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We have given above the link to the official website of the education department which is the official website through which the education department usually collects the information of each teacher. That is, by visiting the official website of EMIS, you can know the information related to Education Management Information System. You can register here on the basis of all kinds of information starting from personal data sheet of teachers who are providing services to various educational institutions across the country, both government and private, and your information can be found very easily.

From the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, teachers of every important category and BCS cadre to other professional teachers are requested to follow this post to know the facilities they will get by visiting this website to record their information very easily.

Emis.gov.bd Information

  • emis.gov.bd is the official website of the Education Management Information System (EMIS) in Bangladesh.
  • The EMIS is a computerized system designed to collect, store, analyze and disseminate information related to education in Bangladesh.
  • The system collects data on students, teachers, schools, and other educational institutions across the country.
  • The system is managed by the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh and is used to inform policy decisions related to education.
  • The website provides access to a wide range of data and reports related to education in Bangladesh, including enrollment figures, teacher-student ratios, and academic performance.
  • The website also offers online services for schools and educational institutions to update their information on the system, such as student registration, attendance, and exam results.
  • The website provides access to various educational resources, including textbooks, syllabuses, and curriculum materials for different levels of education.
  • The website has a section dedicated to news and events related to education in Bangladesh.
  • The EMIS is an important tool for monitoring the progress of education in Bangladesh and is used by government agencies, researchers, and educational institutions to inform policy decisions and improve educational outcomes in the country.

http://emis.gov.bd/ MPO Salary Sheet

A separate official website has been created for each category, here you will get only the information of teachers or any teacher information can be collected from here very easily. Also, which person is serving as the head teacher of an educational institution and the information of other teachers and employees of that educational institution. Index number and ID number will be provided starting from When you enter the teaching profession, in addition to providing these information, if you can easily record your information on the website, the Department of Education will be able to view your information and you will come under the supervision of the Department of Education very easily.

Since there are many educational institutions all over the country, by recording all the information of these educational institutions on the website, every person can collect this information related to education. Similarly, if the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh wants to provide facilities to these teachers or the facilities that they want to provide based on MPO. You can provide based on the information collected from here.

Moreover, through this official website, those who are newly appointed as teachers can complete the registration and add your name in the personal data sheet. By visiting this official website for these teachers, you will get Human Resource Management facility as well as institution profile as well as complete online application and payment process for making your educational institution MPO. Also, we will present the detailed information of this official website to you through this post today.


As this official website is being maintained for teachers as special cadre who have joined general education card all PDS information and institution wise vacancy information update guidelines are provided on this website. Moreover, you can also collect from here the brief guidelines regarding the transfer application of all general education who have become BCS cadre at the rank of principal or vice-principal of various educational institutions. In this way you will be able to collect all the information updates related to education in daily life from this official website by getting notice so it is best to collect this information officially from here.

On the basis of teaching, you will be transferred from any educational institution to any educational institution or from the transfer notice, you can collect all the updates from here. Moreover, by clicking on the help line option from the notice board, you can collect answers to various types of common questions to answer all the questions you face in your daily life. If anyone wants to download the form containing IMS in PDF file form then it is asked to download from here and in this case every information can be updated through notice board so you can keep yourself updated.

www emis gov bd

By visiting the official website of EMIS, you can collect the information of various educational institutions by clicking on the portal option. Here the manpower information of various educational institutions and departments run under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education of all Bangladesh is recorded, on the basis of providing EIIN number or by following the continuous rules of recording each information of the educational institution, you can know the manpower information of the educational institution. So for your convenience we will tell you how to collect the manpower information of any educational institution by entering the EMIS portal option here today.

In this case you will click on EMIS Portal option provided at the top of this website. Then select the educational institution or office type. If the EIIN number of the educational institution is known, then on the basis of providing it, there is an opportunity to see the detailed information of the educational institution very easily, but many people do not have the number collection of that educational institution.

So you will select the education zone from there and select the district. After that you have to select the upazila and as type of institution you have to correctly mention whether it is school level information or college level information. Then the management of that educational institution has to choose what kind of educational institution it is.

Then when you go to the teacher or employee information room and select the teacher or employee, you will be taken to the next page and will be shown the details along with the EIIN code of that educational institution. In particular, the name of the head teacher of that educational institution will be given first in addition to the information of each teacher following the seniority. In this way you can collect the names of teachers and their mobile numbers and email addresses by visiting the PMIS portal. Along with that, the PDF ID and index number of that teacher will be extracted. So you can easily collect all the information of every educational institution from the portal by following these rules.

emis gov bd login

Since you want to know the login information on the official website of EMIS, here I will tell you how to do that login. But in order to login every teacher must complete the previous registration by entering this official website. You can easily find it from the menu option on the homepage of the official website for registration. But to know the important information regarding registration in detail, we have provided that information to you on our own.

But those who are coming here to know these details correctly or are interested in knowing them based on the login information must remember to use the user id of the head of each educational institution instead of providing the user id provided while applying for the MPO educational institution. . In this case, if you use the password that you use personally, then you will be allowed to login as a teacher of that educational institution.

So you should enter this official website and try to login with the user ID and password that you have as a teacher of the educational institution instead of using the login ID that you provided to apply for the MPO educational institution. After logging in, you will get six options in detail and you can update each information by entering the IMS information provided there without going to the human resource option.

If you know the process of login to EMIS official website according to the rules mentioned above, you can update every information of your organization by entering there and there is an opportunity to update here. After login, you will be given the opportunity to see the details of Human Resources Management System, Institution Management System, Training Management Information System, Performance Based Management, Data Collection Module and National Curriculum Framework. So in most cases you want to update the information of the Institution Management System there, so know in detail how to go and where to update.

So when you click on the IMS option, the total number of students will be given in detail as well as a row detailing how many male teachers and how many female teachers are responsible as total teachers. Since we have to update every year from here, IMS will use this option to update that educational institution. So for the institution to do this work, you must go to the data entry option and from there you will keep the updated information of that educational institution by entering each data correctly and use the reports option to know whether that information has been updated correctly.

emis mpo sheet

All this information is provided through the National Curriculum Work that you will be teaching in the subject in which the teacher has graduated from the Teacher’s Profile. However, in place of teachers profile, you must mention your subject of study as well as by clicking on login option, there must be updates of the current education system being followed from the National Curricular Framework.

March 2023 MPO Sheet Download 

Therefore, the head of the institution has to update the detailed information about the teaching subject of the teachers mentioned in the portal and here on the basis of this update the National Curriculum Framework will appoint subject wise teachers to you.

application emis gov 4040

Generally, those of you who want to complete the registration very easily by using the application form, we will provide information on how to register through this post. When you register through the official website of Education Management Information System, your information will be mentioned in the personal data sheet, so it will be best if you record the information correctly. However, after clicking on the registration option of this official website to record the information, find out from here the type of education you want to record or apply as a teacher of the educational institution.

When you click on the registration option from here, if you are an index holder teacher then you have to click on yes option and if you are not an index holder teacher then you have to click on no option. Then you have to follow the application system to fill the registration form after specifying which educational institution you are appointed as a teacher and the type of educational institution you are working in. So let’s try to know in detail through this post how to fill the application form and how to upload PDS here as a teacher of a specific category.

www emis gov bd com

According to the rules mentioned above, when you get the application form in front of you, then as a teacher, you must be an index holder or even if you are not an index holder, the information to be recorded is rightly informed here. First the name should be mentioned in English in place of general information and the name should be mentioned correctly in Bengali by going to the following room.

Similarly, by going down and mentioning father’s name in English and mother’s name in English, you have to go down and select the correct date of birth through the calendar. In selecting the gender, select male or female and select the religion and specify the correct digits of the national identity card.

Thus after you mention your district you have to follow the matter of providing some more detailed information.

Now you will provide your active mobile number. Then personal email has to be provided and registration process will not be completed if wrong email is provided. Moreover, in the age of information and communication technology, email address has been made mandatory for every teacher. Thus, after providing the general information, the workplace information should be provided and it should be mentioned whether it is a government or private educational institution. Now you have to mention the type of workplace, workplace organization and recruitment type as per rules. Then mention the type of post and the post in which you are currently serving as well as the original post and the date of joining the original post.

www.emis.gov.bd pds

In this way you have to follow the above rules very easily and after providing general information and workplace information go to the attachment provided below. Go to attachment option and upload your photo in specific resolution and by uploading the recruitment related attachment or the recruitment notification and joining letter to the specific resolution web site, your PDS will be mentioned there. In this way you can create your PDS by clicking on the register option by visiting the official website of EMIS and through this your information will be recorded in the PDS of a particular educational institution.

emis gov bd data entry

Based on the detailed discussion mentioned above, you have learned about the login, as well as the information to be filled in the application form while registering. Thus, if you want to update the profile of a teacher, then we will ask you to go to the login option and there you have to complete the login first with the user ID and password of the teacher. Then you have to go to the data entry option from the option called IMS and you can update the profiles that need to be updated every year.

By using the official website of Education Management Information System, we have provided you with various types of information that will be very useful in your daily life. Hope many people got to know the unknown information through this post and if there is any question about this then definitely comment in the comment box and we will try to provide you the information accordingly.

It will be very convenient for you as you can easily provide or know every information in Bengali to get any kind of service from this official website. So in the era of information and communication technology, you must first create your personal data sheet on this official website to get various facilities starting from MPO. thank you