eksheba gov bd scholarship 2023 registration

If you want to register for scholarship 2023 through Ekseba then you are better off visiting our website to know the correct steps to register. Although various rules or guidelines have been provided for applying on the official website of the service, still you can easily get detailed information by following the information from here. In fact,

if you already know the rules, you won’t have to rush to use them. So, what documents are required and what information can be applied for the scholarship is discussed in detail here. So for those of you who want to apply for the scholarship in 2023, here we have written detailed information. Many people can play a beneficial role in this and follow all the right processes to get the person very easily.

A government-run service is providing scholarships in various categories in 2023. But in getting scholarship you have to follow several rules and it is important to follow such rules in every case. Because not everyone will get this scholarship and if your application is wrong when you apply for the scholarship then it will be canceled in advance. Since this one-time scholarship is being given to you, it is our loss if we are not correct. Considering all aspects if we want to follow the correct rules then it is better to visit the website properly and apply after reading this information on our website.

When you first visit the official website of a service, its link is more or less known to all of you. Even then, if you search from Ekseba Gov BD Scholarship in English, the address of the official website will come directly. And then you can follow all the steps to apply later. However, when you apply for the scholarship here, you have to register an account in advance so that you can apply for the scholarship by logging in. So when you apply for the scholarship, you must complete the login with your mobile number and password to login and go to the next step.

In the next step, the name with which you have completed login or registration will be displayed. Also know the steps you are asked to follow to apply. It is mandatory to provide the information of every house which usually gives red star symbol when providing information on the website. So you have to provide correct information in all the boxes marked with red star and you can fill or skip them if you want.

When you apply, you can optionally save the steps before completing the application process, and in this case you can restart the saved application process later in the draft system. That is, if you want, you can save the information here and complete any work and later you will have the opportunity to apply again based on using that draft. When your application is fully completed, a specific tracking number will be provided for that application. You must collect the tracking number seriously and by using this tracking number later you can get a detailed idea about the progress of your application.

When the student financial grant application form comes in front of you, you can see the details from there. First of all you have to mention the office through which you want to collect this scholarship and in this case after selecting the specific office you have to fill the form given by the students for financial grant. In this case first you will select your division name and select your districts.

In this way, you will select the name of the upazila and indicate which educational institution you are studying in. As every institution has EIIN number, that number must be collected beforehand and by providing it you have to provide the name of the student in English. Then the name of the student should be given once again in Bengali.

Once the name is given, we will ask you to provide the roll number of the student and mention the class in which the student is studying. You will select the date of birth of the student through the calendar and provide a mobile number where the student can be contacted or the parent’s mobile number. That is, a mobile number should be provided where the account system of mobile banking is activated and money should be deposited in that account.

can enter Next you need to mention the current address of the student and if the student has been promoted from any other institution then mention it.In this way, after filling the information on the left side, you will go to the right side and go there and provide the NID number of the parent’s National Identity Card in English. Then after providing parent’s name in Bengali if providing your head information as parent then go down and provide father’s name.

In addition to mentioning the father’s name in Bengali, mention the occupation of the father and give the same information in the case of head. The student applying should state the number of family members. After that you have to mention the monthly family income in English. Student’s birth registration certificate number or NID card number should be written there in English and email address should be provided.

If the student has any kind of physical and mental disability then there is a system to mention it. Thus you will go further down and if you declare physical disability then you must attach documents for it. Besides stating the reasons for the application, state whether it belongs to backward areas. Moreover, if we are talking about backward areas, there is a need to mention the correct issues through options. Moreover, some information will need to be provided as justification for the application you are making.

You have to upload certain pictures or various documents for the applications that you have made. In uploading, you have to apply and upload keeping in mind that the file should not be more than 10 megabytes. Moreover the allowed file extensions are mentioned there so any file you can upload and this facility is provided to us. In this way you can complete the application by participating in Eksewa scholarship program by filling the information.

This scholarship will be awarded to the students depending on your application and will be disbursed on a one-time basis into your Aadhan Mobile Banking account. If you want to know anything in this regard, then definitely write important and reasonable questions in the comment section of our website and we will definitely provide you with the solution.