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At present in our country various types of initiatives are possible as the Aam Bari Aam Khamar project is running. If the number of educated unemployed youth in Bangladesh can be provided with jobs, then a large number of sectors will have to be created in this regard. So if we can develop a farm project in our own homes along with educated unemployed youth then we can create a source of income based on commercial production as well as meeting the needs of our families. So we feel that the people of this country are benefiting from the My House My Farm project since its inception.

Usually through a house and a farm project, if you start different projects according to the location at home or are involved in different types of production systems, then those resources will play a very important role in the work of the family. If everyone expects to buy from the market and use it, it is natural that the number of producers will decrease and the price of the commodity will increase.

So now is the time for us to take the right decision and if we can use every space properly and take part in every field by being diligent and training ourselves then we can improve ourselves. So we have to take the right decisions as well as work hard to implement them. One should have proper knowledge about it without hard work and if there is no knowledge, one should keep an eye out to participate in the upazila-based trainings being arranged.

Our country is a middle income country and living in this country you have to struggle with many things. If you sit down and think about the production system or if you sit down and think about income, look at the neighboring countries to see how hard they actually work. Besides working hard, we can move forward by ensuring proper utilization of every resource in our every field. In fact, if we spend the amount of time we spend in education on any other job, then by now we would have gained experience in that particular job and we could have used our experience in other fields.

But without wasting the time we waste in the name of studies, if we try to do something part-time along with studies or if we can be involved in various productive things, then one time you will get a complete idea about it. When you don’t get a job after completing your studies due to lack of experience, you get frustrated. So spend your study time happily and get involved in my house my farm project and work hard as there is no one to help you in your hard times.

Because through this you will be successful and if you manage your own farm system at home you will be able to profit a lot by importing or exporting them to the market. If you can build a goat farm with an investment of two to three lakh rupees depending on the availability of space, then you will be able to raise your family’s expenses from there year after year. In this way, in the case of duck rearing or cow rearing, if you take proper training and can use it, then I hope you will be successful.

The present time is a time of many competitions and challenges. We have to take every thing as a challenge and engage in some kind of work without wasting time unnecessarily. Because when you are unemployed, even if your family has financial assets, you will be considered a burden. Therefore, we will follow all the initiatives taken by the government by developing a farm system plan at home and try to change our situation in that way.