eporcha gov bd login

I can do various types of work related to land through digital land record apps or through websites. Therefore, since the authorities have opened various facilities for us, many times we have to create an account to follow these facilities of the authorities. Especially when you go to Citizen Corner to complete your enrollment or do other application related tasks you can create an account there to check the application status later.

So when you create an account, you must remember the mobile number and password that you provided. Because if you don’t remember this information then it will be difficult for you to login later and it will be difficult to check the current status of the application. Through this post here, we are informing you about various land-related issues very easily. So when we face to login by visiting the official website of e-porta we have to login by following certain rules.

First of all we will say that the facility that people get by visiting this official website is Khatian search. Because we need to know whether the documents are in order when buying or owning a place. And when the detailed idea about Khatian comes in front of you, you can do the necessary work accordingly or know the correct information. Mainly for your purpose, we have discussed the detailed information about Khatian through another post on our website.

After the purchase of a land, if it is not registered in the name of specific ownership, possession or other matters will not depend on it. So after purchasing the land, getting it occupied and registered is a very important task. You can pay the rent later based on when you can establish the specific owner by naming. And through ownership, all past ownership will be extinguished and ownership will be established in your name, which is considered a very important matter.

Many times you live in a certain area, so you need a map of that area. That is, through this design and map, you need to know how much land there is in the specific area and how much the shape of that land is in context. And in this case, those who are employed to measure each piece of land, besides having them, can collect Mauza maps as a general public. So if you want you can also apply through online for fun size.

Moreover, by searching Khatian, one can find out the type of land starting from the daag number of the land or the ownership of the land with the facilities that have been launched on this official website. That is, to know all the information you have to go to Mohri or land office to find information, all the information is going to be known online at home. But you may worry about some information as it is not available online till now.

This Ministry of Land is updating every work in present time so that any customer can find any information. So you have to visit all these official websites and to make any necessary application you have to remember the password of the account just as you are creating the account. Then you can take advantage of the opportunity to login later and you can easily use all the options that the website has opened for you.