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In today’s era of information and communication technology, if we run from one office to another office to do some work, it creates a lot of time and money problems for us and we also suffer a lot. Therefore, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh considers all the aspects of the public and provides these services to everyone under a specific website.

is working for Initially, all the unions were merged at the union level, but now every ward of the city corporation is included here. As a general public you can receive services from here as well as you can register an account to provide services as an entrepreneur or as an organization. Below you are given a more detailed idea about this office website.

To login to the official website of a service, we will directly ask you to visit the website by typing the address used in the title above. Go to the visit option and click on the registration option to register the account from there.

But for those of you who want to get the direct login option, I will tell you that you need to register an account before logging in. So as per rule you must first provide your full name for registration. After that you have to provide a mobile number and click on the registration option. Here you can login personally or institutionally and such system is maintained.

But here the process of making a railway station is a very easy process. You can do this by setting mobile number name and password. So when you register then a pin code will be sent to the phone number you have provided for registration or a code number will be sent which needs to be collected and recorded on the specific page of the website. You must collect this pin code seriously and if someone lost it then you can collect it by clicking on the option given below called pin code recovery.

Basically, I will tell those of you who want to know about Ekseba that a system has been introduced that can be found through a specific website in all types of government services across the country. It was initially launched at the Union level to ensure that every service reaches the doorsteps of the people in building an innovative Bangladesh, but currently it is providing services at the Municipal and City Corporation levels.

So if we calculate from the past to the present time, we will see that there are about 16000 entrepreneurs in 8297 digital centers across the country providing government and private services in various fields including banking and e-commerce. By providing their services we are able to do the necessary tasks using only one website and in this case we do not need to visit different websites.

By taking this landmark decision of the government and using it properly in all cases, about 1.68 billion working hours have been saved to the general public till date. A statistic of the services which would cost a lot of money or waste a person’s time has been presented on the website. In other words, we are able to move ourselves forward a lot by taking measures for those who, as common people, get various types of digital services sitting at home. As a result, the standard of living of the citizens has improved more than before and everyone is now able to enjoy various benefits.

And for the contribution of all these works, the World Summit on Information Society of the United Nations specialized agency International Telecommunication Union has been announced. So currently this digital center has provided services to various sectors of the country starting from various types of entrepreneurs and e-commerce services which are very much needed in our real life. Through this digital center over the phone we are getting involved in various processes and getting involved in various activities are getting our work done very quickly. In addition, various solutions are presented for our purpose to solve the problem.

If there is any kind of problem with the digital center or if you have suffered any kind of suffering then you will directly inform the upazila executive officer sir and after that you will inform the district administration and ATUI. You will get quick service as there is a facility to call for urgent needs. Also, since a service entrepreneur has moved to a specific platform, a system has been adopted so that everyone can use one method for manufacturing a product or marketing that product within the country. Therefore, according to that continuity, government and private services have been covered under a specific platform through a service entrepreneur platform.

However, if a new entrepreneur wants to be involved or participate here, he must get the opportunity to get integrated by completing the registration and providing product quality and other credentials. So if you want to receive different types of services from one service or want to provide services to people through you, then you must verify your correctness with all other information starting from email id and password for registration. So together with how you login personally and institutionally discussed above I hope it will not be difficult to understand.

If you want, you can take the wallet facility together and make various types of payments from here by recharging as you wish. So if you need any amount of money based on speed in daily life then you can borrow it from there and finish the work quickly. Moreover, you have to repay the borrowed money quickly subject to fulfilling all the conditions that have been imposed. In this case, you have to follow several processes and through this you can collect money and complete payment tasks for various tasks. Also, you are getting a service called Digital Center Mobile Apps through which one entrepreneur can maintain communication with another entrepreneur.

Currently thousands of members are joining here through digital center facebook group and many are going to join here with new enthusiasm after knowing about their activities. Here by providing various positive reviews and presenting various motivational activities we are getting to know them and it motivates us a lot to participate in these initiatives.

Also, our daily life has become much easier as many banks are connected here in terms of accepting different types of bills or collecting different types of free through agent banking and mobile banking facilities. So without doubt we can do various payment related work through one service bar or keep in touch with the representatives by collecting various important links from here. You can visit here for the purpose of providing services or receiving services in your daily life.