Eporcha gov bd khatian

Officially, when we want to search for a khatian through the Ministry of Land, the authorities have launched a special system for searching the khatian using the necessary information by visiting the official website of e-purcha. For those who came to know Khatian related matters through this post we will discuss about its official website at this stage. Moreover, I will tell you how to get the certificate by visiting the information here. So to know information related to khatian or to find specific khatian you should follow below rules.

Khatian is very important in land related work and also in land registration various matters can be known or recorded through Khatian. That is, when you are buying land, you need to look at the right things to know the information about which Khatian land you are buying from which Mauza and in whose name it is last registered. If you are an outsider and buy land in a new area, you may not know how the ownership has changed and whether the possession is in order.

But when you have khatian or land ownership information, you can go to the nearest land office and check the information. And if you think there is a problem in this case, then at present there is a system to look and search through Khatian online. That is, by knowing in detail whether it is RS Khatian or BS Khatian and recording that number correctly on the website, the name of the last owner will be shown on the website.

So if someone tries to sell you land by showing you some kind of document, first of all you should collect the khatian number from that document or from whom you can ask for the khatian number. Then with that number, the information can be searched by going to the official website called E-Paper of the Ministry of Lands. That is, first of all, you will go to the official website mentioned above and go there to the option called Citizen Corner, then the option called Khatian will come.

And when we find this option then we have to select our category and provide district wise information. That is, you have to fill the local level information that you want to know step by step and select the specific mouza name. After providing the information in this way, you will select which Khatian you are going to search through the option. Then there will be an option to put Khatian number and fill the below captcha code and click on the search option.

In this way, after filling the information correctly, you will proceed to the next step on your own responsibility and there will be detailed information regarding the type of land ownership. If you don’t find any information according to the Khatian number then it may not have been published or it may not have been recorded on the website yet. But the Ministry of Lands has uploaded all the information at present for the convenience of every public and there is no reason not to find it already.

Moreover, you can get the information related to land ownership from the people in the area where you are registering the land, as well as from those who do the land registration. If we are not able to play the right role in land related work or purchase and registration then it creates a lot of trouble later. So by visiting the above mentioned website if we know the detailed information regarding Khatian, hopefully it will not be too difficult to find out if there are any problems related to our land. thank you