eporcha gov bd khatian search

The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has created an official website called e-portcha to avoid land related problems. And through this website we can see how much land is registered in the name of a person by searching the Khatian. Moreover, by following the same system, you can find out how much land your family has inherited or what kind of wealth is there in the name of your grandfather. That is, according to the latest census, how much land is being displayed in the government account is the real calculation.

At present, due to the increase in human population or due to the division of land, there are many types of problems. So if you want to buy land in any place, you must check whether the land documents are properly in the name of that person. If you want to buy land in a place, if you do not know the people there, then collect the Khatian number from them and take the detailed information about that address.

Because when it is possible to collect the Khatian number, you can easily visit the official website of e-purcha and search for the Khatian by providing some information. And in this way you will get land specific information or the information mentioned in the government account will be considered as updated information. Moreover, if any member of your family passes away or if your parents pass away, then the Khatian number is very important to know the details of how much property is there in their name.

If you search the information by land registration number or plot number, then we can see that every information has been updated on the website. And accordingly we have to proceed in every work and if we also try to understand about every matter on our own responsibility then hopefully nothing related to land will cause us trouble at present. In most of the cases there are problems of possession with accumulated deposits or problems related to land acquisition papers or record problems.

So these things are properly presented for the benefit of all so that you can keep yourselves free from various kinds of troubles and keep your own land. Because if the land related information or the land related papers are correct in your collection, then you can keep the specific land in possession or no one can make a problem with it. Again, many times inheritance or neighbors make these troubles, so the land should be dismissed so that no one can make trouble.

Even if every document you have is correct, this is something that can cause problems later on. So according to the Khatian number and Dag number, if you can visit the official website mentioned above and go to the citizens’ corner, then you can easily complete the necessary tasks. From there you can easily select your addresses step by step and select the RS Khatian or the Khatian which is prevalent in your area.

After providing the details of Khatian, you should divide the claps correctly and by searching, you will understand how much land is in the name of a particular person and what is the type of land. Moreover, the information regarding land mark number and other information will be given in detail which you can later use to extract other land information. So we will follow these rules for searching Khatian or getting a proper idea about how much land is in a person’s name or actually accumulated in his name.