banking account or bank account, i.e. the account from where you want to pay the money. Because after selecting the ticket, it is canceled very quickly, if you pay, then the ticket is yours. Tickets

By visiting the official website of Bangladesh Railway Ministry of ticketing, you can appear on the ticketing page and want to follow the rules of ticketing from there, then first of all the rules that you have to follow for ticketing are given here in detail. After visiting the official website you will select from where you want to start your journey to buy tickets. To select through the option, you have to find it by the first letter of the starting point or you have to search by writing the destination without using any space above.

If the intercity train system is running from the starting point or if there is a stop of the train from where you need to start then you must find that location or get permission to book the ticket according to that location. Next you need to specify the place where your destination is and follow the same rules for finding the destination. You can easily specify the location of the destination by searching or finding it through the option. Once the place of destination is mentioned, you need to mention the date of travel. In case of advance ticket booking you are given maximum five days advance ticket discount and you have to book the ticket accordingly.

Since the number of railways is less and the number of seats is limited, you must try five days in advance to book the advance tickets as the inter-city operators within the country want to take advantage of the facilities. However, there are some trains in Bangladesh whose tickets are available the day before departure. But how much interest or need you have in buying tickets will depend on your personal experience. However after selecting the date of travel you will go down and select which seat or which coach you want to travel.

Then you will be taken to the next page and a list of which trains will be running on the specified travel date and at what time. In this way, when the list comes, you can select your friends according to your time and the number of seats will be shown to you according to the one who is traveling. In that case, how many tickets are available online or how many tickets you will still have the opportunity to buy from the ticket counter. A detailed statistic will be shown to you. So you can take this opportunity to buy tickets online very fast or you have to go and buy tickets through offline.

Select the coach in which you are interested to travel and the list of the available compartments will appear and you will be shown how many seats are available in each compartment. You can see a detailed demo there according to the number of seats in the train and the directions are given using different colors on the top to indicate how many seats are vacant or which seat is booked or which seat is selected by someone else. In this way you can select your tickets and you can buy maximum four tickets.

After selecting the tickets you have to go to the next page and there will be some personal information that you will provide. After that the payment option will be and after going to the payment option you will select the medium you want to pay it using. Also the summary will show the details of the price of those four or as many tickets as you want to buy and how much it shows with bank charges. In this way you will see all the information of the train and you have to go to the payment option and provide your account number and pin number to buy the ticket. Then the ticket price will be deducted from the account as scheduled and your ticket will be prepared very quickly and you will be given the opportunity to download it in PDF file format.

Shohoz Train Ticket App

According to the rules mentioned above, you can easily buy tickets by visiting the website and as these rules are currently being followed, everyone is completing these tasks by visiting the website. Although earlier there was a system of buying train tickets through simple apps, still due to some allegations of corruption in the middle period or black market incidents like black market happening, the Ministry of Railways has now taken this responsibility from those apps. That is, the work of distributing these tickets to everyone is done through their own server and the work of cutting tickets through simple apps is closed because the work is done through the website.

Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket Shohoz

When you as the people of the country travel from one place to another place if you want to travel from the railway stations all over the country under the Bangladesh Railway Ministry and in that case you cannot collect your desired tickets and if these happen like black market. It will be very bad for you. Therefore, the system of online ticket booking by Bangladesh Railway through simple apps has been discontinued and at present you are always asked to visit the website to book these tickets.

Online Train Ticket Booking

We have informed you in detail about the rules or timings for online train ticket booking. Those who need train tickets through online must visit the website five days before travel and cut these tickets or print out the tickets and you can travel very easily. Moreover, with the number given on the ticket, you can go to the railway station and print out the ticket very easily. You have bought the ticket through mobile and if you show them the PDF file with mobile and show the number of these tickets then they will easily print out these tickets for you for free.

Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket Booking Time

If you want to travel from Bangladesh Railway and want to book tickets through online then we say that you have to visit the website before 8 am. Especially some trains sell out very fast as soon as the tickets are released and depending on our country exams or other things depending on the department, Thursday and Saturday trains are so busy that you need to book these tickets very quickly. So in case of online ticket booking, you have to visit the website before 8 am and try to buy this ticket.

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Price

If you want to know how much is the Bangladesh Railway ticket price, then there are various types of intercity services in the country. The price of each train ticket depends on the distance, so you can easily find them according to the location by visiting the website. Banking charges are fixed at 20 rupees per ticket in case of online ticket booking and there is no such charge in case of offline. Thank you all.